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Pond Air™ Complete Aeration Kits from Aquascape®
Every process that happens in the pond is dependent on oxygen. This is especially important at ni..
Spring & Fall Prep™ by Crystal Clear®
CrystalClear® Spring & Fall Prep contains cold water natural bacteria designed to accelerate ..
Spring & Summer Pond Cleaning Bacteria from Microbe-Lift®
Spring and summer pond cleaner. Safe for fish. Microbe-Lift SSC accelerates the breakdown of leav..
Color Changing Colorfalls™ Kits from Atlantic™
Atlantic’s Color-Changing Colorfalls kits are all-inclusive packages that are a perfect fit for f..
Fountain Basins for Water Features and Garden Fountains by Atlantic®
Atlantic Pro Series fountain basins are used for decorative fountains and backyard water features..
LunAqua™ Classic LED Pond Lighting Kit by OASE® - 3 Light Kit
This LED-based pond light set comes complete and ready to install with 3 LED lights..
PL™ Beneficial Pond Bacteria Microbe-Lift
Microbe-lift PL™ provides sustained biological activity in water temperatures even under 55 degre..
Pond & Waterfall Pumps by Oase®
The OASE® Waterfall Pumps are extremely quiet, discreet and effective for use as waterfall and ca..
Pond Balance®  Algae Control & Treatment
Algae control for filamentous algae in ponds in Canada. String Algae is a problem that affects mo..
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Pond Heater/De-Icer (300 watt) with Thermostatic Control from Aquascape®
Energy efficient, thermostatically controlled, safe in all ponds these de-icer and heaters are gr..
Atlantic® Pump Vaults
Atlantic’s pump vaults house and protect the pumps and plumbing of underground water storage and ..
BioClarifier™ Pond Bacteria by Crystal Clear®
BIOCLARIFIER™ is the new brand name of the popular Biological Clarifier™ by CrystalClear® that na..
Bitron™  Pond UV Clarifiers by Oase®
UV clarifiers are easy to install and keep ponds clear and clean. The Bitron series is available ..
ClearOut™ Dry Beneficial Pond Bacteria for Ponds & Lakes from Crystal Clear®
Restore pond clarity, water quality and pond balance with Crystal Clear® ClearOut™. ClearOut™ con..
HIKARI® Economy Fish Food
The economy Hikari® blends are popular fish foods for serious koi breeders and goldfish pond owne..
Jet Black™  and True Blue EZ™ Solupack Pond Dye (Box of 6 Packets)
Jet Black™  and True Blue EZ™ Solupacks from Precision Laboratories come in boxes of 6 solku..
Koi Air™ Complete Pond Aeration Systems by Airmax®
Small aeration systems for backyard ponds, fish ponds, goldfish ponds and koi ponds in Canad..
MuckOut® Muck Digesting Tablets for Ponds
MuckOut is a muck digesting formula that digests pond and lake organc muck. The 1 ounce tanlets a..
Olympus™ Floating Fountains & Decorative Aerators
These fountains are proudly manufactured right here in Canada! In our continuing efforts to take ..
Pond Light
The warm white light kit for ponds and landscapes. Extend the beauty of your water feature deep i..
Pond Liner EPDM 45mil - FULL ROLLS - Free Shipping in Canada
Full Rolls of Pond Liner Price is $2.25 per square foot includes tax and free shipping in Cana..
Pond Skimmers by Atlantic® - Pro Series
Pro Series Skimmers set the standard for pond prefiltration, with heavyduty construction and stai..
Rockin' Foam® - Waterfall Foam - 20 oz cans
Large 20 ounce waterfall foam size beats standard 12 or 16 ounce cans. Finally an excel..
SAKI-HIKARI® Growth Formula Koi & Goldfish Food
A Daily Diet For Accelerated Growth Hikari Quality Guaranteed FEATURES Expect a..
SupaClear™ Pond Cleaner 9% Formula
SupaClear is replacing Profix in Canada SupaClear™ is a unique and proprietary formula devel..
Tidal Wave™ TT-Series Pond Pumps
Atlantic’s all new TidalWave3 Pumps are the next generation of ultra-high efficiency asynchronous..
TrueBlue™ and DeepBlue™ Liquid Pond Dye from Crystal Clear®
This is a proprietary blend of environmentally friendly, nontoxic, water-soluble dyes formulated ..
Ultra™ Pond Netting from Atlantic®
Pond net keeps autumn leaves out of the pond as well as pine needles or other windblown debris fr..
All Season Variety Mix™ Legacy Koi & Goldfish Food from Microbe-Lift®
The Legacy All Season Variety Mix™ fish food is a high quality food and a great way to feed a ble..
Barley Straw Liquid Extract from Crystal Clear®
CrystalClear® Barley Extract is the natural solution to maintaining a clean and healthy pond all ..
