RapCclear™ Pond Clarifying Flocculent by Crystal Clear®

RapCclear™ Pond Clarifying Flocculent by Crystal Clear®
Brand: Crystal Clear®
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Product Code: Rapiclear™ by Crystal Clear®
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RapiClear® is designed to clear cloudy and muddy pond water quickly, usually within 1-3 hours depending on the size of the pond. RapiClear® will quickly restore pond water to a brilliant shine. The unique properties in RapiClear® causes suspended particles in water to attract together and fall to the bottom of the pond where they can be vacuumed out or removed by filtration. The result is an extremely fast clearing of the pond water.

Rapiclear works by flocculation which is the coagulation of particles by non-toxic chemicals. The chemical elements spread throughout the water volume and cling to any substance or particles that are floating in the water. These particles then become heavier and sink to the bottom leaving the water column clear.

The product is completely harmless to fish or plants or pets and birds. Do not overdose.

  • Clears Pond Water Fast
  • Makes Pond Water Sparkle
  • Safe For All Aquatic & Domestic Animals
CrystalClear® RapiClear™ Dosage Rates
Pond Size (In Gallons) RapiClear™ (As Needed)
Up To 500 Gallons 1 Ounce
Up To 1,000 Gallons 2 Ounces
Up To 2,000 Gallons 4 Ounces
Up To 4,000 Gallons 8 Ounces

Application Rate

When a problem arises, apply RapiClear™ as prescribed up to every 3 days until pond becomes clear.

Product Notices

Do not use other chemicals while treating with this product

16 oz treats 8,000 gallons - 30,283 litres 
32 oz treats 16,000 gallons - 60,567 litres
64 oz treats 32,000 gallons - 121,133 litres
1 gallon treats 64,000 gallons - 242,266 litres 

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