AquaOxy 450™ Pond Aeration Kit by Oase®

AquaOxy 450™ Pond Aeration Kit by Oase®
Brand: Oase
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Product Code: AquaOxy 450® Small Pond Aeration Kit from Oase®
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Complete pond aeration kit, free shipping in Canada. This energy efficient kit can actually aerate up to 5,000 gallons but is ideal for smaller ponds from 500 to 2000 gallons. Includes air pump with two outlets, airstones and tubing. Safe 12 volt low voltage operation with transformer included.

Air injection is a great aid in ensuring a healthy pond enviroment and water quality. Many of the biological processes in the pond such as the breakdown of harmful waste products require oxygen in order to take place at highest efficiency. Set at the side of the pond, the Aquaoxy is an safe and efficient way of increasing the oxygen levels in the pond..

The air pump puts out approximately 0.9 CFM or 28 liters per miute of airflow. Uses only 25 watts!

  • Membrane-based air injector pump.
  • Heavy-duty non-clogging airstones.
  • Ultra-fine bubble dispersement.
  • Replacement membranes included.
  • Airstone tubing icluded.
  • Safe 12V low-voltage operation.
  • 12V outdoor safety transformer included.


AquaOxy450 Specifications
Air Flow [gph max.] 450 GPH (0.9 CFM)
Output Pressure [PSI] 3.6
Recommended Pond Size [gal] up to 5000
Airstones 2
Air Tubing [ft.] 2 x 15'
Power Consumption [W] 25
Operating Voltage [V / Hz] 12 / 50-60
Power Cable [ft.] 15
Dimensions [LxWxH in.] 8.9 x 8.8 x 5.3
Weight [lbs.] 6.4
Limited Warranty 2 years
Part Number 50041


Winter Operations
Operating in freezing conditions on ice-covered water gardens may cause open water areas, even in freezing conditions.

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