A pond skimmer provides an essential mechanical filtration for a pond. The skimmer collects surface debris like leaves, needles, excess food, cones and other wind borne objects. By removing this debris from the pond you will reduce the build-up of muck and detruis that can cloud water or make seasonal cleaning a real chore. The pump is often installed in the skimmer to create a suction effect than slowly brings pond water into the skimmer where a basket collects the unwanted materials for easy cleaning. In larger pond multiple skimmers are a good idea as this will prevent unwanted stagnant zones.

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Pond Skimmers by Atlantic® - Pro Series
Pro Series Skimmers set the standard for pond prefiltration, with heavyduty construction and stainless steel components that stand up to years of service. Super Flow weir doors, framed debris nets and brush panels reduce maintenance and prolong pump life. A complete line of accessories lets you c..
Starting at: $587.75
Ex Tax: $587.75
FiltoSkim™ Pond Skimmer by Oase®
The OASE FiltoSkim 3000 is a simple skimmer that skims the debris from the water’s surface to maintain a healthier and cleaner environment in your pond. The skimmer includes all necessary parts for its simple installation and has a fish-friendly door. It promises simple installation, ease of use,..
Price: $275.95
Ex Tax: $275.95
Oasis™ Pond Skimmer by Atlantic
Oasis™ Skimmer with 6" Wier and stainless steel trap net & matala filter allow for maximum filtration.From Atlantic®, the  Oasis™ Series is the first line of retail water gardening products built to contractor standards. These exceptionally well-designed units feature heavy walled high d..
Price: $396.75
Ex Tax: $396.75
Compact Skimmerfilter® Pond Skimmer & Filter System by Savio®
Compact Skimmerfilter® is based on the best-selling Savio Skimmerfilter®. Reducing pond maintenance, while blending with the surrounding landscape, the Compact Skimmerfilter® collects debris, clears water, and hides unsightly pumps. This mighty skimmer delivers dynamic multi-stage filtration for ..
Starting at: $546.25
Ex Tax: $546.25
ProEco™ Pond Skimmer
Skimmers are an important part of any pond system. By drawing water from the surface of the pond, a skimmer will pull in any floating debris that has fallen into the pond and collect it in an easy to clean basket. Removing the debris while it is still floating prevents it from becoming water-logg..
Starting at: $488.75
Ex Tax: $488.75
Skimmerfilter™ Large Pond Skimmer & Filter System by Savio®
Undoubtedly the hardest working gardening product in your pond, the Savio Skimmerfilter® dramatically reduces pond maintenance while blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Combining four types of filtration for superior pond water clarity - its all-in-one approach reduces plumbing an..
Starting at: $1,006.25
Ex Tax: $1,006.25
AquaSkim 40™ In-Pond Skimmer by Oase®
The AquaSkim 40™ in-pond skimmer is the ideal addition or retrofit to any pond. Skimmer base sits on the pond bottom, is easy to clean, and requires no cutting of existing liners. Simply place the skimmer in the pond, fill the base with stones to hold steady and connect your pump intake to the sk..
Price: $179.95
Ex Tax: $179.95
SwimSkim™ Floating Pond Skimmer by Oase®
The SwimSkim™ floating in-pond skimmer is the ideal addition or retrofit to any pond. Free floating design requires no extra tubing installations. Easy to clean leaf and debris trap maintain a clean pond surface. Adds additional circulation and airation to your pond. 15' power cord allows the fre..
Price: $179.95
Ex Tax: $179.95
Pond Skimmers - Signature Series by Aquascape®
Aquascape's family of field-tested skimmers are the #1 selling skimmers in the water garden marketplace. Natural looking faux rock lid on the two larger models. Grooves designed into lid provide space for gravel and mulch. Large-volume, rigid debris basket. Patented adjustable faceplate. U.S. Pat..
Starting at: $309.95
Ex Tax: $309.95

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