Aquatic Planting Media with Beneficial Bacteria by Microbe-Lift®

Aquatic Planting Media with Beneficial Bacteria by Microbe-Lift®
Brand: Microbe-Lift®
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Product Code: Aquatic Planting Soil Media by Microbe-Lift®
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Patent-pending aquatic planting medium is better than any aquatic pond soil available. Can be mixed with existing aquatic planting soil or used alone for your pond plants. Ideal for marginal pond plants, submerged pond plants and bog planting areas in ponds and water gardens.  Pre-Colonized With Beneficial Bacteria and contains all inert ingredients with no fertilizer, compost, peat or pesticides. Beneficial bacteria and includes 100% Natural Minerals
A kiln fired process makes this aquatic media different from garden store aquatic planting mix material. Pre-colonized with live beneficial bacteria. Safe for all fish and aquatic life. Does not breakdown or float. Patent-pending.

Format: 10 and 20 lb bags


  •  Ideal when potting aquatic plants
  •  Retains oxygen
  •  Enormous surface area perfect to colonize beneficial nitrifying bacteria
  •  Allows mixing any ratio of loam to planting media
  •  Nontoxic to plants
  •  Will not break down, float or cloud pond water
  •  Safe for all fish and aquatic life

Application Rates
 Use as needed as a mix or as a complete planting medium for best results

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