Weed Roller by BeachRoller

Weed Roller by BeachRoller
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The Aquatic Weed Roller is a handy tool for clearing pond and lake weeds from your shoreline or area around your dock. The concept is simple: a 2 foot wide roller is equipped with a series of extremely sharp steel blades. There are three distinct blades that roll over the shoreline and muck as you guide the roller by the handle.

One blade is a dual-edged weed ripper blade with closely-aligned teeth at opposing angles. There is cutter blades with small teeth and another with large teeth. The combination of the blade types works together to cut weeds and till the shoreline.

The blades help loosen muck around docks and on swimming areas in lakes and ponds allowing oxygen to penetrate the sediments and help reduce the muck build-up. Lake weeds and pond weeds that tangle beaches and invade docks and boathouse shallows are chopped off at the sediment level where they can easily be retrieved with an aquatic rake or large leaf rakes can also be used.

The Aquatic Weed Roller:

  •     Cleans a 2 foot wide path and comes with a 16 foot handle.
  •     Cuts and pulls weeds out at the root.
  •     Loosens and punctures muck and sediments.
  •     Helps get down to the hard sandy bottom.
  •     Powder Coated Aluminum. Galvanized Blades. PVC Roller.

While the series of blades are busy cutting and tearing out weeds as you roll it, it also helps to soften the sludge layers on the bottom of the pond or lake.

By loosening and exposing this sludge and sediment to the more oxygenated water, you speed up decomposition of the muck and sediment by allowing natural bacteria to infiltrate the sediment and again speed up sludge decomposition.

As you loosen the bottom sludge you begin to regain depth and the smoother bottom. This benefits the long-term health of the shoreline because as you reduce the sludge and muck there are less nutrients and soil for the aquatic weeds to grow.

Using Muck Pellets to further speed up the natural cleaning process. Adding Muck Pellets to the shoreline before you use the Aquatic Weed Roller will ensure the pellets are mixed into the sediments as the roller blades create deeper cavities and pockets in the muck for the pellets to sink.

In heavily weeded zones it is best to first cut the weeds with the roller, then after the main debris has been cleared you can add the recommended amount of muck pellets and proceed to use the roller to evenly mix the pellets into the muck.


Simply throw it out and pull it in – in a jerking motion, it cuts a 48” path up to 20’ deep. If you have lake or pond weeds the Weed Roller is the tool for you.

It is made of galvanized steel with stainless steel blades and comes complete with a blade sharpener, 62" handle and 20’ of rope.

This cutter will not get snagged on roots like many rakes but be aware to move any airline or ropes in the pond as it will certainly cut through these as well.

Weighs 8 lbs. Made in USA.

Caution: cutter blades are very sharp.

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