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Whether beautifying your ponds with cosmetic accessories like rock lids, protecting your fish with a Gate Keeper, or choosing the right filtration for your setup with a Matala Mat Kit or Skimmer Brush Kit, Atlantic’s accessories allow you to upgrade and customize your Skimmers and FilterFalls to fit your specific water feature.

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Poly Hose Couplers - HB x HB Insert Fittings
These poly couplings are designed to make connections between two same sized diameter flexible pvc hoses or tubing.     ..
Starting at: $2.75
Ex Tax: $2.75
Barbed Hose Connectors & Tubing Couplers
These couplings are designed to make connections between two same sized diameter hoses or tubing but reducer versions are also available for connecting two hoses of different size. Perfect for connecting multiple lengths of aeration tubing or hose from pumps. Available in single diameter to conne..
Starting at: $3.75
Ex Tax: $3.75
Pond Heater/De-Icer (300 watt) with Thermostatic Control from Aquascape®
Energy efficient, thermostatically controlled, safe in all ponds these de-icer and heaters are great for Canadian fish ponds and the harsh winters here in Canada. Free Shipping. Aquascape stainless steel Pond De-Icer is ideal for keeping a small hole opening the ice during cold winter months..
Price: $275.50
Ex Tax: $275.50
Rockin' Foam® - Waterfall Foam - 24 oz cans
Large 20 ounce waterfall foam size beats standard 12 or 16 ounce cans. Finally an excellent foam product specifically designed for Water Gardening applications.  Tierra Innovation's ROCKIN' FOAM ® was designed by professionals in the industry.  Black color hides easily an..
Starting at: $58.50
Ex Tax: $58.50
Ultra™ Pond Netting from Atlantic®
Pond net keeps autumn leaves out of the pond as well as pine needles or other windblown debris from entering your pond. Constructed of heavy-duty UV-resistant polypropylene, Ultra Pond Nets will last for years. The ½” x ½” opening keeps debris out while allowing sunlight and fresh air to reach th..
Starting at: $69.50
Ex Tax: $69.50
Non-Kink Flexible Tubing - FULL ROLLS
This Non-Kink Flexible PVC tubing is perfect for use with water gardening ponds, waterfalls, fountains and aquariums. Smooth on the inside to speed up water flow, reduce material build up and reduce friction, this lightweight tubing can easily be routed in any direction necessary without the use ..
Starting at: $185.50
Ex Tax: $185.50
Pond Net by Oase®
The OASE Pond Net is a lightweight and durable skimmer fish net ideal for removing unwanted debris from the pond. It has a strong mesh netting and a coated frame to protect the pond liner and fish from harm. The telescopic handle extends up to 5.2 ft. and contracts to 3.9 ft.  ..
Price: $125.50
Ex Tax: $125.50
Triton™ Ionizer 3 Pond Clarifier
Atlantic is pleased to introduce the new Triton™ Ionizer 3 to control string algae and green water in water gardens, fish ponds and pond free ponds. This low voltage water management system electronically introduces microscopic ions of copper, silver and zinc into the water which control organic ..
Price: $625.50
Ex Tax: $625.50
EasyPick™ Telescoping Pond Grabber by Oase®
Telescoping pond pliers are ideal for regular cleaning and care of the pond. With its rubberized grips the OASE EasyPick firmly grasps branches leaves, as well as foreign objects that sometimes fall into the pond. The ergonomic grip and telescopic handle enables convenient work from distance..
Price: $180.50
Ex Tax: $180.50
Hose Street Elbows - MPT 90 Degree Elbow with Hose Barb Insert Ends
These Hose Elbows are known as Street Elbows and are designed to make 90 degree turn connections and have a MPT (male pipe thread) on one end and a HB (hose barb) on the other end. Perfect for diverting hose or tubing around corners or to quickly change a horizontal pipe run into a vertical run w..
Starting at: $4.75
Ex Tax: $4.75
Liner Seaming Kit - Firestone Quickseam Tape Seaming Kit
To seam two sections of EPDM pond liner this seaming kit is the answer from Firestone. It's a quick, complete and easy to use kit for seaming pond liners and also for repairs and patching. Each Liner Seaming Kit includes: 1 Roll - Quickseam Splice Tape - 3" x 25' 1 pt Can - Single-Ply ..
Price: $225.75
Ex Tax: $225.75
Waterfall Diffuser Weir Spillways from EasyPro®
The universal waterfall diffuser is a fast and easy way to create professional looking waterfalls. Waterfall spillways are the perfect choice for Just-A-Falls (pondless) systems, signs, swimming pool features and other installations where a cascade of water is desired and filtration is not needed..
