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Extension Cord for SOL™ and AWG™ LED Lights from Atlantic®
20' extension cord to connect AWG and SOL lighting systems to the SOL20X4 transformer. Extend the reach of your spotlights and pond lighting with these 20' extension cords. Use with the SOLW2, SOLW6 and the SOLWLR light ring. Can also be used with the AWGLED1, AWGLEDLG and the AWGLED3 pond l..
Price: $26.39
Ex Tax: $26.39
InfiColor Control Module for Color-Changing Lights and Weirs by Atlantic
The InfiColor Smart Module and mobile application allow users to program custom color sequences and transitions, set sequence timing and daily scheduling and unlock all RGB options on any Apple or Android mobile device. The InfiColor Smart Module now controls three individual zones via Bluetooth ..
Price: $275.75
Ex Tax: $275.75
Transformer for SOL™ and AWG™ LED Lights by Atlantic
This low-volyage transformer is for LED lighting. Includes four-way splitter to allow connection of up to four lights. Connects to standard household current and provides transformed power for the SOL™ and AWG™ LED spot lights and landscape lighting. Use with the SOLW2, SOLW6 and the SOLWLR ..
Price: $69.95
Ex Tax: $69.95
Extension Cords, Transformers & Splitters for Color Changing Lights by Atlantic®
For all Atlantic Water Gardens color-changing spotlights, light rings & hardscape lighting systems. These wiring accessories will allow you to extend the reach of your color-changing lights and to synchronize multiple color-changing lighting systems. Suitable for the following Atlantic W..
Starting at: $39.95
Ex Tax: $39.95
Set of 3 Replacement 50 Watt Bulbs for Pond Jet™ Lighting Kits by Oase®
These replacement bulbs are 50 watt bi-pin G4 lamps that are designed to fit the light set for the OASE PondJet floating fountain light kit. Sold in sets of 3 bulbs. ..
Price: $39.95
Ex Tax: $39.95
Extension Cord for Color Changing LED Spot Lights by Atlantic®
This 6-pin 20' extension cord is designed ONLY to connect SOLCC2 or SOLCC6 LED color changing lighting systems to the SOLCCMX3 Color Changing Control Module. Also works for the SOLCCR Color Changing Light Ring to the SOLCCMX3 Control Module. Extend the reach of your spotlights  with the..
Price: $49.95
Ex Tax: $49.95

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