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Bell™ (Mushroom) Stainless Steel Fountain Nozzle
The Bell  nozzle, sometimes called a Mushroom nozzle due to its rounded shape, creates a she..
Ex Tax: $95.75
Biological Clarifier™ Pond Bacteria  by Crystal Clear®
CrystalClear® Biological Clarifier™ naturally clears water, removes odors and breaks down suspend..
Ex Tax: $69.75
EPDM Primer For Patching & Seaming Tape - QuickPrime™ Plus
QuickPrime™ Plus is a must when patching or seaming pond liner. This special primer is used to "p..
Ex Tax: $105.75
Extension Cords, Transformers & Splitters for Color Changing Lights by Atlantic®
For all Atlantic Water Gardens color-changing spotlights, light rings & hardscape lighting sy..
Ex Tax: $39.95
Frothy™ Brass Fountain Nozzles
The Frothy brass spray nozzle has a large column jet that rises straight up in a tighter tower an..
Ex Tax: $149.75
pH Decrease & pH Increase for Ponds from Microbe Lift
Safely rasies or lowers pH levels in ponds. Two easy to use and safe pH products that will help r..
Ex Tax: $27.75
Poly Female Adapters - HB x FPT  Coupler Inserts
These adapters have a FPT (Female Pipe Thread) on one end and a barbed hose insert fitting on the..
Ex Tax: $8.75
Quick Connect Cam Lock Fittings
Cam-locks, sometimes called Quick Connects are fast, easy disconnect fittings for pumps, hoses, e..
Ex Tax: $55.75
WSP Dry Pond Dye Black Dyemond™ & Nature's Blue™
WSP (Water Soluble Packets) are often favored by pond owners. No messy liquids, just toss in one ..
Ex Tax: $155.75
Back Flush Kit for Atlantic® Pro Series Filter Falls
Atlantic’s professional Back Flush Kit virtually eliminates FilterFall maintenance. Add a Back Fl..
Ex Tax: $335.75
Cold Water Bacteria by Aquascape®
A cold water bacteria that is perfect for cooler climates like we have in Canada; works even belo..
Ex Tax: $159.95
HIKARI® Economy Fish Food
The economy Hikari® blends are popular fish foods for serious koi breeders and goldfish pond owne..
Ex Tax: $110.75
HIKARI® Gold Koi & Goldfish Food
These Hikari blends are three of the most popular fish foods for serious koi breeders and goldfis..
Ex Tax: $62.75
Nualgi Ponds™ Natural Pond Treatment
Nualgi Ponds™ is a patented liquid formulation for ponds now available in Canada. It is a safe an..
Ex Tax: $55.75
Poly Cross Hose Couplers - HB x HB  X HB x HB Insert Cross Fittings
These poly couplings are designed to make four-way connections between four same sized diameter f..
Ex Tax: $10.75
PolyPro® - Pond Wizard® - PondBrite® - Polydex - Bacteriostatic Algaecides
Control and eliminate pond algae using this algaecide. Polypro® alagecide is diluted and spra..
Ex Tax: $185.75
Copper Splash RIngs by Atlantic®
Want an elegant new way to control splash and provide a dramitic flair? The Copper Finish Splash ..
Ex Tax: $369.75
EcoBoost™ Pond Bacteria Vitalizer & Phosphate Binder for Ponds & Lakes by Pond Logic®
Pond Logic® EcoBoost™ binds suspended organic particulate and locks up excess nutrients to keep y..
Ex Tax: $215.75
Foam-B-Gone™ Foam Remover by Crystal Clear®
Removes Foam In Seconds For Use In Ponds, Fountains & Statuary Safe For All A..
Ex Tax: $35.75
Fountain Clear™ Fountain Cleaner by Microbe-Lift® - 16 Ounces
Specially Formulated for Larger Water Fountains & for Indoor/Outdoor Waterfalls. Format ..