Starting at: $255.50
Ex Tax: $255.50
Waterfall Spillway by Aquascape®
The Waterfall Spillway is a cost-effective solution to help create the starting point of a beautiful waterfall and stream. Spillway Width: 22" Bulkhead Port: Single 2" Bulkhead Fittings Included: 2" PVC slip, 1.5" barbed hose fitting and pre-installed bulkhead Max Flow Rate: 7,500 GPH ..
Price: $355.50
Ex Tax: $355.50
Aqua Flex™ PVC Tubing
Aqua Flex™ Pipe simplifies plumbing by eliminating the need for elbows and joints. Both durable and pressure-resistant, it has built-in, rigid reinforcements rings that ensure Aqua Flex PVC™ Pipe will not compress or kink; smooth bore will not impede flow. It’s easy to work with, and more rugged ..
Starting at: $125.75
Ex Tax: $125.75
PondoVac™ Pond Vacuums by Oase® - Free Shipping in Canada
Now with 3 Models! A pond vacuum can make cleaning muck and sludge from pond walls and rocks an easy job. Two of the original models of PondoVac are available, the Classic PondoVac and the the best selling deluxe PondoVac 4. Both pond vacuums complete with various cleaning accesories. See below f..
Starting at: $575.50
Ex Tax: $575.50
Female Hose Adapters with Barbed End (FPT x HB)
These hose adapters have FPT (Female Pipe Thread) on one end and a barbed hose (HB) connector on the other. These adaptors are designed to fit onto various MPT threaded fittings or other pond and plumbing applications. Available in multiple thread and barbed end sizes. Solid PVC construction. ..
Starting at: $6.75
Ex Tax: $6.75
Aquatic Planting Media with Beneficial Bacteria by Microbe-Lift® - 20 lbs
Patent-pending aquatic planting medium is better than any aquatic pond soil available. Can be mixed with existing aquatic planting soil or used alone for your pond plants. Ideal for marginal pond plants, submerged pond plants and bog planting areas in ponds and water gardens.  Pre-Colonized ..
Price: $125.50
Ex Tax: $125.50
EcoBlox™ Water Matrix Cubes - Pack of 2 Large EcoBlox
Sold in packs of 2 (two) Large EcoBlox. Two blocks hold 63 gallons of water(31.5 gallons per block). Each block is 27.5 long x 16" wide by 17.5 inches high. The two blocks can be attached together depending on your basin design. Atlantic’s redesigned Eco-Blox water matrix, similar to Eco-Cub..
Price: $275.50
Ex Tax: $275.50
FlexiCut™ Telescoping Pond Scissors by Oase®
Telescoping pond scissors are ideal for regular cleaning and care of the pond. With its rubberized grips the OASE Flexicut is the ideal water gardening tool when trimming aquatic plants or pruning hard to reach growth. The ergonomic grip and telescopic handle enables convenient work from dis..
Price: $170.50
Ex Tax: $170.50
Fountain Plumbing Kits by Atlantic®
The Pro Series of plumbing kits from Atlantic Water Gardens include all plumbing fixtures required for your garden fountain or statuary project. Fittings, valves, hardware, tubing and sealant strips are all included. Available in Two Sizes Single Feature Plumbing Kit Part No.  FB..
Starting at: $175.50
Ex Tax: $175.50
OxyTex™ Pond Air Diffuser by Oase®
The OxyTex Air Diffuser, in combination with a air pump (such as OASE AquaOxy), disperses injected air even more finely for optimized gas exchange. In addition, the grass-like fiber structure provides a habitat for beneficial micro-organisms that improve filtration efficiency and contribute t..
Price: $275.50
Ex Tax: $275.50
ProAir™ Weighted Membrane Diffuser Assembly by Airmax®
ProAir™ Weighted Diffuser Assembly. Available in two sizes for small and large ponds, tanks, dugouts or anywhere that aeration and mixing is required. If you are building your own DIY aeration system these diffuser assemblies are ideal. Raised off the pond bottom the diffuser tubes release micro-..
Starting at: $415.50
Ex Tax: $415.50
Replacement UV Bulbs, Sleeves & Transformer for Pondmaster® UV Systems
We are currently experience supply issues with our UV bulbs and recommend using the Amazon Canada Network to source replacement UV lamps. Replacement UV Lamps are available in Canada here: Amazon UV Replacement Bulbs These replacement UV lamps, quartz sleeves and transformers fit the Pondmas..
