Pond Shock™ Concentrated Bacteria Balls by CrystalClear®

Pond Shock™ Concentrated Bacteria Balls by CrystalClear®
Pond Shock™ Concentrated Bacteria Balls by CrystalClear® Pond Shock™ Concentrated Bacteria Balls by CrystalClear® Pond Shock™ Concentrated Bacteria Balls by CrystalClear®
Brand: Crystal Clear®
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The new PondShock™ concentrated pond bacteria ball is a great alternative to chemicals to clear your pond water fast and is especially good for Spring pond start-ups and for Summer hot-spells when algae is prone to occur.

The natural concentrated bacteria and enzymes in the PondShock™ work to quickly restore clarity to pond water and to breakdown ammonia and nitrites in the pond.

This specialized organic ball comes in a sealed container with activating gel and has the appearance and texture of a gelatinous rubber ball about 2.5" in diameter (7 cm)  contains billions of all natural, live bacteria and enzymes that are designed to rapidly break down ammonia, nitrites and organic waste.

PondShock™ has been sold succesfully in Europe for several years under the name PondBomb™ and is an extremely popular product. The PondShock™ North American product is a proprietary blend that has been voted as Practical Fishkeeping's Product of The Year in their readers' poll.

Can be used in the spring to jump-start biological filters, when water quality issues escalate or before new fish are introduced to the pond. Use once a months or as needed when water temperatures are above 50°F.

Safe for all aquatic life.

CrystalClear® PondShock Dosage Rates
Pond Size
(In Gallons)
Pondshock Balls
(per month)
Up to 2,500 Gallons 1 Ball
Up to 5,000 Gallons 2 Balls
Up to 7,500 Gallons 3 Balls
Up to 10,000 Gallons 4 Balls


Routine Application Rate

Apply PondShock™ every month

Persistent Problem Application Rate

If a problem arises between routine applications, apply PondShock™ at prescribed rate as needed.

For Best Results

Apply PondShock™ directly into the water. Optimal Water conditions: Temperature: 50°F.

Wait 3 days after an algaecide treatment to apply PondShock™.


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