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Knockout PLUS™ Broad Spectrum Combo Fish Product by Crystal Clear®
CrystalClear® KnockOut™ PLUS is widely used by pond and aquarium hobbyists and professionals ..Cr..
Ex Tax: $125.75
Male Hose Adaptors with Barbed End (MPT x HB)
These hose adaptors have MPT (Male Pipe Thread) on one end and a barbed hose (HB) connector on th..
Ex Tax: $3.75
Profix (D-Solv 9™) Pond Clarifier by Crystal Clear®
D-Solv9® - Complete Pond Cleaner Contains A 9% Solution For Rapid Action. Clears Pond Water Regar..
Ex Tax: $39.75
Rock Lids by Atlantic®
Check out Atlantic’s rock lids and say goodbye to the traditional ‘fake rock’. These fiberglass r..
Ex Tax: $325.75
Thrive™ Aquatic Plant Fertilizer Tabs by Crystal Clear®
Thrive™ Aquatic Plant Fertilizer tablets slowly release essential nutrients and trace elements to..
Ex Tax: $27.75
Water Quintet™ Fountain by OASE®
Ideal for small pondless waterfeatures or in ponds and pools, the Quintet fountain features five ..
Ex Tax: $2,175.75
Basins for Weirs, Colorfalls™ & Spillways by Atlantic®
Atlantic’s spillway basins feature a pre-fi ltered pump chamber, one piece construction and built..
Ex Tax: $585.75
HC™ Pond Bacteria  from Microbe-Lift®
Beneficial Bacteria for large ponds, fish ponds and lagoons. This high-count beneficial bact..
Ex Tax: $169.75
Mini Pellet™ Koi & Goldfish Food from Microbe-Lift - 40 lb Bulk Bag
When Your Small and Baby Fish Deserve the Very Best! For small and baby fish up to 4 inches l..
Ex Tax: $125.75
Rapiclear™ Flocculent by Crystal Clear®
RapiClear® is designed to clear cloudy and muddy pond water quickly, usually within 1-3 hours dep..
Ex Tax: $64.75
Replacement UV Bulbs and Quartz Sleeves for Bitron™ UV Filters by Oase®
Bitron® Filter Model     OASE® UV Bulb ..
Ex Tax: $165.75
Small Pump Vault by Atlantic™
Oasis™ Pump Vault up to 3,900 GPH flow rate. Ideal for pond-free and pondless aquatic systems and..
Ex Tax: $329.95
Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
Stainless steel hose clamps. You can find clamps for less, but then they must be replaced when th..
Ex Tax: $2.75
UltraKlear™ UV Clarifier/Sterilizer by Aquascape®
The Aquascape UltraKlear® UV Clarifier provides pond owners with a convenient and highly effectiv..
Ex Tax: $325.75
Water Jet Lightning™ Fountain by OASE®
Chic and dramatic colored water jets are easily created with the OASE™® Water Jet Lightning fount..
Ex Tax: $2,175.75
Ball Valves
These PVC ball valves come in threaded or smooth format. Valve control allows precise flow contro..
Ex Tax: $6.75
Barbed Hose Tees
These tees have hose barbed ends on each side to allow connections between three same sized diame..
Ex Tax: $4.75
ClearGuard™ Pressurized Pond Filters with UV by PondMaster®
The new PondMaster® series of filter systems offer great filtration at an affordable price! Easy..
Ex Tax: $525.75
Copper Scuppers
Atlantic's NEW Copper Finish Scuppers bring a glorious new dimension to the formal spillway line...
Ex Tax: $475.75
Ensure™ Aquatic Plant Vitality Blend from Microbe-Lift®
Improve health and vitaility of aquatic plants. Specially formulated for natural or decorative wa..
Ex Tax: $64.75
Liner Under Layer - FULL ROLLS Geotextile Underlay for Pond Liner
This extremely strong non-woven, needle-punched Geotextile is an 8 oz Grade. It provides protecti..
Ex Tax: $895.75
Pondmaster™ Mag Drive Pond Pumps from Danner®
The Pondmaster Mag Drive pump is a magnetically-driven, submersible pump. This unique energy-effi..
Ex Tax: $175.75
Color-Changing LED Light Ring from Atlantic®
For those looking to bring more than just a warming glow to your evening, Atlantic’s all new Colo..
Ex Tax: $295.75
Diffuser Tubes by Airmax®
Weighted diffuser sticks are perfect for aerating and mixing in ponds, tanks, dugouts or anywhere..
Ex Tax: $118.75
Firestone® Lap Sealant Adhesive for EPDM
This Firestone® Lap Sealant liner adhesive will glue two pieces of liner together as well it adhe..
Ex Tax: $45.75
Fountain Nozzle Set by Oase®
This nozzle kit comes with 4 nozzles and is ideal for small ponds and water gardens. The 1/2"..
Ex Tax: $73.75
Large Pump Vaults from Atlantic®
Pro-Series™ Pump vaults from Atlantic  are ideal for pond-free and pondless aquatic systems ..
Ex Tax: $545.75
Oasis™ Filter Falls by Atlantic® BF1600
Atlantic’s Oasis™ Series is the first line of retail water gardening products built to contractor..
Ex Tax: $555.75
Polish™  AC by Crystal Clear®
Polish AC™ is bituminous coal that has been exposed to extreme heat which activates the carbon gi..
Ex Tax: $145.75
PondoVac™ 5 Pond Vacuum System - Free Shipping
Oase was the pioneer of the original PondoVac Classic and dedicated themselves to improving their..
Ex Tax: $1,495.75
SwimSkim™ Floating Pond Skimmer by Oase®
The SwimSkim™ floating in-pond skimmer is the ideal addition or retrofit to any pond. Free floati..