Ex Tax: $45.75
Morning Glory™  Stainless Fountain Nozzle - also called Trumpet™ or Flat Lava™
The Morning Glory™ Stainless Steel Fountain Nozzle - also called Trumpet™ or Flat Lava™ nozzle pr..
Ex Tax: $115.75
Pondmaster® Pro Line Hy-Drive™ Hybrid Pond Pumps from Danner®
The Pondmaster® H-Drive Mag Drive pumps are efficient Hybrid Magnetic Induction motors with Async..
Ex Tax: $495.75
PVC Male Reducer - MPT x SLIP
These fittings are Sch 40 PVC male adaptors with SLIP fittings on one end and MPT on the other. I..
Ex Tax: $2.75
PVC Reducer Bushing - SLIP x FPT
These fittings are Sch 40 PVC Reducer Bushings with SLIP fittings on the outer end and FPT on the..
Ex Tax: $2.75
Replacement Gate Keepers for Skimmers from Atlantic®
Gate Keeper™ The Gate Keeper clips to the weir door and allows leaves and debris to enter the s..
Ex Tax: $95.75
Replacement Parts for FilterFalls™ by Atlantic®
We supply authentic replacement parts for the Oasis™ and Pro Series FilterFalls™ from Atlantic Wa..
Ex Tax: $55.75
Typhoon™ Small Pond & Water Garden Aeration Kits by Atlantic®
Complete small aeration kits include pump, hose and diffusers. Atlantic’s Typhoon Air Pumps featu..
Ex Tax: $395.75
AquaSurge™ Pond Pumps from Aquascape®
AquaSurge® second-generation asynchronous skimmer and waterfall and filter pumps accomplish what ..
Ex Tax: $539.95
Bubbler Hose - 125' Weighted Perforated Poly Deicing Tube
Sold In Lengths of 125' Weighted de-icer airhose/bubbler tube for deicing small and large ar..
Ex Tax: $600.00
Comet™ Brass Fountain Nozzle
The Comet Brass nozzle is an ideal nozzle for creating defined streams of water to be used in for..
Ex Tax: $35.75
pH Guard™  pH Buffer from Crystal Clear®
When used as directed, CrystalClear® pHGuard™ will stabilize pond water pH and maintain buffering..
Ex Tax: $61.75
Wheat Germ™ Cold Water Fish Food by CrystalClear®
CrystalClear® WheatGerm floating fish food is designed for the cooler months of the year. This wh..
Ex Tax: $65.75
Bottom Drain Kit by Atlantic®
Bottom Drain Kit from Atlantic Water Gardens enables skimmer to draw water from the bottom as wel..
Ex Tax: $245.75
IonGen™ 2nd Generation Ionizer by Aquascape®
The IonGen™ second-generation electronic water clarifier for ponds, pondless waterfalls and other..
Ex Tax: $555.75
Small Pond and Water Garden Pumps by Oase®
The OASE® Small Pond Pumps are extremely quiet, discreet and effective in creating efficient wate..
Ex Tax: $155.75
Submersible UV Clarifier by PondMaster®
The submersible UV Clarifier from Pondmaster® allows pond owners to add ultra-violet filtration i..
Ex Tax: $395.75
Ultra™ submersible fountain, waterfall and filter pump from Aquascape®
Ultra™ Pumps are the complete solution for small ponds, fountains and water features. This all-in..
Ex Tax: $139.95
Calcium Montmorillonite Koi Clay by Microbe-Lift®
It is said the secret to healthy, colorful, Japanese koi is the clay mud in which they are raised..
Ex Tax: $55.75
LED Light Strip for Weirs & Spillways from Atlantic®
The original Atlantic Water Gardens® LED light strips from their Colorfalls™. Great for replacing..
Ex Tax: $275.75
Replacement Parts for Skimmers by Atlantic®
We supply authentic replacement parts for the Oasis™ and Pro Series™ Skimmers from Atlantic Water..
