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Dock protection, de-icers and bubblers -  Free shipping in Canada.

Free Shipping! If you are on a lake in Ontario or have a dock to protect from ice movement there are some great devices to keep the damage to a minimum. With the cold weather approaching it is time to think of deicing system and bubblers to protect docks and marinas from freezing ice damage to pilings and docks. We can help choose and plan the best dock bubbler system or de-icer for your pond, lake or pond. We design and provide products for large and small bubbler and de-icer systems using de-icing bubbler tubing or submersed propeller driven thrust deicers. Every dock protection and deicing system is unique and we can help provide the best system for you. See our bubblers and deicer products here.

 Many of our clients prefer to keep their koi and goldfish outside in the pond and use heaters to ensure the fish survive the winter. You can also bring your fish indoors by using a bubbler or aerator to keep them in tanks indoors. One of the most popular approaches is to keep fish outdoors in their pond. Fish will go dormant over winter in Canada so it is an easy fix! Contact us with any questions.

Atlantic Pond Supply has pumps, filters and skimmers as well as complete pond kits and bacteria and pond care products.  We serve not only Nova Scotia. Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Newfoundland but Quebec, Ontario, Alberta or anywhere in Canada from our BC, Ontario and Atlantic pond supply center.

We ship all of our products directly to your door or to your mailbox depending on the size of the order. Contact us by email at with any questions or if you prefer call us toll free and ask questions or order in person.

We're never too busy to help and talk about your pond or project!

Whatever your pleasure and your passion; when it comes to ponds Atlantic Pond Supply can help make your vision a reality!

If you have an existing pond, a koi pond, goldfish pond or large natural earth pond, the family of Microbe-Lift® products are Canada's favorite pond treatments. With everything from dyes, fish food, de-nitrifiers, sludge reducers and chemical adjusters, this range of pond products have been staples of Canadian ponds for over 30 years.
Pond Heaters Pond Netting Fall/Winter Bacteria
Energy efficient, thermostatically controlled, safe in all ponds these de-icer and heaters are great for Canadian fish ponds and the harsh winters here in Canada. Free Shipping. .
Pond Heaters
Starting at: $36.95
Pond net keeps autumn leaves out of the pond as well as pine needles or other windblown debris from entering your pond. Constructed of heavy-duty UV-resistant polypropylene,.
Pond Netting
Specially formulated for Pond Winterization in Canada. Will get your pond water ready for a clean and clear spring! Helps accelerate the decomposition of leaves, scum, sediment, and other organic matter during the fall and winter months. Will also jump start your pond to a healthier environment in the spring.
Cold Water Bacteria


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