BioPress® Pond Filtesr with UV Clarifier - from OASE®

BioPress® Pond Filtesr with UV Clarifier -  from OASE®
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  • The BioPress ae a compact pressure filter with built-in UV Clarifier and cleaning mechanism that ensure clear, healthy ponds
  • This pressure filter is ideal for supplying high-elevation waterfalls
  • Varying filter media is included for the best filter biology and effective nutrient decomposition
  • Integrated EPA-registered UV Clarifier eliminates bad bacteria, green water and cloudiness
  • In addition to the filter foam, bio-media offers large surface area for beneficial bacteria to settle; they are able to move freely in the water flow
  • Easy, patented cleaning function using the integrated handle so there is no need to remove the cover
  • Quick release clamps provide easy filter opening and closing for maintenance purposes
  • Canister portion of the unit can be buried and concealed for a more natural look
  • All hose connections are supplied for fast and trouble free installation

The built-in cleaning mechanism makes filter maintenance possible in a matter of minutes.

Three Models Available
BioPress 1000
BioPress 1600

BioPress 2400

 BioPress UV systems can be installed unobtrusively by burying most of the body below ground. The Filtoclear comes complete with an integrated OASE Bitron UVC, inlet and outlet fittings, a multi-directional valve for cleaning and clear rinsing, an integrated cleaning mechanism for filter sponges, and a UV lamp indicator. The built-in clarifier aids in the control of algae growth without having to resort to chemical treatments. Maintenance is quick and uncomplicated with the unique EASYCLEAN mechanism with multi-direction valve.

Algae and dirt are clumped together by the integrated UVC clarifier. The treated water then flows through the filter unit's fine mechanical and coarse biological filter elements which support the filtration process and clarify the water. The water then flows back into the pond, either via a waterfall or a water feature.

Cleaning the Filtoclear filters couldn't be easier. No need to remove the filter lid and deal with the mess. By simply raising the cleaning lever, the filter elements are squeezed, expelling the solid waste. Opening the flush valve allows the solids to be flushed from the filter into your garden by the normal flow of the pump. Then simply turn the rotary switch back to normal to resume normal filtering action.



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