Parazoryne Herbal Fish Treatment from Microbe-Lift®

Parazoryne Herbal Fish Treatment from Microbe-Lift®
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Parazoryne is a unique herbal preparation which helps support fish recovering from skin flukes (Gyrodactylus), gill flukes (Dactylogyrus), ich (Ichthyophthirius multifillis), Oodinium, Costia (Ichtyobodo necator), Chilodonella and Trichodina. Parasitic infestations are characterized by symptoms such as milky skin, flashing and heavy breathing, but can only be diagnosed with certainty through microscopic examination. Just like Sabbactisun, Parazoryne supports the immune system of the fish, causing parasites to be driven off. Parazoryne does not kill parasites directly. Since they cannot return to the fish during application, the majority of the parasites will starve. Parazoryne is no disinfectant, it restores the natural balance. After application there will be some parasites present, as will be on any healthy fish.

Ready to use concentrate. Herbal Water Conditioner. All Natural Expellant for Parasitic Diseases

Herbal Actives provide a Natural Aquatic Environment effective against:

  • White Spot
  • Costia
  • Flukes (gill and skin)
  • Trichodina
  • Oodinium
  • Chilodonella

MICROBE-LIFT/Parazoryne™ is a unique, natural parasite expellant proven to work against skin flukes, gill flukes, white spot, Oodinium, Costia, Chilodonella and Trichodina, just to name a few. Made from plant extracts and environmentally friendly, MICROBE-LIFT/Parazoryne™ supports the fish’s immune system, driving off the excess parasites. MICROBE-LIFT/Parazoryne™ is harmless to all nitrifying bacteria and aquatic plants.

Naturally controlled by the fish’s immune system, parasites are present on most fish in very low levels at all times. When stress levels increase, the ability of the immune system to respond to its requirement to control the natural level of parasites is directly affected. This poor response allows parasites to increase in number, thus causing serious health issues in the host fish. Parasitic infections are characterized by symptoms such as: milky skin, white spots, flashing, heavy breathing and general lethargy. Using chemicals can have a detrimental effect on the bacterial biomass of the tank/pond ecosystem. Please note: as on any healthy fish, there will be some parasites present even after treatment.


  • 100% natural plant and herbal product
  • Completely safe to use
  • Non-toxic to animals and plants
  • Product can be used during feeding
  • Does not adversely affect either nitrifying filter bacteria or beneficial bacterial additives
  • No significant reduction in the level of dissolved oxygen in the water
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Does not discolor water


  • Purified water, plant and herbal extracts

MICROBE-LIFT/Parazoryne™ has a shelf life of 2 years, provided it is kept at room temperature and stored in its original bottle. Do not allow to freeze.

Available Sizes

  • Net 8 fl. oz. Treats up to 590 gal.  for 10 days
  • Net 16 fl. oz.  Treats up to 1,182 gal.  for 10 days
  • Net 32 fl. oz. Treats up to 2,365 gal.  for 10 days
  • Net 1 gal. Treats up to 9,462 gal. for 10 days


  • This product is intended for use with all ornamental fish and MAY NOT be used with fish intended for human consumption.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • For quarantine tank and pond use only.
  • Follow directions carefully.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush eye thoroughly with cold water.


  • Do not use with ANY other chemical treatments
  • Switch off any UV sterilizers, algae magnets, protein skimmers or ozone generators.
  • Remove any carbon and/or zeolite from filters, but keep biological filters operational.
  • Shake thoroughly prior to use
  • To ensure even distribution of product, add measured quantity to a small amount of quarantine tank or pond water. Add this mixture evenly around quarantine tank or pond.
  • Taking quick action will help to provide the best results


  • Add 1 tsp. (5 mL.) for every 125 gal. (473 L.).
  • In all cases, dose daily for a 10 day minimum.
  • For best results, use in water with a minimum temperature of 71°F (22°C).

New Introductions & Related Dosages

  • When adding new stock to a quarantine tank or pond, alternate adding MICROBE-LIFT/Parazoryne™ and MICROBE-LIFT/Sabbactisun™ at standard dosage 12 hours apart until two doses of each product have been added. This will act as an immune system stimulant and destressant.

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