Clarity Max™ Beneficial Bacteria & Enzymes for Ponds by Crystal Clear®
ClarityMax® is the ultimate pond cleaner. A mix of natural bacteria, enzymes and barley straw ext..
Color Changing Lights from Aquascape®
A full line of Aquascape LED pond lights and garden lighting makes it easy to enjoy your water fe..
Colorfalls™ Lighted Waterfall Weirs
Atlantic’s original Colorfalls brought the Formal Spillway to the Backyard Oasis, and they’re sti..
Fall & Winter Preparation Cold Water Bacteria by Microbe Lift®
Specially formulated for Pond Winterization in Canada.  Will get your pond water ready for a..
FiltoClear® G3 Pond Filters with UV Clarifiers by OASE®
New in 2024, the 3rd Generation (G3) of FiltoClear pressure filters are compact all-in-one po..
Filtral® Pond Filter/UV Clarifier with Fountain by OASE®
For small water gardens and fish ponds the Filtral™ series from OASE® provides a pump, fountain, ..
HIKARI® Staple Koi & Goldfish Food
These Hikari® blends are three of the most popular fish foods for serious koi breeders and goldfi..
Ice Eater® Dock Deicer
Ice Eater® Dock Bubbler Deicer by Hydrasearch (formerly Bearon Aquatics (formerly Powerhouse Inc)..
Magnetic Drive MD-Series Pond Pumps from Atlantic®
Tidal Wave™ MD™ series are Magnetic Induction Pumps that are the perfect choice for the small wat..
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Non-Kink Flexible Tubing - FULL ROLLS
This Non-Kink Flexible PVC tubing is perfect for use with water gardening ponds, waterfalls, foun..
Pond Kits from Atlantic®
This complete Water Garden/Pond Package from Atlantic Water Gardens is a complete large pond kit ..
Pond Lighting Kit by Atlantic® - 3 Light Kit
The warm white light kit for ponds and landscapes. Extend the beauty of your water feature deep i..
Replacement UV Lamps & Bulbs for Pond UV Systems
Atlantic Pond Supply carries a number of generic bulbs as well as the Original Manufacturer's Aut..
Summer Staple™ Color Enhancing Koi & Goldfish Food
Summer Staple™  Fish Food from Microbe Lift This high quality food has animal protein and ..
Triton™ Ionizer 3 Pond Clarifier
Atlantic is pleased to introduce the new Triton™ Ionizer 3 to control string algae and green wate..
Vitronic™ Pond UV Clarifiers by Oase®
The Vitronic® series of UV pond clarifiers from OASE® are a simple, yet effective, UV clarifier d..
Wall Spouts from Atlantic® - Bronze or Copper Finish
Atlantic’s newest entry to the Formal Spillways category, our solid brass Spouts add old world ch..
 EasyPro® Waterfall Spillway Diffuser
The universal waterfall diffuser is a fast and easy way to create professional looking waterfalls..
Aqua UV Classic™ filter by Aqua Ultraviolet®
Aqua UV Classic™ Ultra Violet Filters for ponds. The Classic  Series UV’s are ideal for pond..
Based on 1 reviews.
AquaMax™ Eco Premium Pond Pumps by Oase®
AquaMax Eco Premium are the most versatile and energy-efficient pond pumps available. OASE took w..
BioPress® Pond Filtesr with UV Clarifier -  from OASE®
The BioPress ae a compact pressure filter with built-in UV Clarifier and cleaning mec..
Colorfalls™ Lighted Waterfall Kits
Atlantic’s Colorfalls are a perfect fit for formal retaining walls and pondfree applications. Col..
Colorfalls™ Waterfall Weirs with Color-Changing LED Lights
Create brilliant effects with Atlantic’s Color Changing Colorfalls which have 16 color modes. The..
EasyPick™ Telescoping Pond Grabber by Oase®
Telescoping pond pliers are ideal for regular cleaning and care of the pond. With its rubberized ..
Fast Falls™ Pro Series Waterfall Spillways from Atlantic®
These incredibly strong one-piece units feature an internal baffling system, support cones and a ..
Filter Falls from Atlantic® - Waterfall spillway with Filtration
Pro Series FilterFalls™ deliver the performance you demand and the peace of mind you deserve. In ..
Floating Fountains with Lights by Oase®
Available in two sizes, the Floating Fountains with Lights from OASE are eco-friendly and environ..
Fountain Light for Garden Fountains and Statuary from Atlantic® - Warm White
Ideal for statuary accent lighting as part of your landscaping to accent fountains. The newest ad..
High Growth & Energy™ Fish Food by Microbe-Lift®
High Growth & Energy Legacy Fish Food This high quality food is great for late spring feedi..
Liner Seaming Kit - Firestone Quickseam Tape Seaming Kit
To seam two sections of EPDM pond liner this seaming kit is the answer from Firestone. It's a qui..

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