Goldfish ponds and Koi ponds in Canada are subjected to extreme conditions. Long months of frozen cold weather and short hours of daylight are something we are used to in winter. To keep your fish safe and secure during winter a good program of winter preparation is essential.

Pond heaters and pond deicers are inexpensive ways to ensure a breathing hole is maintained in the ice.

Pond netting helps prevent autumn leaves from filling up the pond and making us work harder to clean up the debris from the pond in the Spring. Adding autumn and winter bacteria can also ensure that there is no unwanted buildup of ammonia or muck.

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300 Watt Pond Heater/De-Icer from Aquascape®
Energy efficient, thermostatically controlled, safe in all ponds these de-icer and heaters are great for Canadian fish ponds and the harsh winters here in Canada. Free Shipping. Aquascape stainless steel Pond De-Icer is ideal for keeping a small hole opening the ice during cold winter months..
Price: $239.95
Ex Tax: $239.95
Fall & Winter Preparation Cold Water Bacteria by Microbe Lift®
Specially formulated for Pond Winterization in Canada.  Will get your pond water ready for a clean and clear spring!  Helps accelerate the decomposition of leaves, scum, sediment, and other organic matter during the fall and winter months. Will also jump start your pond to a healthier e..
Starting at: $55.95
Ex Tax: $55.95
Spring & Fall Prep™ by Crystal Clear®
CrystalClear® Spring & Fall Prep contains cold water natural bacteria designed to accelerate the decomposition of leaves, twigs, muck and other sediment during the fall and winter months while replenishing winter bacteria loss during the spring. These easy-to-use, water soluble packets should..
Starting at: $57.95
Ex Tax: $57.95
Ultra™ Pond Netting from Atlantic®
Pond net keeps autumn leaves out of the pond as well as pine needles or other windblown debris from entering your pond. Constructed of heavy-duty UV-resistant polypropylene, Ultra Pond Nets will last for years. The ½” x ½” opening keeps debris out while allowing sunlight and fresh air to reach th..
Starting at: $39.95
Ex Tax: $39.95
Ice Eater® Dock Deicer
Ice Eater® Dock Bubbler Deicer by Bearon Aquatics (formerly Powerhouse Inc). are the most energy efficient submersed thrust deicers and the industry standard in preventing dock damage in Canada. Ice Eater® deicers are designed to be used in the harsh Canadian climate and are used in Ontario,..
Starting at: $1,150.95
Ex Tax: $1,150.95
Pond Net by Oase®
The OASE Pond Net is a lightweight and durable skimmer fish net ideal for removing unwanted debris from the pond. It has a strong mesh netting and a coated frame to protect the pond liner and fish from harm. The telescopic handle extends up to 5.2 ft. and contracts to 3.9 ft.  ..
Price: $65.95
Ex Tax: $65.95
300 Watt Pond De-Icer from Atlantic Water Gardens®
The Atlantic® 300 Watt De-Icer has a small LED light to indicate it is functioning, the blue glowing light indicates it is in standby mode and turns green when it is heating. This allows you to know for sure your heater is working. The heater is thermostatically controlled so it only turns on eno..
Price: $179.95
Ex Tax: $179.95
EasyPick™ Telescoping Pond Grabber by Oase®
Telescoping pond pliers are ideal for regular cleaning and care of the pond. With its rubberized grips the OASE EasyPick firmly grasps branches leaves, as well as foreign objects that sometimes fall into the pond. The ergonomic grip and telescopic handle enables convenient work from distance..
Price: $94.95
Ex Tax: $94.95
Pond Shark™ Net, Rake & Scraper
The Pond Shark is the ultimate 3-in-1 water gardening tool. It includes net, rake and scraper, and has a telescoping steel handle that adjusts to any user and any job. The Pond Shark ™tears through unwanted pond scum, debris, and string algae and features a sturdy net as well as a tough and ..
Starting at: $58.95
Ex Tax: $58.95
Pond Air™Aeration Kits from Aquascape®
Every process that happens in the pond is dependent on oxygen. This is especially important at night when plants are not converting CO2 into oxygen. Dissolved oxygen levels are also generally lower in warmer water temperatures. Pond aerators oxygenate your pond, helping all biological proces..
Starting at: $109.95
Ex Tax: $109.95
Dome Style Pond & Garden Ultra™ Nets by Atlantic®
The Atlantic pond net pond and garden protector is a protective tent for your pond. The netting protects your pond from leaves and the tent-like structure creates a sturdy dome over your water garden to keep unwanted predators away. Also ideal for protecting vegetable gardens. All season protec..
Starting at: $145.95
Ex Tax: $145.95
Pond Shock™ Concentrated Bacteria Balls by CrystalClear®
The new PondShock™ concentrated pond bacteria ball is a great alternative to chemicals to clear your pond water fast and is especially good for Spring pond start-ups and for Summer hot-spells when algae is prone to occur. The natural concentrated bacteria and enzymes in the PondShock™ work t..
Price: $47.95
Ex Tax: $47.95
Ice Eater® Dock Deicer Bubbler Systems
Ice Eater® Dock Bubbler Deicer by Bearon Aquatics (formerly Powerhouse Inc.) are the most energy efficient submersed thrust deicers and the industry standard in preventing dock damage in Canada. Ice Eater® deicers are designed to be used in the harsh Canadian climate and are used in Ontario,..
Starting at: $1,150.95
Ex Tax: $1,150.95
Kasco® Deicer Bubbler Systems
Kasco Marine, Inc. offers several sizes, models, and mounting options of De-Icers to accommodate almost every application and condition. Atlantic Pond Supply offers Free Shipping in Canada.With sizes of 1/2, 3/4, and 1hp and units available in 110/120V or optional  230/240V is available..
Starting at: $1,006.25
Ex Tax: $1,006.25
Replacement Parts for Ice Eater® Dock Deicers
Ice Eater® replacement parts. Propeller for 1/4 HP Ice Eater (P250) Propeller for 1/2 HP (P500), 3/4 HP (P750), and 1 HP (P1000) Zinc annode - Sacrificial, 1/2" interior diameter, fits all Ice Eater models. ..
Starting at: $34.50
Ex Tax: $34.50
Arm Length Waterproof Gloves for Working in Ponds
These long gloves are perfect for keeping your hands warm and dry when you need to work on your pond or filter. Arm length elastic banded sleeve allows you to reach deep into the pond to place planters, remove debris, place pumps and remove filters and other pond materials. Also can be used for o..
Price: $37.95
Ex Tax: $37.95

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