Starting at: $145.75
Ex Tax: $145.75
Tent  Style Pond & Garden Ultra™ Nets by Atlantic®
The Atlantic pond net pond and garden protector is a protective tent for your pond. The netting protects your pond from leaves and the tent-like structure creates a sturdy dome over your water garden to keep unwanted predators away. Also ideal for protecting vegetable gardens. All season protec..
Starting at: $215.50
Ex Tax: $215.50
Triton® Universal Pump Check Valve
Atlantic’s Triton™ Check Valve is the only check valve designed exclusively for the water garden industry. The ‘swing style’ Triton Check Valve features a 2” socket union on the inlet, 2” and 1½” socket unions for the outlet, a molded-in 90˚ elbow, and a slim design that allows clearance whe..
Price: $175.50
Ex Tax: $175.50
Hose Elbows - Barbed 90 Degree Elbow Coupler Inserts
These  Hose Elbows are designed to make 90 degree turn connections between two same sized diameter hoses or tubing. Perfect for diverting hose or tubing around corners or to quickly change a horizontal pipe run into a vertical run.  Hose elbows have the same diameter barbed hose fitting..
Starting at: $4.75
Ex Tax: $4.75
Male Hose Adaptors with Barbed End (MPT x HB)
These hose adaptors have MPT (Male Pipe Thread) on one end and a barbed hose (HB) connector on the other. These adaptors are designed to fit into threaded ball valves or other pond and plumbing applications. Available in multiple thread and barbed end sizes. Solid PVC construction. &..
Starting at: $3.75
Ex Tax: $3.75
Rock Lids by Atlantic®
Check out Atlantic’s rock lids and say goodbye to the traditional ‘fake rock’. These fiberglass rock covers will hide your skimmer or any inground device near the pond you want to hide with a discreet artificial rock cover. A realistic Canadian rock format that is rugged and natural looking perfe..
Starting at: $335.50
Ex Tax: $335.50
Basins for Weirs, Colorfalls™ & Spillways by Atlantic®
Atlantic’s spillway basins feature a pre-fi ltered pump chamber, one piece construction and built-in plumbing channels to create a perfect reservoir for formal spillway projects. Add an optional splash mat to reduce splash, conserve water and ensure your pump remains submersed at all times. Basin..
Starting at: $585.50
Ex Tax: $585.50
Small Pump Vault by Atlantic™
Oasis™ Pump Vault up to 3,900 GPH flow rate. Ideal for pond-free and pondless aquatic systems and waterfalls. The pump vault is a key componant in any pond free system. It protects the pump and allows burial of the pump under landscaping and stones. Atlantic® PV1700 Pump Vault  Features:..
Price: $465.50
Ex Tax: $465.50
Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
Stainless steel hose clamps. You can find clamps for less, but then they must be replaced when the screw rusts away. These quality clamps are all  stainless steel including the screw! The one-piece housing is locked to the band without spot welds. The band is 9/16” wide and the screw has bot..
Starting at: $2.75
Ex Tax: $2.75
Ball Valves
These PVC ball valves come in threaded or smooth format. Valve control allows precise flow control of water or air through pipes. Perfect for controlling pump flows into weirs and fountains or reducing flow to achieve a specific cascade flow. Available PVC Ball Valve Sizes 1/2" Threaded (F..
Starting at: $7.50
Ex Tax: $7.50
Barbed Hose Tees
These tees have hose barbed ends on each side to allow connections between three same sized diameter hoses or tubing. Perfect for connecting multiple lengths of aeration tubing or hose from pumps.     ..
Starting at: $4.75
Ex Tax: $4.75
Firestone® Lap Sealant Adhesive for EPDM
This Firestone® Lap Sealant liner adhesive will glue two pieces of liner together as well it adheres to all EPDM, metal, wood, asphalt and concrete. Great for repairs, patching or to adhere liner to edging, or pavers. Firestone Lap Sealant is specifically designed edge treatment used to ensure a ..
Price: $74.50
Ex Tax: $74.50
Fountain Nozzle Set by Oase®
This nozzle kit comes with 4 nozzles and is ideal for small ponds and water gardens. Manufactured by: Atlantic-OASE Merchant SKU: 73834 For Use With: 1000-2000 gph MD pumps Complete Kit Includes: Extention tube with flow control Bell Nozzle Je..
Price: $69.50
Ex Tax: $69.50
Large Pump Vaults from Atlantic®
Pro-Series™ Pump vaults from Atlantic  are ideal for pond-free and pondless aquatic systems and pond-free and pondless waterfalls. The heavy-duty one piece design of Atlantic’s Pump Vaults can accommodate large pumps and flow rates. Features include large openings for pump access, cut li..
