Aquatic Plants & Gardening

Aquatic Plants & Gardening

Create your oasis with aquatic planting supplies in Canada.

Aquatic plants in the pond help with filtration and provide shade and habitat for fish and other beneificial creatures. More importantly they are gorgeous to look at and will flower at various times throughout the year. Favorite pond plants for smaller water gardens include hardy water lilies, water hyacinth, arrow heads, forget-me-nots, duck weed and elodea. In larger clay bottom ponds indigenous marginals and water plants can be planted. Local garden centers usually have an aquatic plant section.

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EasyPick™ Telescoping Pond Grabber by Oase®
Telescoping pond pliers are ideal for regular cleaning and care of the pond. With its rubberized grips the OASE EasyPick firmly grasps branches leaves, as well as foreign objects that sometimes fall into the pond. The ergonomic grip and telescopic handle enables convenient work from distance..
Price: $125.50
Ex Tax: $125.50
Bloom & Grow™ Aquatic Plant Supplement from Microbe-Lift®
Specially formulated for aquatic plants of all types to promote larger, brighter and faster blooms as well as healthier and stronger rootsAquatic Plant Supplement (not a fertilizer) Highly concentrated formula Contains micro- and macro-nutrients Contains vitamins and amin..
Starting at: $40.50
Ex Tax: $40.50
Hardy Water Lilies - Nymphaea - Potted
8″ Potted Hardy Water Lilies available April 21 – Sept 30th These hardy water lilies are planted in 8" pots and are perfect for any water garden because of their perennial beauty, ease of care, abundance of bloom, and variety of colour and form. We have chosen a selection that tolerate parti..
Price: $95.50
Ex Tax: $95.50
Aquatic Planting Media with Beneficial Bacteria by Microbe-Lift®
Patent-pending aquatic planting medium is better than any aquatic pond soil available. Can be mixed with existing aquatic planting soil or used alone for your pond plants. Ideal for marginal pond plants, submerged pond plants and bog planting areas in ponds and water gardens.  Pre-Colonized ..
Starting at: $40.50
Ex Tax: $40.50
FlexiCut™ Telescoping Pond Scissors by Oase®
Telescoping pond scissors are ideal for regular cleaning and care of the pond. With its rubberized grips the OASE Flexicut is the ideal water gardening tool when trimming aquatic plants or pruning hard to reach growth. The ergonomic grip and telescopic handle enables convenient work from dis..
Price: $115.50
Ex Tax: $115.50
Floating Aquatic Plants & Oxygenators
These plants are available until Sept 30th in Canada. Water Hyacinth A floating plant that provides natural biofiltration and algae control. Creates shade and absorbs excess nutrients through the root system. Fish will spawn in the roots. Blooms occasionally. Ca..
Starting at: $30.00
Ex Tax: $30.00
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Marginals & Shallow Water Plants
These plants are available until Sept 30th in Canada. Black Gamecock Iris Velvety 4" blooms are intense purple black with a striking band of yellow. Blooms late spring till early summer. Vigorous deep green leaves grow to a height of 3'-4'. Shipped in..
Price: $25.50
Ex Tax: $25.50
Hardy Water Lilies - Nymphaea - Bare Root
Bareroot Hardy Water Lilies available April 15 – June 30th These bare root hardy water lilies are perfect for any water garden because of their perennial beauty, ease of care, abundance of bloom, and variety of colour and form. We have chosen a selection that tolerate partial shade to accomo..
Price: $75.50
Ex Tax: $75.50
Ensure™ Aquatic Plant Vitality Blend from Microbe-Lift®
Improve health and vitaility of aquatic plants. Specially formulated for natural or decorative water gardens Microbe-lift Ensure™ ensures a healthy start for plants and reduces transplant shock.Encourages better root and blossom development and healthier overall plant growthSpecially Fo..
Starting at: $64.75
Ex Tax: $64.75
Aquatic Planting Media by Aquascape®
This all natural, non-toxic alluvial planting media from Aquascape is a fine-grained soil perfect for supporting your aquatic plants. Planting Media contains no peat moss or compost and is safe for fish. These bags of aquatic soil are sold by volume: The 3.5 liter format covers 215 cubic inches o..
Starting at: $35.50
Ex Tax: $35.50
Thrive™ Aquatic Plant Fertilizer Tabs by Crystal Clear®
Thrive™ Aquatic Plant Fertilizer tablets slowly release essential nutrients and trace elements to the roots of aquatic plants to stimulate beautiful flower formation and lush, green foliage. In addition to nitrogen, phosphate and potash, Thrive™ Aquatic Plant Fertilizer tablets provide manganese ..
Starting at: $25.50
Ex Tax: $25.50
Water Lily Planting Tubs
These are heavy duty plastic black tubs used for planting of hardy water lily's and other marginal aquatic plants.  15” diameter, 9.5” deep. Wen planting lilies use the correct aquatic planting soil. ..
Price: $40.50
Ex Tax: $40.50
Aquatic Flexible Planters from Aquascape®
Sturdy fabric pond planters are ideal for submerged aquatic pond plants. Flexible and black they can be easily placed on shelves in the pond or on the pond bottom. Larger sizes have drawstrings to allow lowering of large planters into pond. Can be molded to fit in tight places Will ..
Starting at: $18.50
Ex Tax: $18.50
Floating Plant Island from Aquascape®
Anyone with a water garden or pond knows the beauty of having aquatic plants and marginals blooming in and around a pond! Aquascape now introduces its new Floating Plant Island, which is perfect for displaying marginal aquatic plants in deeper areas of the pond where there are no planting shelves..
Price: $65.50
Ex Tax: $65.50
Patio Ponds & Container Water Gardens from Aquascape®
Aquascape's Aquatic Patio Planter makes it simple to have a complete water garden in almost any setting. If you have ever tried to make a traditional ceramic or stone bowl into a container water garden, you know how difficult or costly it can be to add plants without shelves. Aquascape's Aquatic ..
Starting at: $795.50
Ex Tax: $795.50
Arm Length Waterproof Gloves for Working in Ponds
We recommend this product however we no longer stock this item in our locations. This product is now available on the Amazon Canada network. You can get the best pricing and see available options and shipping times by visiting the product page on Amazon Note: Atlantic Pond Supply is an Amazon a..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Container Water Garden Filter from Aquascape®
Ideal for all container water gardens holding up to 50 gallons of water.The Aquascape Container Water Garden Filter is a complete solution for small to medium-size container water gardens or any containers with stagnant or non-moving water including birdbaths, or water containers holding spec..
Price: $65.50
Ex Tax: $65.50

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