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LunAqua™ Classic LED Pond Lighting Kit by OASE® - 3 Light Kit
This LED-based pond light set comes complete and ready to install with 3 LED lights..
Ex Tax: $275.50
Pond & Waterfall Pumps by Oase®
The OASE® Waterfall Pumps are extremely quiet, discreet and effective for use as waterfall and ca..
Ex Tax: $415.50
Bitron™  Pond UV Clarifiers by Oase®
UV clarifiers are easy to install and keep ponds clear and clean. The Bitron series is available ..
Ex Tax: $795.50
FiltoClear® Pond Filters with UV Clarifiers by OASE®
The FiltoClear pressure filter is a compact all-in-one pond filtration system with the fastes..
Ex Tax: $825.50
Filtral® Pond Filter/UV Clarifier with Fountain by OASE®
For small water gardens and fish ponds the Filtral™ series from OASE® provides a pump, fountain, ..
Ex Tax: $355.50
Pond Net by Oase®
The OASE Pond Net is a lightweight and durable skimmer fish net ideal for removing unwanted debri..
Ex Tax: $125.50
Vitronic™ Pond UV Clarifiers by Oase®
The Vitronic® series of UV pond clarifiers from OASE® are a simple, yet effective, UV clarifier d..
Ex Tax: $350.50
AquaMax™ Eco Premium Pond Pumps by Oase®
AquaMax Eco Premium are the most versatile and energy-efficient pond pumps available. OASE took w..
Ex Tax: $665.50
EasyPick™ Telescoping Pond Grabber by Oase®
Telescoping pond pliers are ideal for regular cleaning and care of the pond. With its rubberized ..
Ex Tax: $180.50
Floating Fountains with Lights for small ponds by Oase®
Available in two sizes, the Floating Fountains with Lights from OASE are eco-friendly and environ..
Ex Tax: $1,150.50
Oase® Small Pond & Water Feature Pumps
The new statuary pumps can be used for bubbling stones, statuary and decorative fountains of any ..
Ex Tax: $69.50
Pond Filter with UV Clarifier - BioPress® from OASE®
The BioPress ae a compact pressure filter with built-in UV Clarifier and cleaning mec..
Ex Tax: $415.50
Pond Jet™ Floating Fountain by Oase®
ThePond Jet™ floating fountain uses only 260 watts and creates a dramatic 10 foot high decorative..
Ex Tax: $2,575.75
BioTec™ Gravity Pond Filters - Screenmatic 2™ by Oase®
Adjustable intelligent cleaning sensor mounted above screen detects buildup of debris and aut..
Ex Tax: $2,050.50
PondoVac™ Pond Vacuums by Oase® - Free Shipping in Canada
Now with 3 Models! A pond vacuum can make cleaning muck and sludge from pond walls and rocks an e..
Ex Tax: $625.50
BioSmart™ Gravity Pond Filters by Oase®
BioSmart gravity filters are packed with features and filtration capacity. The high-surface area ..
Ex Tax: $525.50
FlexiCut™ Telescoping Pond Scissors by Oase®
Telescoping pond scissors are ideal for regular cleaning and care of the pond. With its rubberize..
Ex Tax: $170.50
OxyTex™ Pond Air Diffuser by Oase®
The OxyTex Air Diffuser, in combination with a air pump (such as OASE AquaOxy), disperses inj..
Ex Tax: $275.50
Replacement UV Bulbs and Quartz Sleeves for Bitron™ UV Filters by Oase®
Bitron® Filter Model     OASE® UV Bulb ..
Ex Tax: $165.75
SwimSkim™ Floating Pond Skimmer by Oase®
The SwimSkim™ floating in-pond skimmer is the ideal addition or retrofit to any pond. Free floati..
Ex Tax: $285.50
AquaOxy 450™ Pond Aeration Kit by Oase®
Complete pond aeration kit, free shipping in Canada. This energy efficient kit can actually aerat..
Ex Tax: $445.50
Fountain Nozzle Set by Oase®
This nozzle kit comes with 4 nozzles and is ideal for small ponds and water gardens. ..
Ex Tax: $69.50
Frothy™ Fountain Nozzle by Oase®
The 1-inch Frothy 35-10E is a water-level independent foam effect nozzle. By mixing air with ..
Ex Tax: $175.50
AquaMax™ Eco Classic Pond Pumps by Oase®
Ideal for waterfalls, cascaceds or with external pond filters.  AquaMax™ Eco Classicfilter a..
Ex Tax: $395.50
AquaSkim™ In-Pond Skimmer by Oase®
The AquaSkim 40™ in-pond skimmer is the ideal addition or retrofit to any pond. Skimmer base sits..
Ex Tax: $275.50
PondoVac™ 5 Pond Vacuum System - Free Shipping
Oase was the pioneer of the original PondoVac Classic and dedicated themselves to improving their..
Ex Tax: $1,650.50
Small Pond and Water Garden Pumps by Oase®
The OASE® Small Pond Pumps are extremely quiet, discreet and effective in creating efficient wate..
Ex Tax: $155.75
Replacement Filter Foam for BioSmart® Pond Filters
To replace worn filter foam blocks in your  BioTec® & BioSmart® use these original repla..
Ex Tax: $65.75
Lava™ Fountain Nozzle by Oase®
The 1-inch Lava™ nozzle, also called a mushroom or bell because of the domes shape, is a wate..
Ex Tax: $89.75
Neptun™ Pro Pond Pumps by Oase®
The ideal pump for statuary and decorative fountains to bring the enchantment of splashing water ..
Ex Tax: $625.75
Satellite AquaMax™ Intake Filter by Oase®
Designed for OASE AquaMax™ Eco Premium pumps, this Satellite Filter can pull water from ..
Ex Tax: $125.75
Replacement Parts for PondoVac™  Pond Vacuum 3 & 4 from Oase®
The Pondovac® 4 Pond Vacuum is one of the most popular pond vacuums in Canada. We carry authentic..
Ex Tax: $46.75
Replacement Parts for FiltoClear® Generation 1 (G1) Pond Filter/UV System by OASE
Parts for the G1 (Generation 1) FiltoClear® Pond Filter/UV Systems by OASE. These parts are for o..
Ex Tax: $70.75
Pond Jet™ Lighting Kit by Oase®
This light set is for the OASE PondJet floating fountain and consists of 3 ..
Ex Tax: $1,165.75
Replacement Parts for SwimSkim™  by OASE®
Replacement parts for the SwimSkim™ floating pond skimmer by OASE These replacement parts are gen..
Ex Tax: $40.75
Inline Control Valve -  Flow Regulator by OASE®
This is a simple but sturdy flow regulator for controlling water flow to filte..
Ex Tax: $85.75
Replacement Parts for AquaSkim™ by OASE®
Replacement parts for the AquaSkim™ by OASE. These replacement parts are genuine OASE materials t..
Ex Tax: $35.75

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