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Color-Changing Colorfalls™ Waterfall Weirs
Create brilliant effects with Atlantic’s Color Changing Colorfalls which have 16 color modes. The..
Ex Tax: $369.95
300 Watt Pond De-Icer from Atlantic Water Gardens®
The Atlantic® 300 Watt De-Icer has a small LED light to indicate it is functioning, the blue glow..
Ex Tax: $159.95
Color-Changing Colorfalls™ Kits from Atlantic™
Atlantic’s Color-Changing Colorfalls kits are all-inclusive packages that are a perfect fit for f..
Ex Tax: $1,429.95
Fast Falls™ - Classic™ Series from Atlantic®
Fast Falls from Atlantic®. Four sizes to easily create waterfalls for your pond or stream. ..
Ex Tax: $138.35
Fountain Basins for Water Features and Garden Fountains by Atlantic®
Atlantic Pro Series fountain basins are used for decorative fountains and backyard water features..
Ex Tax: $249.95
Ultra™ Pond Netting from Atlantic®
Pond net keeps autumn leaves out of the pond as well as pine needles or other windblown debris fr..
Ex Tax: $39.95
4-Light SOL™ Warm White LED Submersible Light Kit from Atlantic®
Atlantic’s all new SOL™ Lighting features solid brass bodies with an oil rubbed bronze finish tha..
Ex Tax: $459.94
Brass Wall Spouts from Atlantic®
Atlantic’s newest entry to the Formal Spillways category, our solid brass Spouts add old world ch..
Ex Tax: $245.95
Dome Style Pond & Garden Ultra™ Nets by Atlantic®
The Atlantic pond net pond and garden protector is a protective tent for your pond. The netting p..
Ex Tax: $139.95
Falls Foam® - Waterfall Foam with Straw Applicator from Atlantic®
Atlantic Water Gardens Falls Foam. Each 12 oz, one time use can, comes complete with application ..
Ex Tax: $35.59
Oasis™ Fast Falls™ by Atlantic®
Atlantic’s Oasis™ Series is the first line of retail water gardening products built to contractor..
Ex Tax: $213.85
Oasis™ Pond Free Kit by Atlantic®
Oasis™ pond free waterfall kit is a complete, all-inclusive kit. This pond-free system allows you..
Ex Tax: $1,996.25
Professional Pond Kits from Atlantic®
The Big Bahama™ series from Atlantic Water Gardens is a complete large pond kit that includes, sk..
Ex Tax: $3,325.95
Stainless Steel Scuppers
Atlantic's Stainless Steel Scuppers bring a gleaming new dimension to our spillway line. Construc..
Ex Tax: $281.75
Warm White Pond Lighting Kit by Atlantic® - 3 Light Kit
The warm white light kit for ponds and landscapes. Extend the beauty of your water feature deep i..
Ex Tax: $149.95
Colorfalls™ Lighted Waterfall Weirs
Atlantic’s original Colorfalls brought the Formal Spillway to the Backyard Oasis, and they’re sti..
Ex Tax: $274.95
Falls Foam® -  29oz Cans for  Foam Guns
Large 29oz can is ideal for pond installation professionals or anyone who needs a lot of foam for..
Ex Tax: $57.44
Fountain Light for Garden Fountains and Statuary from Atlantic® - Warm White
Ideal for statuary accent lighting as part of your landscaping to accent fountains. The newest ad..
Ex Tax: $64.95
Fountain Plumbing Kits by Atlantic®
The Pro Series of plumbing kits from Atlantic Water Gardens include all plumbing fixtures require..
Ex Tax: $91.94
Pond Hose - Non-Kink Flexible Tubing - FULL ROLLS
This Non-Kink Flexible PVC tubing is perfect for use with water gardening ponds, waterfalls, foun..
Ex Tax: $177.84
Color-Changing LED Spotlights from Atlantic®
For those looking to bring more than just a warming glow to your evening, Atlantic’s Color Changi..
Ex Tax: $159.95
Colorfalls™ Lighted Waterfall Kits
Atlantic’s Colorfalls are a perfect fit for formal retaining walls and pondfree applications. Col..
Ex Tax: $1,271.95
Copper Scuppers
Atlantic's NEW Copper Finish Scuppers bring a glorious new dimension to the formal spillway line...
Ex Tax: $371.75
Filter Falls from Atlantic®
Pro Series FilterFalls™ deliver the performance you demand and the peace of mind you deserve. In ..
Ex Tax: $565.95
Oasis™ Pond Skimmer by Atlantic
Oasis™ Skimmer with 6" Wier and stainless steel trap net & matala filter allow for maximum fi..
Ex Tax: $396.75
Waterfall Spillway with Filtration by OASE®
The OASE Waterfall Spillway with Filtration, which contains filtration with bio-media, to help pr..
Ex Tax: $235.95
SOL™ Warm White LED Submersible Brass Light Ring
Perfect lighting for fountains! Bright, warm white light from Atlantic’s all new SOL™ LED pond&nb..
Ex Tax: $183.94
SOL™ Warm White LED Submersible Compact Spotlight
Atlantic’s all new SOL™ Lighting features solid brass bodies with an oil rubbed bronze finish tha..
Ex Tax: $119.95
Basins for Weirs, Colorfalls™ & Spillways by Atlantic®
Atlantic’s spillway basins feature a pre-fi ltered pump chamber, one piece construction and built..
Ex Tax: $479.95
Color Changing LED Light Strips with Controller & Transformer by Atlantic® - Weir Not Included
These are the authentic Color Changing LED light strips that fit in the ColorFalls™ weirs from At..
