PondSeries™ Floating Fountains by Airmax®

PondSeries™ Floating Fountains by Airmax®
PondSeries™ Floating Fountains by Airmax® PondSeries™ Floating Fountains by Airmax® PondSeries™ Floating Fountains by Airmax®
Brand: Airmax®
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The PondSeries™ Floating Fountain brings you the latest in high-quality commercial-grade fountain technology. The PondSeries™ Fountains operates in as little as 36" of depth and includes energy efficient  motors, 3 spray patterns, control panel and comes standard with 100' of power cord.

Fountains are built and engineered for superior performance and long-lasting durability. The patent-pending high flow design showcases stunning, crisp spray patterns, providing a beautiful aerating display. The maintenance-free, energy
efficient motor utilizes an innovative cooling shroud design, forcing all water across the motor for maximum cooling and motor longevity. Minimum operating depth of 36”

The NEMA 3R Powder Coated Control Panel features a fast-acting circuit breaker, which will shut off electrical power in the event of a ground fault. This control panel is designed with 2 programmable 24-hour digital timers, so
you can independently program your fountain and lights to run up to 8 times a day.

Easy Installation

The Airmax PondSeries Fountains are designed to be installed with ease. No tools are required for assembly or when changing nozzles. The PondSeries Fountain is equipped with a stainless steel motor lead with an underwater quick disconnect cord for easy removal of the motor and float.

Optional lighting package includes either four or eight color-changing LED system, which attach to the low-profile float. Lighting connects to control panel with 100' cord and quick-connect.

Includes 3 Spray Patterns, Classic, Trumpet and the Crown & Trumpet.

  • Premium Spray Patterns Available (contact us)
  • Energy Efficient, Fully Sealed Motors
  • Asynchronous Motor, Silicon Carbide (SiC) shaft bearing and ceramic shaft
  • Stainless Steel Suction Screen, Body and Motor Lead
  • Comes standard with 100' Power Cord. All cords come with quick connects. Contact us for longer cord length option.
  •  Included Control Panel for Fountain
  • Operates in as Little as 36" of water depth
  • 3 Year Warranty



Spray Pattern: Trumpet

Pattern Dimensions 1/2 HP: 12’h x 5’w
Pattern Dimensions 1 HP: 15’h x 6’w
Pattern Dimensions 2 HP: 16’h x 7’w

The Trumpet pattern provides a bountiful tall burst
of water giving you the tranquil sound of water.
Spray Pattern: Classic

Pattern Dimensions 1/2 HP: 5’h x 16’w
Pattern Dimensions 1 HP: 9’h x 22’w
Pattern dimensions 2 HP: 13'h x 27'w

The Classic pattern comes pre-installed on the Airmax® EcoSeries™ Fountain. This beautiful full pattern provides relaxing sounds as the water breaks the surface.


Spray Pattern: Crown & Trumpet

Pattern Dimensions 1/2 HP: 7’H x 5’W x 4'H x 31'W
Pattern Dimensions 1 HP: 10’H x 6’W x 5'H x 32'W
Pattern Dimensions 2 HP: 12’H x 7’W x 6'H x 37'W

The Airmax® Crown & Trumpet pattern combines an arch and trumpet pattern creating a majestic display.


Now you can set the mood by changing the color including: white, blue, green, red and more. The Airmax RGBW Color-Changing LED Light Set is run by a wireless remote with a range of up to 200 feet. The Wireless remote allows you to change colors, dim/brighten the lights, control flash speed and run up to 9 preset programs. Requires: 2 AAA Batteries (Included).

The optional lighting kit is breathtaking at night!

The 4 Light LED kit is best for the 1/2 HP and 1 HP fountains and the 8-light LED is recommended for the 1 HP and 2 HP to provide the additional birilliance to the lartger fountain display size.


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