Pondmaster® Pond Pumps with Filter System for Small Ponds & Water Gardens

Pondmaster® Pond Pumps with Filter System for Small Ponds & Water Gardens
Brand: Pondmaster®
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Pond filtering made easy! The Pondmaster series of pond pump and filter kits give you all you need for small ponds and water gardens. The pump can be used to create a small waterfall or cascade as well as a fountain. The pump and filter sit in the pond making it an easy addition to existing water gardens and preformed pondscapes.

Small water gardens and ponds can benefit from bioilogical and mechanical filtration and the Danner Pondmaster series of small in-pond filters are a great way to add filtration to any pond or water garden. The Pondmaster filters sit at the bottom of the pond and the pond pumps draws water through the filter material and out to your cascade or fountain jet. This keeps the water circulating and constantly drawing through the filter system removing particles and proivding biological filtration.

Pump Includes Bell & Adjustable Fountain Spray Nozzles

Choice of 4 Pump Sizes

250 GPH Mag Pump
21 Watts
Max Head 7'
350 GPH Mag Pump
37 Watts
Max Head 10.5'
500 GPH Mag Pump
49 Watts
Max Head 10.5'
700 GPH Mag Pump
60 Watts
Max Head 11'5"

The Pondmaster Magnetic-Drive Water Pump series was specifically designed as a circulating pump for freshwater aquariums and ponds. Supreme Mag-Drive pumps are perfect for wet-dry filters, protein skimmers, or almost any aquatic application. Only one moving part means that there aren't any seals to wear out. Approved for indoor and outdoor use. Does not self-prime when using inline.

Features of the pumps

 Designed to run continuously with no seals to wear out
 Highly energy efficient
 Epoxy-filled with no oil
 Durable ABS housing
 18’ power cord
 5-year warranty

Includes the Pondmaster PM 1000 Filter System
Model: PM1000
Size: 12" x 12" x 3"
Max Flow: 750 GPH

  • For Use with Pumps Up To 750 GPH
  • Carbon and polyester media for mechanical and biological filtration
  • 12" x 12" Filter Box with Locking Handle
  • Recommended for ponds and water gardens up to 500 Gallons
  • Carbon and Polyester Media for
  • Mechanical/Biological/Chemical Filtration
  • Connects to Intake Side of Pump
  • Complete with 3/4" I.D. Tubing and Fittings
  • Connect More than One to a Pump
  • For in Pond Use Only

In some ponds as the water is filtered dissolved gasses will separate out of the pond water during the filtering process. This may make the filter box float as gasses collect inside the filter box. Placing a few flat stones on on the filter base will keep it submerged. Do not block the filtration area too much. No mechanical filtration system alone will eliminate algae. Small UV Clarifiers can be used in conjunction with the Pondmaster mechanical filters to provide additional water conditioning.


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