Pond Free Kits & Pondless Waterfalls

Pond Free Kits & Pondless Waterfalls
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Pond free kits allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds of a small waterfall without needing to build a complete pond. The pump is placed in a pump vault which is buried with stones. The pump feeds water to the top of the waterfall where it splashes down the stream to the vault where it is recirculated. A liner ensures that all water in the stream flows back to the pump. Pondless waterfalls will fit into most landscapes and have the benefit of safety as there is no pond filled with water that could be a hazard to small children. A pond free system also requires less maintenance than a regular pond or watergarden.

We have a full range of kits available as well as separate pump vaults and custom sizes of liner to create larger pondless systems.
Contact us if you need help designing a larger system.

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Pond Kits from AquaScape®
Aquascape PRO® pond kits come with everything you need to build your pond.The Aquascape PRO ecosystem pond kit comes complete with the necessary components assembled together in a convenient, all-in-one kit that takes the guesswork out of purchasing essential components separately. The Aq..
Starting at: $3,525.50
Ex Tax: $3,525.50
Pondless Waterfall & Pond- Free Kits by Atlantic®
Atlantic™ pond free waterfall kits are complete, all-inclusive kits. This pond-free system allows you to enjoy a small waterfall feature almost anywhere on your property without needing a pond. Create a pondless waterfall with a stream bed and enjoy the sound of running water that a water garden ..
Starting at: $1,995.50
Ex Tax: $1,995.50
Aquabasin® Fountain Basins for Water Features by Aquascape®
The AquaBasin series from Aquascape are used for decorative fountains and backyard water features. The basin holds the plumbing and pump and catches the water that comes out of the fountain so it is recycled in the fountain system. The basin is simply dug into the ground, pump installed with plum..
Starting at: $455.50
Ex Tax: $455.50
Waterfall Fountain Kit AquaScape®
With the Aquascape Backyard Waterfall Landscape Fountain Kit, it is easier than ever to install and enjoy your very own waterfall. This kit comes complete with everything you need to build a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, recirculating, Pondless® / disappearing waterfall in any space. The Backyar..
Starting at: $2,995.50
Ex Tax: $2,995.50
Complete Fountain Kit : Spillway Bowl & Basin by Aquascape®
The Aquascape Spillway Bowl, Basin and Stand allows for an unlimited amount of installation possibilities. The Aquascape Spillway Bowl and Basin can be installed as a standalone disappearing water feature, or several spillway bowls can be linked together for an amazing display. Made from ..
Price: $3,325.00
Ex Tax: $3,325.00
Automatic Dosing Systems for Ponds & Fountains by Aquascape®
Adding pond bacteria and water treatments in ponds and water features requires regular scheduled applications for best results. A busy summer schedule and vacation time away from home can mean that treatments are forgotten or not applied at the right time. This automated doseing system delivers t..
Starting at: $130.50
Ex Tax: $130.50
Stacked Slate Urn Fountains by Aquascape®
Incorporate the sight and sound of water to your garden, deck, patio or balcony. Light weight and durable. Can be used indoors or outdoors. Never fades or chips. Natural rock veneer. Ages like real stone. These beautifully shaped small fiberglass fountains can become a focal centerpiece for ..
Starting at: $645.50
Ex Tax: $645.50
DIY Pondless® Backyard Waterfall Kit by Aquascape®
A Pondless® Waterfall is simply a waterfall without the pond.The perfect DIY solution for small spaces includes enough liner to create a small 3' long waterfall. Kit Incudes:     Waterfall Spillway - This is the starting point of your waterfall    ..
Price: $1,725.50
Ex Tax: $1,725.50
AquaBlox® Modular Water Storage System
Aquascape’s AquaBlox® modular water storage system, also known as the D-Raintank® by Atlantis®, is an efficient way to maximize your water storage capacity in Pondless® Waterfall reservoirs. Over 3 times more water storage capacity than gravel   Holds approximately 7.4 gallo..
Starting at: $95.50
Ex Tax: $95.50
Patio Ponds & Container Water Gardens from Aquascape®
Aquascape's Aquatic Patio Planter makes it simple to have a complete water garden in almost any setting. If you have ever tried to make a traditional ceramic or stone bowl into a container water garden, you know how difficult or costly it can be to add plants without shelves. Aquascape's Aquatic ..
Starting at: $795.50
Ex Tax: $795.50

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