Starting at: $575.50
Ex Tax: $575.50
Bio-Balls from Atlantic®
Bio-Balls from Atlantic® are extremely durable, lightweight Bio-Balls that are easy to clean and reduce channeling. Each BB1500 package comes with 150 individual 1.5" diameter bio balls. Atlantic Bio-Balls are not flimsy plastic balls; these are robust bio-balls with an extremely hi..
Price: $85.75
Ex Tax: $85.75
Rubber Couplers & Reducers
Heavy duty rubber couplers come with stainless steel clamps for securely clamping pipes together. Available in standard format with equal diameter ends or in reducer format with one larger diameter end and one smaller diameter end. Perfect for connecting PVC pipe and pumps to your plumbing. ..
Starting at: $14.75
Ex Tax: $14.75
Replacement Weir Doors for Skimmers from Atlantic®
Atlantic Water Garden's replacement Weir Doors for Skimmers come in three sizes. Replace a broken or damaged skimmer door easily or use these doors to build your own skimmer. Use silicone around flange of weir door to create a perfect waterproof seal in your skimmer. Three Sizes Available ..
Starting at: $85.75
Ex Tax: $85.75
Transformer for SOL™ and AWG™ LED Lights by Atlantic
This low-volyage transformer is for LED lighting. Includes four-way splitter to allow connection of up to four lights. Connects to standard household current and provides transformed power for the SOL™ and AWG™ LED spot lights and landscape lighting. Use with the SOLW2, SOLW6 and the SOLWLR ..
Price: $125.50
Ex Tax: $125.50
Ultraflex® Heavy Duty PVC Pond Tubing
Think all flexible PVC piping is the same? Take a closer look... Atlantic’s PVC piping is heavy walled, extremely flexible and incredibly durable. Decrease labor, maximize pump flow and eliminate call-backs with flexible PVC piping from Atlantic.   Available by the foot or in rolls..
Starting at: $155.50
Ex Tax: $155.50
Waterfall Foam with Straw Applicator from Atlantic® - 12 oz cans
Atlantic Water Gardens Falls Foam. Each 12 oz, one time use can, comes complete with application straw.  Finally an excellent foam product specifically designed for Water Gardening applications.  Black bonding and sealing foam for use in pond construction. Use it on waterfalls streams,o..
Starting at: $55.50
Ex Tax: $55.50
Cascade™ Ice Tower Geyser Brass Fountain Nozzle
The cascade nozzle is also called as snow pine or ice tower, which has a giant, rich, strong and straight appearance when it is jetting water. The nozzle are mounted on the top of the guide tube and flushed with tile water level. It can bring the water out of the pond to form giant water column w..
Starting at: $75.75
Ex Tax: $75.75
Control Module for Color-Changing Lights and Weirs InfiColor™ by Atlantic™
The InfiColor™ Smart Module and mobile application allow users to program custom color sequences and transitions, set sequence timing and daily scheduling and unlock all RGB options on any Apple or Android mobile device. The InfiColor Smart Module now controls three individual zones via Bluetooth..
Price: $295.50
Ex Tax: $295.50
Eco-Rise™ Water Feature Riser & Support
The Eco-Rise is a totally new concept in water feature construction. The extremely strong radial structure handles the weight of heavier statuary, vases and columns while providing a broad stable base over Eco-Blox reservoirs. Allows for multiple features in any configuration above odd basin shap..
Price: $225.50
Ex Tax: $225.50
AquaSkim™ In-Pond Skimmer by Oase®
The AquaSkim 40™ in-pond skimmer is the ideal addition or retrofit to any pond. Skimmer base sits on the pond bottom, is easy to clean, and requires no cutting of existing liners. Simply place the skimmer in the pond, fill the base with stones to hold steady and connect your pump intake to the sk..
Price: $275.50
Ex Tax: $275.50
Basin Kits for Formal Pondfree Waterfall Features
Atlantic Basin Kits are designed to fit all our formal spillways perfectly. Whether you’re adding the shimmering nighttime enchantment of a Classic or Color Changing Colorfalls or the elegant touch of class of the Stainless Steel Scupper, our Basin Kits provide everything you need to complete the..
Starting at: $1,450.50
Ex Tax: $1,450.50
EPDM Primer For Patching & Seaming Tape - QuickPrime™ Plus
QuickPrime™ Plus is a must when patching or seaming pond liner. This special primer is used to "prime" the liner before using the seam tape or patching tape to improve adhesion and ensure a perfect seal. This Firestone Primer is the industry standard. Firestone QuickPrime Plus is designed to clea..
