Bell™ (Mushroom) Stainless Steel Fountain Nozzle

Bell™ (Mushroom) Stainless Steel Fountain Nozzle
Bell™ (Mushroom) Stainless Steel Fountain Nozzle Bell™ (Mushroom) Stainless Steel Fountain Nozzle Bell™ (Mushroom) Stainless Steel Fountain Nozzle
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The Bell  nozzle, sometimes called a Mushroom nozzle due to its rounded shape, creates a sheer bell of water. The nozzle can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the top brass plate which allows for fine tuning of the bell size. The bell shaped water cascade almost appears like a half bubble on the pond. It leaves a delicate sound and is ideal for formal lily ponds or any backyard pond. Can also be used in formal commercial basins.

Nozzle is female thread.

The overall diameter of your Bell spray  pattern a will depend on the pump flow and the size of the nozzle chosen. Ensure that the hose or PVC tubing that connects your pump to the nozzle is a sufficient diameter. Always try to use a pipe with the same diameter as the nozzle to minimize loss of flow from pipe friction.

The following chart is an approximate detailing of various spray heights with various pump flows at required head rating. Ensure your pump gives the recommended flow at the specified head (height).


Bell Nozzle
Display Diameter
1/2" Bell
3/4" Bell
1" Bell
1.5" Bell
2" Bell
Recommended Pump Flow
Recommended Pump Flow
Recommended Pump Flow
Recommended Pump Flow
Recommended Pump Flow
12" 54 GPH at 4'  head        
16" 102 GPH at 5'  head        
20" 138 GPH at 7'  head 336 GPH at 6' head 804 GPH at 6' head    
24" 162 GPH at 10'  head 450 GPH at 7'  head 942 GPH at 8' head    
28"   492 GPH at 8'  head 1032 GPH at 9' head    
32"   648 GPH at 10' head 1164 GPH at 10' head 1092 GPH at 6' head  
36"   738 GPH at 11' head 1206 GPH at 12' head 1368 GPH at 7' head  
40"     1326 GPH at 14' head 1536 GPH at 8' head 1806 GPH at 7' head
48"       1812 GPH at 8.5' head 2160 GPH at 8' head
52"       2106 GPH at 10' head 2478 GPH at 10' head
56"         2784 GPH at 12' head
60"         3132 GPH at 14' head

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