The combination of a pond skimmer and pond filter is one of the best ways to ensure a clear and clean pond. Filter falls use coarse and fine material to remove debris from the pond water which can cause cloudy water or green water. The skimmer system uses screens and gates to trap floating pond debris and scum. The use of a filter falls with a pond skimmer is one of the most efficient ways to keep a pond clear.

UV filters can also be combined with filter falls and skimmers to further improve the pond cleaning process.

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BioTec™ Screenmatic 18000 & BioSmart™10000 gravity filters by Oase®
Biological and mechanical pond filtration in an complete package. Add pond filtration easily to your pond to ensure clear water and healthy fish. Two models to choose from for ponds up to 10,000 gallons and up to 18,000 gallons with the larger model. Remember that more fish in your pond means tha..
Starting at: $495.95
Ex Tax: $495.95
Bitron™  Pond UV Clarifiers by Oase®
UV clarifiers are easy to install and keep ponds clear and clean. The Bitron series is available in Canada from the Living Water experts at OASE. OASE has an issue with murky ponds! BITRON C range clarifiers effectively fight algae with intelligent UVC technology. Pathogens and bacteria are safel..
Starting at: $549.95
Ex Tax: $549.95
UltraKlean™ Filtration Kits with Pump by Aquascape®
These kits include proper sized pump with tubing and hose clamps as well as the UltraKlean Biological Pressure Filter with UV Clarifier and take the guesswork out of selecting the correct pump and filter combination. Available in 3 configurations to filter ponds anywhere from 1,000 gallons to 3,5..
Starting at: $825.95
Ex Tax: $825.95
Vitronic™ Pond UV Clarifiers by Oase®
The Vitronic® series of UV pond clarifiers from OASE® are a simple, yet effective, UV clarifier designed to work with with almost any filter systems, although it was designed to fit seamlessly for OASE® BioSmart filters. The compact design allows for easy installation. The quick-lock ballast head..
Starting at: $189.95
Ex Tax: $189.95
FiltoClear® Pond Filter/UV Clarifiers by OASE®
The FiltoClear pressure filter is a compact all-in-one pond filtration system with the fastest and most convent cleaning mechanism in the Canadian pond market. FiltoClear systems include a built-in UV clarifier with bypass for optimal efficiency at low power usage. The built-in cleanin..
Starting at: $575.95
Ex Tax: $575.95
Filtral® Pond Filter/UV Clarifier with Fountain by OASE®
For small water gardens and fish ponds the Filtral™ series from OASE® provides a pump, fountain, filtration and a UV clarifier all in one package! The system includes 3 fountain heads so you can keep your pond clean as well as create a fountain display. The pump has a diverter so you can also add..
Starting at: $265.95
Ex Tax: $265.95
UltraKlear™ UV Clarifier/Sterilizer by Aquascape®
The Aquascape UltraKlear® UV Clarifier provides pond owners with a convenient and highly effective means to combat algae blooms, or “green water”, to achieve optimum water conditions and crystal-clear pond water. The UltraKlear® uses a technologically-advanced T5 high output UVC bulb, making it m..
Starting at: $279.95
Ex Tax: $279.95
Filter Falls from Atlantic®
Pro Series FilterFalls™ deliver the performance you demand and the peace of mind you deserve. In addition to massive construction and top quality components, their innovative design allows for complete customization, with three types of filter media and a bottom chamber that accepts bulkheads on ..
Starting at: $565.95
Ex Tax: $565.95
Waterfall Spillway with Filtration by OASE®
The OASE Waterfall Spillway with Filtration, which contains filtration with bio-media, to help promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, and filter foam, that clears the spillway of debris. Width: 16 inches Maximum Flow: 3200 GPH The 16" wide Waterfall Spillway with Filtra..
Price: $235.95
Ex Tax: $235.95
UltraKlean™ Biological Pressure Filter with UV Clarifier by Aquascape®
The Aquascape UltraKlean® Biological Pressure Filter with a high output ultraviolet clarifier/sterilizer and an integrated electronic bulb-saver option, provides pond owners with optimum water conditions and crystal clear pond water. The unique sponge-free design minimizes maintenance and maximiz..
Starting at: $495.95
Ex Tax: $495.95
BioTec™ 32000 Pro Pond Filter by Oase®
The OASE Biotec 32000 Pond Filter is a large mult-stage pond filter designed for large fish ponds and ponds with heavier fish load. The first stage of filtration directs the flow into the pond filter into a 300 micron mesh screen which removes course and fine debris from the water to increase bio..
