Pond Clarifier (ORB-3) Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds & Lakes

Pond Clarifier (ORB-3) Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds & Lakes
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Pond Clarifier is the new name of ORB-3 Bacteria. The recipe is the same, only the name has changed! The product contains a special bacteria formulated for Canada.  Natural beneficial pond bacteria. Orb-3® Professional Dry Bacteria is blend of special microbes on a fortified grain carrier that consume excess nutrients, visible solids, and other unwanted growth in water. This formulation includes hard-working strains that degrade sludge-causing organics both aerobically and anaerobically, in the water column and on the pond bottom.

The bacteria concentrated powder is packed into soluble pouches and are a blend of beneficial bacteria strains chosen for their water management ability. These superior strains outperform others and readily provide impressive water clarity by consuming visible solids in a water body. Orb-3 safely augments existing bacteria and stimulates new microbial growth. These microbes work to digest duck and fish waste, plant material, odor causing nutrients and excess food which contribute to turbidity and unsightly sludge accumulation.

Available Formats:

  • 10lb pail: Contains twenty (20) half pound pouches
  • 25 lb pail: Contains fifty (50) half-pound soluble pouches.

Application Rates:
Under 1 Acre

Initial Dose: Apply 2 to 4 lbs as a shock treatment per quarter acre.
Maintenance Dose: Apply 1 to 2 lbs per quarter acre every 2-4 weeks.

Over 1 Acre
Initial Dose: Apply 5 to 8 lbs as a shock treatment per surface acre.
Maintenance Dose: Apply 3 to 4 lbs per surface acre every 2-4 weeks.

Note: Ponds currently on regular bacteria routines or not yet showing signs of problems may begin with the Maintenance Dose. Toss the soluble pouches into your pond as required. Pouches will float for a few minutes then release the natural bacteria. In large ponds toss the pouches around equally on the surface of the pond and if you have a waterfall or aeration throw the pouches at an area with as much movement as possible to better disperse the bacteria.

To help control algae, improve water clarity and reduce nutrients and consume sludge and muck which also offer the following benefits:

  • Ideal for both ponds and water gardens
  • Naturally cleans water to enhance clarity
  • Minimizes sludge accumulation
  • Combination of fast growing, hearty bacteria strains
  • All-natural; pathogen free bacteria
  • Bran flake carrier helps bacteria travel through the water
  • Safe for fish, aquatic plants and humans
  • Enhances any aquatic environment

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