Ex Tax: $282.84
Color-Changing 3-Spot Lighting Kit from Atlantic®
For those looking to bring more than just a warming glow to your evening, Atlantic’s Color Changi..
Ex Tax: $639.95
Professional Foam Dispensing Guns by Atlantic®
These are high quality foam dispensing guns from Atlantic® with adjustable valves to give you com..
Ex Tax: $183.94
Stainless Steel Fountain Nozzles
The new Atlantic® Nozzles are constructed of durable 304 gauge stainless steel and come in vertic..
Ex Tax: $69.95
Warm White Spotlight by Atlantic®
This warm white light casts a warm white light in ponds and in landscapes.  Features a trans..
Ex Tax: $79.95
Colorfalls™ Master Controller
Whether you want to create a single, seamless waterfall up to 15 feet wide, or to synchronize up ..
Ex Tax: $149.44
EcoBlox™ Water Matrix Cubes - Pack of 2
Sold in packs of two EcoBlox. Two blocks hold 63 gallons of water. Each block is 27.5 long x 16" ..
Ex Tax: $239.95
Rock Lids by Atlantic®
Check out Atlantic’s rock lids and say goodbye to the traditional ‘fake rock’. These fiberglass r..
Ex Tax: $235.85
Extension Cord for SOL™ and AWG™ LED Lights from Atlantic®
20' extension cord to connect AWG and SOL lighting systems to the SOL20X4 transformer. Extend the..
Ex Tax: $26.39
Acrylic Sheer Waterfall Weirs from Atlantic
These are Atlantic’s original Acrylic Weirs that are used in their Colorfalls but these weirs hav..
Ex Tax: $160.94
Flexible Pond Hose - Non-Kink Tubing - BY THE FOOT
This Non-Kink Flexible PVC tubing is perfect for use with water gardening ponds, waterfalls, foun..
Ex Tax: $4.60
Small Pump Vault by Atlantic™
Oasis™ Pump Vault up to 3,900 GPH flow rate. Ideal for pond-free and pondless aquatic systems and..
Ex Tax: $339.95
Triton® Universal Pump Check Valve
Atlantic’s Triton™ Check Valve is the only check valve designed exclusively for the water garden ..
Ex Tax: $112.64
Color-Changing Hardscape Wall Lighting from Atlantic®
The new Color Changing Wall Lights complement the other Color Changing lights in the line, adding..
Ex Tax: $214.95
Tidal Wave™ High Volume A-Series Pond Pumps
TidalWave™ A-Series are manufactured from cast-iron and stainless steel with precision motors and..
Ex Tax: $1,295.95
Color-Changing LED Light Ring from Atlantic®
For those looking to bring more than just a warming glow to your evening, Atlantic’s all new Colo..
Ex Tax: $214.95
LED Light Strip for Weirs & Spillways from Atlantic®
The original Atlantic Water Gardens® LED light strips from their Colorfalls™. Great for replacing..
Ex Tax: $206.94
Bio-Balls from Atlantic®
Bio-Balls from Atlantic® are extremely durable, lightweight Bio-Balls that are easy to clean..
Ex Tax: $56.35
Triton™ 3-Way Diverter with Flow Control by Atlantic®
Triton 3-Way Diverter can split a single pump outlet into 3 separate lines and is the only manifo..
Ex Tax: $41.34
Typhoon™ Small Aeration Kits by Atlantic®
Complete small aeration kits include pump, hose and diffusers. Atlantic’s Typhoon Air Pumps featu..
Ex Tax: $362.25
Replacement Weir Doors for Skimmers from Atlantic®
Atlantic Water Garden's replacement Weir Doors for Skimmers come in three sizes. Replace a broken..
Ex Tax: $65.49
Transformer for SOL™ and AWG™ LED Lights by Atlantic
This low-volyage transformer is for LED lighting. Includes four-way splitter to allow connection ..
Ex Tax: $69.95
Typhoon™ Air Pumps by Atlantic®
Atlantic’s Typhoon Air Pumps feature indoor/outdoor, continuous duty diaphragm compressors specif..
Ex Tax: $339.25
Wall Spout Lights from Atlantic®
The new white and color-changing LED wall spout lights make adding dramatic lighting a breeze to ..
Ex Tax: $129.89
Eco-Rise™ Water Feature Riser & Support
The Eco-Rise is a totally new concept in water feature construction. The extremely strong radial ..
Ex Tax: $169.95
Basin Kits for Formal Pondfree Waterfall Features
Atlantic Basin Kits are designed to fit all our formal spillways perfectly. Whether you’re adding..
Ex Tax: $1,025.95
Extension Cords, Transformers & Splitters for Color Changing Lights by Atlantic®
For all Atlantic Water Gardens color-changing spotlights, light rings & hardscape lighting sy..
Ex Tax: $39.95
Solvent Cleaner for Removing Waterfall Foam from Foam Dispensing Guns from Atlantic®
Waterfall Foam is messy stuff and keeping your foam gun clean is critical. This strong solvent is..
Ex Tax: $42.49
Color Changing Control Module with Transformer SOLCCMX7
Combine up to 7 Atlantic Color Changing LED lights with a single transformer. This 88 watt transf..
Ex Tax: $429.95
Copper Splash RIng
Want an elegant new way to control splash and provide a dramitic flair? The Copper Finish Splash ..
Ex Tax: $288.85
Replacement Color Changing LED Bulbs for Atlantic® Color Changing Lights
These replacement LED bulbs are only for the Color Changing LED light systems by Atlantic. 2..
Ex Tax: $72.39

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