Starting at: $105.75
Ex Tax: $105.75
Poly Female Adapters - HB x FPT  Coupler Inserts
These adapters have a FPT (Female Pipe Thread) on one end and a barbed hose insert fitting on the other.  Poly fittings.     ..
Starting at: $8.75
Ex Tax: $8.75
Quick Connect Cam Lock Fittings
Cam-locks, sometimes called Quick Connects are fast, easy disconnect fittings for pumps, hoses, etc. Locking handles ensure watertight seal. Available in 1.5", 2" or 3" sizes with either MPT x MPT or FPT x FPT. Each Quick Connect comes with two interlocking pieces to connect to attach o..
Starting at: $65.50
Ex Tax: $65.50
Back Flush Kit for Atlantic® Pro Series Filter Falls
Atlantic’s professional Back Flush Kit virtually eliminates FilterFall maintenance. Add a Back Flush Kit to any Pro Series FilterFalls for fast, convenient, powered backwashing to save you time, trouble and a whole lot of mess. Model: BFK100 Description: Back Flush Kit for Atlantic Pro Ser..
Price: $335.75
Ex Tax: $335.75
Poly Cross Hose Couplers - HB x HB  X HB x HB Insert Cross Fittings
These poly couplings are designed to make four-way connections between four same sized diameter flexible pvc hoses or tubing runs.     ..
Starting at: $10.75
Ex Tax: $10.75
PondoVac™ 5 Pond Vacuum System - Free Shipping
Oase was the pioneer of the original PondoVac Classic and dedicated themselves to improving their pond vacuum with the introuduction of the Deluxe Pondovac 4 and now OASE has introduced the Pondovac 5 to bring even more improvements and power for pond and pool cleaning jobs. The Pondovac ..
Price: $1,350.50
Ex Tax: $1,350.50
Copper Splash RIngs by Atlantic®
Want an elegant new way to control splash and provide a dramitic flair? The Copper Finish Splash Rings tame errant droplets and complement all of our formal spillways, with 304 stainless steel mesh and sides, all finished with a plating of durable copper, so all you see is gleaming authentic copp..
Starting at: $455.50
Ex Tax: $455.50
Foam-B-Gone™ Foam Remover by Crystal Clear®
Removes Foam In Seconds For Use In Ponds, Fountains & Statuary Safe For All Aquatic & Domestic Animals Foam-B-Gone™ will remove foam from water within seconds of application. Foam is usually caused by excessive organics present in pond water. Protein foam can be h..
Starting at: $35.50
Ex Tax: $35.50
PVC Male Reducer - MPT x SLIP
These fittings are Sch 40 PVC male adaptors with SLIP fittings on one end and MPT on the other. Insert Schedule 40 pipe fittings and glue to seal and secure fitting.   ..
Starting at: $2.75
Ex Tax: $2.75
PVC Reducer Bushing - SLIP x FPT
These fittings are Sch 40 PVC Reducer Bushings with SLIP fittings on the outer end and FPT on the inside. Insert Schedule 40 pipe fittings and glue to seal and secure fitting.   ..
Starting at: $2.75
Ex Tax: $2.75
Replacement Gate Keepers for Skimmers from Atlantic®
Gate Keeper™ The Gate Keeper clips to the weir door and allows leaves and debris to enter the skimmer but prevents frogs and fish from being drawn into the skimmer. Gate Keeper™ Models: 74022 aka GK600 (Gate Keeper 6") 74023 aka GK900 (Gate Keeper 9") 74021 aka GK1400 (..
Starting at: $95.75
Ex Tax: $95.75
Replacement Parts for FilterFalls™ by Atlantic®
We supply authentic replacement parts for the Oasis™ and Pro Series FilterFalls™ from Atlantic Water Gardens®. By using authentic replacement filter mats and grates you will be able to replace any broken or worn parts of your Atlantic FilterFalls. Please ensure you are ordering the correct A..
Starting at: $55.75
Ex Tax: $55.75
Bottom Drain Kit by Atlantic®
Bottom Drain Kit from Atlantic Water Gardens enables skimmer to draw water from the bottom as well as from the surface of the pond providing more efficient filtration. A must for deeper water gardens. Fits all of the Pro Series skimmers from Atlantic®. Includes knife gate valve, pvc elbows, botto..
Price: $245.50
Ex Tax: $245.50

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