Price: $3,145.95
Ex Tax: $3,145.95
Smart UV Sterilizer®  Pond Clarifier UV System
Smart UV Sterilizer® UV systems - Patented Ultra Violet technology gives compact pond uv clarifier design with contractor grade construction. The enhanced UV filtering and clarifying technology has adapted high-end industrial technology to meet the demands of ponds and water gardens and koi ponds..
Starting at: $589.95
Ex Tax: $589.95
BioSmart™ Gravity Pond Filters by Oase®
BioSmart gravity filters are packed with features and filtration capacity. The high-surface area filter foams provide exceptional biological filtration capability with respect to size of the filter. The unique design of the water flow through the filter collects debris at the filter bottom and re..
Starting at: $269.95
Ex Tax: $269.95
Complete Filter Kit For Small Ponds With Fountain by OASE®
The OASE Filter Kit 1300 is ideal for small backyard ponds and water gardens. It provides mechanical and biological filtration with a fountain jet in a single unit. Easy to clean, the entire unit can be lifted in and out of the pond for maintenance with no trouble. Suitable for ponds up t..
Price: $239.95
Ex Tax: $239.95
MicroFalls Filter Waterfall Weir by Aquascape®
MicroFalls® Filter provides complete mechanical and biological filtration. Easy to install and maintain. Requires cleaning only once a year and are far less complicated than other brands of filters. Can be buried to create a stream or raised to be the start of a waterfall. Can filter ponds u..
Price: $310.44
Ex Tax: $310.44
BioSmart™ Pond Filter With Built-In 8 Watt UV Filter by Oase®
The BioSmart 1600 UV is a multi-stage mechanical and biological filtration system in a compact package, designed for small ponds or for ponds with low biological load (small fish). During biological filtration, the water is channeled through a series of filter foams that create a special env..
Price: $368.75
Ex Tax: $368.75
ClearGuard™ Pressurized Pond Filters with UV by PondMaster®
The new PondMaster® series of filter systems offer great filtration at an affordable price! Easy to use and versatile. Reusable pad removes fine debris and polishes water fast. Combination of Biological and mechanical Media for maximum water clarity and healthier ponds. Available with or without..
Starting at: $499.59
Ex Tax: $499.59
Ecomax® Biological Pond Filter
Helps clear pond water; small and easy to use biological filter system is a convenient in-pond filter and easily connects to intake of any pump. There is a large handle for quick disconnect of hose and lid for maintenance. Pump not included. - High capacity mechanical and ..
Price: $136.69
Ex Tax: $136.69
FilterWeir™ Waterfall Weirs by Savio®
Creating appealing waterfalls is easy with FilterWeirs™. Available in two size the FilterWeirs™ are sturdy waterfall weirs that provide biomechanical filtration along with the tranquil sounds and visual splendor of a cascading waterfall. Simple to install, solid construction, professional results..
Starting at: $174.80
Ex Tax: $174.80
UltraKlean™ 1000 Filtration Kit with MicroFalls & Pump by Aquascape®
This complete Filter Falls and Pump Kit. Includes the following components: MicroFalls® Waterfall Filter System, AquaForce® 2700 Solids Handling Waterfall Pump, 25 Feet of 1.5" Quality Kink Free Pipe, Stainless Steel Hose Clamps. Offering superior value over competitor kits on the market, these k..
Price: $724.95
Ex Tax: $724.95
BioBalls Filter Media from Aquascape®
Aquascape® BioBalls are designed to be lightweight filter media that is easy to clean and maintenance. BioBalls are best used in a media net or strung together and placed in the Biofalls Filter. Bioballs provide a textured surface area (30 square inches per BioBall) for beneficial bacteria to col..
Price: $65.49
Ex Tax: $65.49
Oasis™ Filter Falls by Atlantic®
Atlantic’s Oasis™ Series is the first line of retail water gardening products built to contractor standards. These exceptionally well-designed units feature heavy walled high density polyethylene construction, attractive rolled rims for strength and rigidity and stainless steel hardware - contrac..
Price: $393.85
Ex Tax: $393.85
Bio-Balls from Atlantic®
Bio-Balls from Atlantic® are extremely durable, lightweight Bio-Balls that are easy to clean and reduce channeling. Each BB1500 package comes with 150 individual 1.5" diameter bio balls. Atlantic Bio-Balls are not flimsy plastic balls; these are robust bio-balls with an extremely hi..
