Basalt Stone Column Fountain Sets

Basalt Stone Column Fountain Sets
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There is nothing like the look of real stone to create a majestic fountain arrangement or centerpiece for your yard. Let these natural basalt columns become the centerpiece of your garden fountain display. These sets of three basalt columns are available in four different basalt variations and each set comes with a trio of columns of different heights and diameters to ensure your fountain creation is a lovely trinity.

These stone columns are made of authentic imported basalt to provide a stunning natural beauty to any garden pond or yard setting. Semo-polished gleaming basalt, double textured basalt, keyed stone columns and the imported mongolian basalt colums offer variations on the exterior finishing of the basalt to match any setting from the modern to the rustic to the noble or whimsical.

Birds love to drink and splash in the fountains and adding lights will ensure the drama continues well into the evening. Since each piece is handcrafted from natural stone, some variations in size, color, weight and texture may occur. This is part of the charm of raw stone: no two pieces are identical and your trio of columns will be truly one of a kind!

Basalt columns are carved from real stone and very heavy, shipping cost within Canada is included in the price. Ships by motor freight and a lift-gate will be available if required to lower your shipment from the truck to the ground at the delivery location.. The
basin, plumbing and lights are sold separately.

Mongolian Basalt Columns
Model: 58062

3 Piece Set: 24", 30" & 36"  Mongolian Basalt Column
Total Weight: 900 lbs
Dimensions: 12”W x 24”H, 12”W x 30”H, 12”W x 36”H

For Use With: Large AquaBasins & 2000 GPH Ultra pump

Semi-Polished Basalt Columns
Model: 98264

3 Piece Set:12", 20" &  27"  semi-polished basalt stone columns
Total Weight: 300 lbs
Dimensions: 7.5”W x 12”H, 7.5”W x 20”H, 10”W x 27”H

For Use With: Large AquaBasins & 2000 GPH Ultra pump
Double-Textured Basalt Columns
Model: 98548

3 Piece Set: 8", 13" & 20"  double-textured basalt columns
Total Weight: 285 lbs
Dimensions: 8”W x 8”H, 7”W x 13”H, 9”W x 20”H

For Use With: Small AquaBasins & 2000 GPH Ultra pump
Keyed Basalt Columns
Model: 98552

3 Piece Set: 6", 12", 18"  keyed basalt stone columns
Total Weight: 260 lbs
Dimensions: 10”W x 6”H, 11”W x 12”H, 11”W x 18”H

For Use With: Small AquaBasins & 400 GPH Ultra pump
Optional basin, pump and tubing

Add the appropriate basin, pump and tubing required to complete the installation.
Includes the appropriate large or small Aquabasin as well as the appropriate Ultra Pump and the tubing required to complete your installation.

Small Kit fits the Double Textured Column Set and the Keyed Basalt Column Set only. The Mongolian Set and Semi-Polished Basalt Column Set requires the Large Kit.

Large Kit: Large Aquabasin (45" x 45" x 14"), Ultra 2000 Pump & 6' of hoses
Small Kit: Small Aquabasin (30" x 30" x 10"), Ultra 400 Pump & 6' of hoses


Mongolian Basalt Columns

Semi-Polished Basalt Columns

Double-Textured Basalt Columns

Keyed Basalt Columns


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