Small Pond and Water Garden Pumps by Oase®

Small Pond and Water Garden Pumps by Oase®
Small Pond and Water Garden Pumps by Oase®
Brand: Oase
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The OASE® Small Pond Pumps are extremely quiet, discreet and effective in creating efficient water movement in multiple pond zones.  Adjustable flow controls enable flexibility over the flow rate, creating the perfect amount of aeration.

These submersed pumps are designed for continuos duty and can be used to create small fountains (fountain heads sold separately) or to pump decorative waterfalls or features.

Flow Rate Adjustment
All of our pond pumps have an adjustable flow control to fine-tune the flow rate.

Easy Maintenance
Allows simple and quick access to all moving parts.

Integrated Grounding Plate 
This added measure of protection exceeds all electrical safety standards. The grounding plate provides the path of least resistance, insuring that any electrical leakage, from any power source in your pond, harmlessly exits the pond through the grounding wire.

With this feature, your pond will have unparalleled protection against electrical hazards.

OASE Pond Pump Model Pond Pump 280
Model #45418
Pond Pump 420
Model #45419
Pond Pump 575
Model #45420
Pump Dimensions 5.82" x 4" x 6.41" 5.82" x 4" x 6.41" 5.82" x 4" x 6.5"
Power Consumption 27 Watts 42 Watts 68 Watts
Max Flow Rate 280 GPH 420 GPH 575 GPH
Max Head 7.8' 11.5' 13.5'
Tubing Connector 3/4"
Warranty 2 Years
Cord Length 16'
Usage Submersible Use Only
Operating Voltage 110-120 volts / 60 Hz

Pond Pump design allows for quick and easy access to all moving parts. The pond pump is energy efficient, and its smaller power cord plug size allows for easy setup. Power cable length is 16 feet on all models. A grounding plate ensures that any electrical leakage from the pond’s power source exits the pond through the grounding wire. This added measure of protection exceeds all electric safety standards.

Hose connection and outlet size on all models is ¾ in. (19mm). The coarse debris displacement maximum is .08 inches (2mm). Epoxy encapsulation allows for full submergence.

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