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Stainless Steel Waterfall Weirs
Stainless Steel Waterfall Weirs with 2" Spillway Lip or 6" Spillway Lip. Stainless Steel Water We..
Ex Tax: $425.95
Waterfall Diffuser Weir Spillways - Eco-Series by EasyPro®
The universal waterfall diffuser is a fast and easy way to create professional looking waterfalls..
Ex Tax: $169.95
Stainless Steel Wall Spouts
Stainless Steel Wall Spouts, also called scuppers, can be used to create decorative water feature..
Ex Tax: $295.95
Copper Spillway Attachments for Eco-Series Waterfall Diffusers by EasyPro®
These copper spillways are designed to fit directly over the Eco-Series Waterfall Diffuser models..
Ex Tax: $320.00
Alumina Fine Bubble Airstone Diffusers
EasyPro Alumina Air Stones provide excellent aeration for Koi ponds and water gardens as well as ..
Ex Tax: $36.74
Brass Wall Spouts
Brass Wall Spouts, also called scuppers, can be used to create decorative water features, the bra..
Ex Tax: $290.95
Rubber Membrane Air Diffusers
EPDM fine bubble diffusers are an excellent choice for aeration in ponds and tanks. These EPDM di..
Ex Tax: $37.89
LED Pond Lighting Kit from ProEco®
Available in single 4 Watt LED light with transformer and colored lenses or a three light kit wit..
Ex Tax: $91.94
Fountain Accent Light Sets from EasyPro®
Add a new dimension to your basalt column or drilled stone fountain with the EasyPro Fountain Acc..
Ex Tax: $65.95
Large Pond & Lakes Aeration Systems from EasyPro®
Easy Pro™ pond and lake aeration systems provide highly efficient aeration for ponds and lakes fr..
Ex Tax: $2,054.00
Stratus™ Piston Air Compressors for Aeration
EasyPro is pleased to offer their own line Stratus™ line of rocking piston air compressors, each ..
Ex Tax: $868.25
Pump Protector
Ideal for submersible pumps, this pump protector allows you to place the pump inside the thick fo..
Ex Tax: $69.95
Box Style Auto-Fill Valve for Ponds and Tanks
A box style pond float valve system allows automatic pond or tank filling when levels drop due to..
Ex Tax: $86.19
Matala Filter Material
This media is the finest biological & mechanical media available. Although it costs a little ..
Ex Tax: $109.68
Piston Repair and Rebuild Kits for Stratus™ Piston Air Compressors
Repairing or refurbishing your Stratus™ air compressor allows you to extend the life of your pump..
Ex Tax: $103.50
Pump Intake Screens and Prefilter Intakes
Heavy duty polypropylene suction strainers to pre-filter pump intakes. Screen intakes protect deb..
Ex Tax: $22.94
Valved Air Outlet Manifold Assemblies
Aluminum and brass outlet assemblies with control valves to adjust aiirflow. Available in 1 outle..
Ex Tax: $63.25

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