Ex Tax: $245.75
Bio-Balls from Atlantic®
Bio-Balls from Atlantic® are extremely durable, lightweight Bio-Balls that are easy to clean..
Ex Tax: $85.75
Legacy™ Sinking Koi & Goldfish Food
MICROBE-LIFT/LEGACY Sinking (transitional) Food Pellets are a great way to make sure your newly a..
Ex Tax: $85.75
Rubber Couplers & Reducers
Heavy duty rubber couplers come with stainless steel clamps for securely clamping pipes together...
Ex Tax: $14.75
Acrylic Sheer Waterfall Weirs from Atlantic
These are Atlantic’s original Acrylic Weirs that are used in their Colorfalls but these weirs hav..
Ex Tax: $210.75
Brilliant Wonders™ Color-Changing PVC Waterfall Weirs
For formal water features and commercial installations the Brilliant Wonders PVC sheer cascade we..
Ex Tax: $1,025.75
Brookwood™ Piston Air Compressors for Aeration
Brookwood™ High output continuous-duty oil-free rocking piston air compressors by Aquatic Systems..
Ex Tax: $1,555.75
D-Solv™ Oxy Pond Cleaner & Algae Remover by Crystal Clear®
D-Solv will help remove attached algae from waterfalls, streams and rocks in minutes. We find D-S..
Ex Tax: $52.75
Frothy™ Fountain Nozzle by Oase®
The 1-inch Frothy 35-10E is a water-level independent foam effect nozzle. By mixing air with ..
Ex Tax: $175.75
Herbal Fish Preparation from Microbe-Lift® - Sabbactisun
Benefits of using Sabbactisun & Parazoryne: 100% natural, herbal product. Safe for all..
Ex Tax: $75.75
Ice Eater® Dock Deicer Bubbler Systems
Ice Eater® Dock Bubbler Deicer by Bearon Aquatics (formerly Powerhouse Inc.) are the most energy ..
Ex Tax: $1,575.75
InfiColor Control Module for Color-Changing Lights and Weirs by Atlantic
The InfiColor Smart Module and mobile application allow users to program custom color sequences a..
Ex Tax: $275.75
OxyPond™ Waterfall & Pond Cleaner by Microbe-Lift®
Sprinkle the granular cleaner on rocks and waterfalls to clean using oxydization. The new Oxy Pon..
Ex Tax: $55.75
PBL™ Professional Blend Bacteria by Microbe-Lift®
PBL Professional Blend Bacteria Microbe-Lift/PBL is a blend of microbes that contain special..
Ex Tax: $125.75
Replacement Weir Doors for Skimmers from Atlantic®
Atlantic Water Garden's replacement Weir Doors for Skimmers come in three sizes. Replace a broken..
Ex Tax: $85.75
Transformer for SOL™ and AWG™ LED Lights by Atlantic
This low-volyage transformer is for LED lighting. Includes four-way splitter to allow connection ..
Ex Tax: $69.95
Ultima ll™ Pressurized Pond Filters by Aqua UV®
The Ultima II™ series of pressurized filters for ponds from Aqua UV are ideal for larger fish..
Ex Tax: $1,445.75
Vanish™ Dechlorinator Granules from Crystal Clear®
Vanish™ Dry Dechlorinator Immediatly removes chlorine from the pond making water safe for..
Ex Tax: $35.75
Wall Spout Lights from Atlantic®
The new white and color-changing LED wall spout lights make adding dramatic lighting a breeze to ..
Ex Tax: $165.75
Waterfall Foam with Straw Applicator from Atlantic® - 12 oz cans
Atlantic Water Gardens Falls Foam. Each 12 oz, one time use can, comes complete with application ..
Ex Tax: $54.75
AquaMax™ Eco Classic Pond Pumps by Oase®
Ideal for waterfalls, cascaceds or with external pond filters.  AquaMax™ Eco Classicfilter a..
Ex Tax: $385.75
Big Bites™ Koi & Goldfish Food from Microbe-Lift
When Your Bigger Fish Deserve the Very Best! Big Bite pellets are larger pellets (0.7-1.1 cm) f..
Ex Tax: $65.75
Cascade™ Ice Tower Geyser Brass Fountain Nozzle
The cascade nozzle is also called as snow pine or ice tower, which has a giant, rich, strong and ..
Ex Tax: $75.75
Eco-Rise™ Water Feature Riser & Support
The Eco-Rise is a totally new concept in water feature construction. The extremely strong radial ..
Ex Tax: $169.95
HIKARI® Wheat Germ Koi & Goldfish Food
These Hikari blends are three of the most popular fish foods for serious koi breeders and goldfis..
Ex Tax: $118.75
Sweetwater® Piston Air Compressors
These oilless air compressors are ideal for aeration of ponds and dugouts and lakes. Their high p..
Ex Tax: $1,050.75
TheraP™ Beneficial Bacteria for Fish Ponds from Microbe-Lift®
Microbe-Lift TheraP™ - Specially Formulated Beneficial Bacteria to Promote Fish Health. Prov..
Ex Tax: $59.75
Advantage 2000™ UV Pond Clarifier by Aqua Ultraviolet®
The Advantage Series is ideal for small ponds, aquariums, and water features. Advantage UV’s are ..
Ex Tax: $286.35
AquaSkim™ In-Pond Skimmer by Oase®
The AquaSkim 40™ in-pond skimmer is the ideal addition or retrofit to any pond. Skimmer base sits..
Ex Tax: $225.75
Basin Kits for Formal Pondfree Waterfall Features
Atlantic Basin Kits are designed to fit all our formal spillways perfectly. Whether you’re adding..
Ex Tax: $1,305.75

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