Price: $56.35
Ex Tax: $56.35
Ultima ll™ Pressurized Pond Filters by Aqua UV®
The Ultima II™ series of pressurized filters for ponds from Aqua UV are ideal for larger fish ponds and aquatic features where clear water is demanded. The professional solution for biological and mechanical pond filtration. To support aquatic life whether at an aquaculture facility, b..
Starting at: $1,259.25
Ex Tax: $1,259.25
Advantage 2000™ UV Pond Clarifier by Aqua Ultraviolet®
The Advantage Series is ideal for small ponds, aquariums, and water features. Advantage UV’s are slim, lightweight units designed for maximum UV effectiveness. Aqua Ultraviolet UV’s will clear your water in 3 to 5 days sometimes overnight and keep it that way. Performance is guaranteed when sized..
Starting at: $286.35
Ex Tax: $286.35
Pondmaster® Pond Pumps with Filter System for Small Ponds & Water Gardens
Pond filtering made easy! The Pondmaster series of pond pump and filter kits give you all you need for small ponds and water gardens. The pump can be used to create a small waterfall or cascade as well as a fountain. The pump and filter sit in the pond making it an easy addition to existing water..
Starting at: $259.95
Ex Tax: $259.95
Aqua UV Classic™ filter by Aqua Ultraviolet®
Aqua UV Classic™ Ultra Violet Filters for ponds. The Classic  Series UV’s are ideal for ponds, aquariums, and water features. The Classic’s rugged design has features that allow for quick installation and easy maintenance. Aqua Ultraviolet UV’s will clear your water in 3 to 5 days sometimes ..
Starting at: $395.95
Ex Tax: $395.95
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Replacement Filter Foam for BioTec® & BioSmart® Pond Filters
To replace worn filter foam blocks in your  BioTec® & BioSmart® use these original replacement parts. These filter  blocks are designed specifically to fit the BioTec® & BioSmart® 5.1 and 10.1 series pond filters by OASE®.   Number of BioSmart Filter Pads Required ..
Starting at: $45.32
Ex Tax: $45.32
Satellite AquaMax™ Intake Filter by Oase®
Designed for OASE AquaMax™ Eco Premium pumps, this Satellite Filter can pull water from a second area in the pond for increased water circulation. The AquaMax Satellite Filter is the ideal solution for the pond owner who has the need for increased water circulation without increased ener..
Price: $74.95
Ex Tax: $74.95
Submersible UV Clarifier by PondMaster®
The submersible UV Clarifier from Pondmaster® allows pond owners to add ultra-violet filtration into any sized pond with ease. Because it actually sits in the pond and is completely submersible you won't need to install any extra exterior mechanisms and only need to add some tubing from your pump..
Starting at: $358.35
Ex Tax: $358.35
Replacement Filter Media Pads for Pondmaster® Pond Filters
To replace worn filter pads or carbon pads in your Pondmaster filter use these original replacement parts. These filter pads and foam blocks are designed specifically to fit the PM500, PM1000, and PM2000 pond filters by PondMaster®. These pads are useful to refurbish your worn pads and filter mat..
Starting at: $20.64
Ex Tax: $20.64
Waterfall Filter from Aquascape®
An easy way to add a waterfall spillway and biological and mechanical filtration to ponds up to 1000 gallons. The Aquascape Pond Waterfall Filter system is an economical way to create professional looking decorative stream or water cascade to an exiasting pond or a new pond along with the benefit..
Price: $119.95
Ex Tax: $119.95
Submersible Pond Filter by Aquascape®
The Aquascape Submersible Pond Filter provides small pond owners with efficient mechanical and biological filtration. This unobtrusive filter can be added to the intake of almost any submersible pond pump like the Aquascape Ultra series of pumps. The pump draws water through the submerse..
Price: $98.45
Ex Tax: $98.45
Filter Urn for Decorative Ponds by Aquascape®
This is more than just a decorative urn, it is a pond filter that looks great in any backyard water garden setting! The Aquascape Pond Filter Urn is ideal for smaller ponds, including preformed ponds or container water gardens. Aquascape Pond Filter Urn can easily be incorporated into existi..
