HIKARI® Wheat Germ Koi & Goldfish Food

HIKARI® Wheat Germ Koi & Goldfish Food
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These Hikari blends are three of the most popular fish foods for serious koi breeders and goldfish pond owners who want the very best for their fish. The Staple, Gold & Wheat Germ formula each can provide specific benefits from ensuring proper nutrution during cold months to enhancing colors to bring out the beautiful patterns in koi, goldfish, shubinkins and other lovely fish.

General Feeding Guide:

  • Between 5°C(40°F) and 15°C(60°F) once daily
  • Between 15°C(60°F) and 21°C(70°F) 2 times daily
  • Below 5°C (41°F) do not feed your fish

Hikari® Wheat Germ
Hikari Wheat Germ formula is the perfect fish food for colder waters and during the shoulder seasons when feeding is still required but a more digestible, cold-water formula is desired. The Wheat Germ formula is a highly nutritious, easily assimilated, highly digestible daily diet for goldfish, koi and other pond fish. Hikari developed this food decades ago in Japan and it has been improved and developed through many years of breeding experience. A highly nutritious diet is extremely effective in cooler climates which experience a winter season like Canada. Give your koi and goldfish a head-start in the Spring and add a variety with Hikari Wheat-Germ all year round. It will have your fishy friends looking their best while improving their fertility and inner enjoyment of their existence.

Key Benefits

Contains Stabilized Vitamin C

Supports immune system health

Promotes a long, healthy life

Excellent Daily Diet

Superior basic nutrition

Natural enhancing capacity

Superior Growth Rates

Improved Brilliance & Luster To Skin

Can Be Used With Hi-Growth & Gold For Improved Performance


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