Ex Tax: $74.75
Sparkle™ Fountain Cleaner from Crystal Clear®
CrystalClear® Sparkle™ fountain cleaner is a revolutionary product designed specifically to keep ..
Ex Tax: $35.75
Air Pumps by PondMaster® - AP-20 to AP-100
Economical, Continuous Duty Linear Diaphragm Compressors. Pondmaster™ series by Danner® are one o..
Ex Tax: $268.75
Liner Tape for EPDM Pond Liner
Specially design to seam lining together and repairing rips and tears in EPDM pond liner. The 3" ..
Ex Tax: $125.75
Stainless Steel Splash RIng
Want an elegant new way to control splash? Our new Stainless Steel Splash Rings tame errant dropl..
Ex Tax: $369.75
Vulkan™ Fountain Nozzle by Oase®
This nozzle produces a beautiful and elegant 3-tier spray pattern up to 9 ft. high and 6 ft w..
Ex Tax: $89.75
Weed Razor & Aquatic Weed Rake
Weed Razor The Weed Razer cuts plants off at the roots. If you’ve ever tried to cut aquatic w..
Ex Tax: $325.75
External Pond & Water Feature Pumps For High Flow & Medium Pressure
The external pond pump PCA Series pumps are designed for high efficiency and quiet operation. The..
Ex Tax: $2,450.75
Polydex® Bacteriostatic Algaecide
Special Order: Allow 2 - 3 weeks delivery time. Certain conditions apply, please contact us b..
Ex Tax: $475.75
Pond Logic™ Liquid Pond Dye Plus - Nature's Blue™  & Twilight Blue™
This product has been updated by the manufacturer for 2022, it is now sold under the new names Tr..
Ex Tax: $105.75
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Replacement Filter Foam for BioSmart® Pond Filters
To replace worn filter foam blocks in your  BioTec® & BioSmart® use these original repla..
Ex Tax: $65.75
Set of 3 Replacement 50 Watt Bulbs for Pond Jet™ Lighting Kits by Oase®
These replacement bulbs are 50 watt bi-pin G4 lamps that are designed to fi..
Ex Tax: $39.95
Stratus™ Piston Air Compressors for Aeration
EasyPro is pleased to offer their own line Stratus™ line of rocking piston air compressors, each ..
Ex Tax: $1,235.75
Triton® 3" Pump Check Valve
Atlantic’s AWGCV30 features a full flow 3” ‘swing style’ check valve with an offset valve body, 9..
Ex Tax: $325.75
Triton™ 3-Way Diverter with Flow Control by Atlantic®
Triton 3-Way Diverter can split a single pump outlet into 3 separate lines and is the only manifo..
Ex Tax: $73.75
PVC Elbow 90° - MPT x FPT
These fittings are Sch 40 PVC 90° Elbows with a FTP (female pipe threading) on one end and a MPT ..
Ex Tax: $4.75
PVC Reducer Bushing - SLIP x SLIP
These fittings are Sch 40 PVC Reducer Bushings have SLIP x SLIP on both ends (no threads, pipe sl..
Ex Tax: $2.75
Spring & Summer Pond Cleaning Bacteria from Microbe-Lift®
Spring and summer pond cleaner. Safe for fish. Microbe-Lift SSC accelerates the breakdown of leav..
Ex Tax: $59.75
AquaForce™ Pond Pumps from Aquascape®
AquaForce® second-generation asynchronous solids-handling waterfall and filter pumps accomplish w..
Ex Tax: $325.95
Diaphragm Rebuild Kits for Koi Air™ Air Pumps by AirMax - KA-20 to KA-100
Diaphragm replacement kits feature diaphragms, seals and all filters to do a full service overhau..
Ex Tax: $45.75
Flexible Pond Hose - Non-Kink Tubing - BY THE FOOT
This Non-Kink Flexible PVC tubing is perfect for use with water gardening ponds, waterfalls, foun..
Ex Tax: $5.75

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