Filtral® Pond Filter/UV Clarifier with Fountain by OASE®

Filtral® Pond Filter/UV Clarifier with Fountain by OASE®
Brand: Oase
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Product Code: Filtral Pump, UV & Fountain Combo by OASE®
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For small water gardens and fish ponds the Filtral™ series from OASE® provides a pump, fountain, filtration and a UV clarifier all in one package! The system includes 3 fountain heads so you can keep your pond clean as well as create a fountain display. The pump has a diverter so you can also add a small waterfall or install a spitter in your pond. Compact all-in-one submersible pond filtration system with UV Clarifier.

The Filtral™ technology is the multi-functional, compact, pond technology solution designed particularly for pond shells and small ponds. This compact filter unit with integrated UVC technology and pump guarantees clear, healthy pond water and can be set up completely and inconspicuously in the pond.

Filtral™ 700

  • Filters ponds up to 700 gallons with no fish, 350 gallons with small fish and 175 gallons with koi.

Filtral™ 1200

  • Filters ponds up to 1200 gallons with no fish, 600 gallons with small fish and 300 gallons with koi.

Built in Filtration
Each Filtral™ comes equipped with 4 different types of filter media.  This is truly a benefit to the pond owner, to have a filter and filter pump in one cuts down on energy cost and guarantees that you have all the components necessary to achieve that clean and clear water all year round.

Fountain and Waterfall
The Filtral has an integrated up pipe and discharge that can be used for 2 basic functions, a fountain display and waterfall.  The Filtral UVC 700 comes included with 3 nozzle attachments and can be run without the nozzle attachments to feed a waterfall.  Not only is the Filtral UVC 700 an amazing multitasker, it does it with style

Built-in UV-Clarifier
The Filtral™ is truly a workhorse, having all the basic components required to insure that you pond is clean and clear.   Make the best choice the easy choice when buying Filtral.


Specifications Filtral 700 Filtral 1200
Dimensions 9.7 x 7.2 x 6.3 in. 15 x 12 x 6.3 in.
Operating Voltage 110-120V / 60Hz 110-120V / 60Hz
Power Consumption 20 Watts 50 Watts
Power Cable Length 16 ft. 16 ft.
Flow Rate 250 gph 580 gph
Head Height Up To 4 Feet Up To 7 Feet
UVPower 7 Watts 12 Watts
Outlet Connection 1/2 in. 1/2 in.
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Part Number 40349 42749


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