SET-L® - Polymer Pond Flocculant

SET-L® - Polymer Pond Flocculant
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Soilfloc® SET-L tablets are made of high quality, high purity, powerful (PAM) polyacrylamide developed specifically for water treatment. Designed to be placed in water features, such as falls or springs, or hung over aerators, under balloons or decoys, to disperse the PAM throughout the water column.

These powerful PAM tablets work by flocculating (binding together) and dropping the suspended clay particles and nutrients that make your pond or lake water look murky. These suspended clay particles also provide the footing on which algae blooms and bacteria grows; by removing this "footing" (dropping the solids), you reduce the likelihood of blooms.

Each SET-L™ tablet is approximately 1.5 inches in diamter and weighs approximately one ounce.

Application Rate
A general rate of application is 1 pound of tablets for 10,000 to 50,000 gallons of pond water

35 LBS of SET-L can treat from 350,000 gallons to 1,750,000 gallons of pond or lake.

Each 35 Pound Pail comes with 8 (eight) mesh bags to secure the tabs in place for attaching to an aerator to maximize dispersion via the bubble column (see image below of aerator assembly holding the bag of tablets) or the bag can be filled with the appropriate number of tabs and placed in a waterfall or a place that will ensure maximum dispersion throughout the water column.


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