Starting at: $249.95
Ex Tax: $249.95
BioBalls™ Filter Media for UltraKlean™ Filters from Aquascape® - Set of 250
Aquascape UltraKlean™ BioBalls™ are designed specifically to trap dirt and debris when used in conjunction with 2014 and later Aquascape UltraKlean™ Pressure Filters.  UltraKlean™ BioBalls™ sink and provide a textured surface ideal for the colonization of beneficial bacteria in submerged app..
Price: $45.94
Ex Tax: $45.94
Bulk Filter Media - FULL ROLLS - 56" X 10'
56" x 10' Bulk Filter Material.Save money by cutting your own filter pads and sheets to fit most popular brands of filters, skimmers & pump pre-filters. Rolls are white filter media for all of your pond filtration needs. Available in 56 Inch x 10 Foot Length in Three Densities 1..
Starting at: $329.94
Ex Tax: $329.94
Matala Filter Material
This media is the finest biological & mechanical media available. Although it costs a little more, it will outlast other similar products and is extremely easy to clean. Its tremendous amount of surface area, makes it an ideal biological media. It can be easily cut to any shape to fit an..
Starting at: $109.68
Ex Tax: $109.68
Rapid Clear Disposable Fine Filter Pads by Aquascape®
Rapid Clear Fine Filter Pads are disposable filter pads. Three 12" x 24" pads are included in each pack. These filter pads are designed to work in combination with Aquascape Rapid Clear to speed up the flocculation process and clarify wtaer by removing suspended particles faster.. ..
Price: $22.94
Ex Tax: $22.94
Replacement Skimmer Nets & Debris Nets for Aquascape® Skimmers
Replacement skimmer debris nets for Aquascape products. Please choose the correct replacement net for your skimmer. Debris Net Part Number Decription 60210 Use with PondSweep® SK700PRO Replacement debris net for the PondSweep® SK7..
Starting at: $40.25
Ex Tax: $40.25
Pondmaster® Biological Pond Filters for Small Ponds & Water Gardens
Small water gardens and ponds can benefit from bioilogical and mechanical filtration and the Danner Pondmaster series of small in-pond filters are a great way to add filtration to any pond or water garden. The Pondmaster filters sit at the bottom of the pond and the pond pumps draws water through..
Starting at: $110.50
Ex Tax: $110.50
Silicone Sealant & Caulking from Atlantic®
Black silicone is fish safe and ensures water-tight seals on edges and seams between liner and skimmers, vaults, spillways etc. Available in 3 oz. tube or 10.3 oz tube for caulking gun. ..
Starting at: $14.95
Ex Tax: $14.95
SpringFlo™ Filter Media by Savio®
SpringFlo™ pond filter media is not just another plastic media – it's actually a hybrid technology! You are looking at the world’s most advanced bio filter media. The remarkable, embossed green coils of Savio Springflo™ provide more surface area for beneficial, waste-purifying microorganisms than..
Price: $190.84
Ex Tax: $190.84
Atlantic® Bio-Tech Filter Material & Replacement Pads
Atlantic Water Gardens® Bio-Tech Filter Pads and mats are to replace worn ordirty filter material from their Filter Falls series of waterfalls. Its tremendous amount of surface area, makes it an ideal biological media. Atlantic® Filter Part Number Bio-Tech Filter Pad ..
Starting at: $42.49
Ex Tax: $42.49
Bulk Filter Media Rolls - Four Densities Available - 90' and 120' Rolls
Bulk media is easy to cut to fit the size of almost every skimmer, filter fall or pump pre-filter on the market. These bulk filter rolls are most often used as a solids filtering material before water enters the biological filtration media but the uses are many for these bulk rolls including larg..
Starting at: $569.25
Ex Tax: $569.25
Mesh Bio Media Bags
Bio Media Bags are perfect for keeping your biological  pond filter media or bioballs together for easy maintenance. Mesh bags come in a variety of sizes and screen mesh spacing. Place the filter material or bioballs into the mesh bag and insert into your filter or falls as required. Filter ..
Starting at: $14.89
Ex Tax: $14.89
Replacement Parts, UV Bulbs & Foam Sets for UltraKlean™ Pond Filters by Aquascape®
Replacement parts for the Aquascape UltraKlean™ Filter and UV Clarifier Series by Aquascape®. These authentic Aquascape replacement parts should be used only in the appropriate filter system Please ensure your part numbers are correct with the product you need.   Aquasca..
Starting at: $41.18
Ex Tax: $41.18

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