Commercial Diffusers, Airstones & Aeration Assemblies

Commercial Diffusers, Airstones & Aeration Assemblies
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10" Rubber Membrane Air Diffuser Tube
This 10" rubber membrane diffuser is compatible with most aeration devices, and the tapered 3/8" fitting makes installation quick and easy. Oversized ends elevate the diffuser to allow for maximum airflow. Simply connect aeration tubing and a compatible compressor and place the diffuser in the de..
Price: $49.95
Ex Tax: $49.95
Diffuser Tubes by Airmax®
Weighted diffuser sticks are perfect for aerating and mixing in ponds, tanks, dugouts or anywhere that a need for dependable micro-bubbles are required. If you are building your own DIY aeration system these diffuser tubes are ideal. They come in three confirgurations: a single diffuser tube..
Starting at: $55.95
Ex Tax: $55.95
EPDM Membrane Aeration Diffuser Disc by Matala®
These Matala® 9" and 12" disc diffusers are ideal for many pond and lake or tank aeration. Must be weighted to keep on pond bottom, attach to stone or brick. Practically invisible due to their dark color, these 9 inch membrane discs are engineered for extended performance. The actual disc di..
Starting at: $90.00
Ex Tax: $90.00
ProAir™ Weighted Membrane Diffuser Assembly by Airmax®
ProAir™ Weighted Diffuser Assembly. Available in two sizes for small and large ponds, tanks, dugouts or anywhere that aeration and mixing is required. If you are building your own DIY aeration system these diffuser assemblies are ideal. Raised off the pond bottom the diffuser tubes release micro-..
Starting at: $269.95
Ex Tax: $269.95
8" Aeration Discs by Aquascape®
Self-weighted fine bubble diffusers are perfect to use with small air pumps for aeration in ponds and tanks. Provides better circulation and is more durable than a standard airstone ball. These are the same diffusers that come with the Pond Aerator PRO 60 by Aquascape Model 61000.   ..
Price: $76.95
Ex Tax: $76.95
ProAir™ Large Pond Aeration Systems by Airmax®
Our most popular aeration systems for ponds over 8 feet deep, the Pond Series™ Aeration Systems are powerful enough to aerate ponds up to 4 acres and can be adapted to fit uniquely shaped ponds for maximum aeration. Diverse Pond Series™ systems make aeration a breeze. The single diffuser PS10 sys..
Starting at: $2,917.50
Ex Tax: $2,917.50
Alumina Fine Bubble Airstone Diffusers
EasyPro Alumina Air Stones provide excellent aeration for Koi ponds and water gardens as well as in tanksat a fraction of the cost of other diffusers on the market today! These quality units are available in several sizes to fit your specific needs.“Alumina” airstones are three times stronger tha..
Starting at: $36.74
Ex Tax: $36.74
Rubber Membrane Air Diffusers
EPDM fine bubble diffusers are an excellent choice for aeration in ponds and tanks. These EPDM diffusers are very durable and strong and very easy to clean. Available with 1/4" - 3/8" barbed hose inlets or 1/2" MPT. These aeration diffusers are not self weighting and must be secured or weigh..
Starting at: $37.89
Ex Tax: $37.89
Flexair® Fine Bubble EPDM Tube Diffusers from EDI®
Extremely efficient fine-pore flexible membrane cylindrical diffusers allow high airflow from 0 - 40 CFM. Available in 3 sizes: 20", 30" and 40". EDI® Flexair® EPDM membrane diffuser has thousands of precision die cut perforations and is wrapped around a solid ABS and PVC constructed cy..
Starting at: $201.25
Ex Tax: $201.25
Co-Active™ Diffuser Assembly by Aquatic Systems®
The Aquatic Systems Vertex™ synergistic diffuser assemblies have some of the smallest and finest bubbles available in any diffuser. Micro-bubble column creates incredible lifting rates which result in optimal oxygen transfer, mixing and overall aeration. These self-weighted diffuser assemblies fr..
Starting at: $380.00
Ex Tax: $380.00
25' Airline with Check Valve for Ponds & Aquariums by Aquascape®
Replacement, winter resistant airline with preassembled check valve for small diffusers and airstones.   25' long Check valve pre-installed in airline 3/16" inside diameter   ..
Price: $14.89
Ex Tax: $14.89
Pond-Lyfe™ Pond Aeration Systems by Vertex®
New PondLyfe aerators from Vertex address the growing need for a professional quality aeration system at an affordable price for water gardens and smaller ponds up to 1.5 acres in size. PondLyfe aerators benefit small pond owners who want the best available technology to restore their ponds to a ..
Starting at: $2,287.35
Ex Tax: $2,287.35
Air Manifolds - Plastic
These plastic air manifolds allow you to use a single air pump and send airflow to individual airstones. Great for small ponds, aquariums, aquaculture settings or for multiple tank aeration.   Barbed ends for tight fitting tubing 3/16" outlets on all manifolds 1/4" Inle..
Starting at: $4.54
Ex Tax: $4.54
Air Manifolds with Valves - Chrome
These high quality chrome air manifolds have individual valves on each air outlet allowing you to control the airflow to each individual airstone. Great for aquaculture settings or for multiple tank aeration.   The 4-Way Manifold has a 1/4" barbed air inlet The 6-Way and 8-Wa..
Starting at: $19.49
Ex Tax: $19.49
Valved Air Outlet Manifold Assemblies
Aluminum and brass outlet assemblies with control valves to adjust aiirflow. Available in 1 outlet up to 6 outlets. Valve outlets have 3/8 barbed brass insert fittings. Inlet is 1/4" to fit the Stratus™, Brookwood and WhiteWater and Gast compressors or any pump with a 1/4" threaded outlet. I..
Starting at: $63.25
Ex Tax: $63.25

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