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Filter Media & BioBalls
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BioBalls Filter Media from Aquascape®
Aquascape® BioBalls are designed to be lightweight filter media that is easy to clean and maintenance. BioBalls are best used in a media net or strung together and placed in the Biofalls Filter. Bioballs provide a textured surface area (30 square inches per BioBall) for beneficial bacteria to col..
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Bio-Balls from Atlantic®
Bio-Balls from Atlantic® are extremely durable, lightweight Bio-Balls that are easy to clean and reduce channeling. Each BB1500 package comes with 150 individual 1.5" diameter bio balls. Atlantic Bio-Balls are not flimsy plastic balls; these are robust bio-balls with an extremely hi..
Price: $84.95
Ex Tax: $84.95
Replacement Filter Foam for BioTec® & BioSmart® Pond Filters
To replace worn filter foam blocks in your  BioTec® & BioSmart® use these original replacement parts. These filter  blocks are designed specifically to fit the BioTec® & BioSmart® 5.1 and 10.1 series pond filters by OASE®.   Number of BioSmart Filter Pads Required ..
Starting at: $45.32
Ex Tax: $45.32
Replacement Filter Media Pads for Pondmaster® Pond Filters
To replace worn filter pads or carbon pads in your Pondmaster filter use these original replacement parts. These filter pads and foam blocks are designed specifically to fit the PM500, PM1000, and PM2000 pond filters by PondMaster®. These pads are useful to refurbish your worn pads and filter mat..
Starting at: $20.64
Ex Tax: $20.64
Matala Filter Material
This media is the finest biological & mechanical media available. Although it costs a little more, it will outlast other similar products and is extremely easy to clean. Its tremendous amount of surface area, makes it an ideal biological media. It can be easily cut to any shape to fit an..
Starting at: $109.68
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Atlantic® Bio-Tech Filter Material & Replacement Pads
Atlantic Water Gardens® Bio-Tech Filter Pads and mats are to replace worn ordirty filter material from their Filter Falls series of waterfalls. Its tremendous amount of surface area, makes it an ideal biological media. Atlantic® Filter Part Number Bio-Tech Filter Pad ..
Starting at: $42.49
Ex Tax: $42.49
Bulk Filter Media Rolls - Four Densities Available - 90' and 120' Rolls
Bulk media is easy to cut to fit the size of almost every skimmer, filter fall or pump pre-filter on the market. These bulk filter rolls are most often used as a solids filtering material before water enters the biological filtration media but the uses are many for these bulk rolls including larg..
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Mesh Bio Media Bags
Bio Media Bags are perfect for keeping your biological  pond filter media or bioballs together for easy maintenance. Mesh bags come in a variety of sizes and screen mesh spacing. Place the filter material or bioballs into the mesh bag and insert into your filter or falls as required. Filter ..
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