Submersible UV Clarifier by PondMaster®

Submersible UV Clarifier by PondMaster®
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The submersible UV Clarifier from Pondmaster® allows pond owners to add ultra-violet filtration into any sized pond with ease. Because it actually sits in the pond and is completely submersible you won't need to install any extra exterior mechanisms and only need to add some tubing from your pump or split an existing line of hose to ensure water flows through the unit.

Designed to be submersed in your pond, they can also be used outside the pond if desired.


  • Fully submersible unit's vortex flow design exposes water longer to ultraviolet light
  • A glowing monitor Halo Ring™ is visible from any angle and immediately shows it's working
  • Comes complete with 9000 hour long life 10 watt lamp and water tight quartz sleeve
  • Includes rransformer and 18' grounded power cord
  • Black color is unobtrusive whether used In or out of the water

Pondmaster® Submersible UV Clarifier Models

10 Watt UVC
SKU: 02910

Ponds up to 1500 Gallons
Pumps up to 700 GPH

¾" Barbed Fitting for Inlet and Outlet

  • Cord Length: 18'
  • Dimensions: 13" x 3¼"
  • Watts: 10
20 Watt UVC
SKU: 02920

Ponds up to 3000 Gallons
Pumps up to 1800 GPH

¾" Barbed Fitting for Inlet and Outlet

  • Cord Length: 18'
  • Dimensions: 18" x 3¼"
  • Watts: 20
40 Watt UVC
SKU: 02940

Ponds up to 6000 Gallons
Pumps up to 3000 GPH

1½"Threaded Fitting with 1½" Barbed Elbow Included

  • Cord Length: 18'
  • Dimensions: 24" x 3¼"
  • Watts: 40

For best results the total amount of water in the pond should pass through the UV filter not less than once every 3 hours.

The UV Bulb has an approximate life of 9000 hours before the UV output drops below a useful level. For best performance it is recommended that the bulb be changed once the 9000 hour threshhold has been reach. 9,000 hours is approximately one year of continuous usage.

Installing The UV Bulb
The quartz sleeve and UV lamp are not installed and are located in separate boxes inside the main box. To install the sleeve, insert the round end into the main body until the rubber ring is all the way down into the main body.

A flange will prevent the ring from going any further. It will rest against the main body. (See Photo # 1)

To install the bulb, unscrew the transformer from the main body. Align the center slot and pins with the mating connector that is inside the transformer.

Push the bulb down firmly. Slide the bulb and transformer into the quartz sleeve and screw the transformer onto the main body.

Do not over-tighten!

Hand tighten until snug. (See Photos 2, 3 & 4)


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