EcoBlox™ Water Matrix Cubes - Pack of 2 Large EcoBlox

EcoBlox™ Water Matrix Cubes - Pack of 2 Large EcoBlox
EcoBlox™ Water Matrix Cubes - Pack of 2 Large EcoBlox
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Product Code: EcoBlox™ for pond-free waterfalls
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Sold in packs of 2 (two) Large EcoBlox. Two blocks hold 63 gallons of water(31.5 gallons per block). Each block is 27.5 long x 16" wide by 17.5 inches high. The two blocks can be attached together depending on your basin design.

Atlantic’s redesigned Eco-Blox water matrix, similar to Eco-Cubes and Aqua-Blocks, provides similar amount of water storage, with improved strength and durability. The new, triangle-shaped openings allow for greater water mobility throughout while still preventing solids from slipping through. In addition, the H-beams criss-crossing each of the eight panels that make up each Eco-Blox provide increased comprehensive and pointload strength to make your basin last a life time!

A reservoir filled with eco-blox holds 3 times as much water as one backfilled with gravel alone.

Model: ECOBLOX (We sell in packs of 2 ECOBLOX)
Dimensions of each block: 27½”L x 16”W x 17½”H
Capacity: 31½ Gallons each (119 liters) per block 63 gallons for two blocks (238 liters)

Max Load: 14,466 lbs
Max Stress: 33.8 PSI
Application: Pond-free / Fountain / Rain Harvesting

Did You Know?
Each Eco-Blox water matrix allows for 31½ gallons of water storage...but that’s only one-third of the story. A reservoir filled with Eco-Blox holds three times as much water than one backfilled with gravel, so you can dig one-third the hole,move one-third the soil, and forget about the cost and effort of all that gravel!

Using ECOBLOX to create a Pond-Free Waterfall

A reservoir filled with eco-blox holds 3 times as much water as one backfilled with gravel alone.

The Pump Vault fits beside the EcoBlox and houses the pump which pumps the water up to the waterfall where it collects in the EcoBlox collection matrix and is re-circulated to the pump in the pump vault.

EcoBlox help reduce overall cost by:

Reducing rock tonnage; the reservoir can be made smaller because of the increased water percentage due to less rock being used. Installation time is reduced considerably - smaller reservoir hole means less digging, less membrane and less labor.

By using two or three stacked rows of cubes you can adjust for the height of many brands of pump vaults on the market or build your custom reservoir for rain water collection or large water feature.. 

A reservoir 4' x 6' x 2',   filled with rock would take:

       Approximately 2.5 tons of rock.   
       Hold approximately 140 gallons of water.

As a contrast, the same size  reservoir of 4' x 6' x 2' using EcoBlox would only require:

    Approximately 1/2 ton of rock.
    Hold approximately 200 gallons of water.


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