Nualgi™ Natural Pond Treatment & Cleaner

Nualgi™ Natural Pond Treatment & Cleaner
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Nualgi Ponds™ is a patented liquid formulation for ponds now available in Canada. It is a safe and natural treatment for ponds that helps grow beneficial diatoms in the water and these friendly diatoms compete against the nuisance algae for nutrients.

Diatoms are single-celled alga that has a wall of silica and uses photosynthesis to create oxygen. These potent natural diatoms work in tandem with the existing bacteria by supplying them essential high levels of oxygen so the bacterial additives and clarifiers in the pond can do a better job on breaking down the organics.

  • So effective that only extremely low doses are needed.
  • In a 5000 gallon pond add only 5ml of Nualgi Ponds per week.

The elevated levels of dissolved oxygen result in tangible changes in ponds and lakes like cleaner water, reduction in BOD (biological oxygen demand), lower coliform levels, elimination of foul odor, reduction in mosquito colonies in water and healthier aquatic life. Nualgi Ponds™ reduces or eliminates the use of UV filters thus saving costs. It can be used by itself or in concert with your favorite algae control products and water clarifiers.

Nualgi Ponds™  is dosed into ponds once a week. It is effective within hours of dosing. Nualgi contains nano-scale micronutrients, microscopic “vitamins” that are required for accelerated multiplication of the helpful diatoms.

Not only does Nualgi Ponds™   keep all kinds of algae at bay, it also promotes a well oxygenated healthy eco system in the pond resulting in vibrant fish and plant life

Use 1 ml diluted in 100 ml water per 1,000 gallons.
Yes, you read right, only 1 mililiter per 1,000 gallons.

For ponds under 5000 gallons with good flow, Nualgi can be dosed directly into the skimmer or the waterfall or some other area of good flow. For larger ponds, dilute the dosage in a jar of pond water and pour it in the accessible parts of the pond by walking around the periphery.

Nualgi Ponds™  is applied the pond once a week. Shake the bottle well before dosing. Nualgi Ponds™  mixes very easily in water, mechanical mixing is not required. Nualgi Ponds™  can be diluted in a container with pond water and poured in the accessible parts along the periphery or, since the recommended dosages of Nualgi Ponds™  are so low,  you can also add the product directly into your skimmer box or waterfall stream every week. Diatoms are most active early in the morning, it is recommended that Nualgi Ponds™  be dosed at dawn, once a week.

Nualgi is made with all fish in mind. From Koi to Trout, Nualgi Ponds™ is beneficial to all aspects of your water garden. This includes amphibians, invertebrates, bivalves and crustaceans.

You can use Nualgi while using medication although if the medication is such that it is set to kill microorganisms or can set back your biological filter reduce or cease use of Nualgi while using the Pond medication. Do not use with potassium permanganate concurrently with Nualgi.

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Add up to a recommended maximum of  5ml (one teaspoon) of Nualgi Ponds™  per 1000 gallons of pond volume every week. Avoid adding too much as overdosing will cause excess diatoms and water will turn brown.

Unplug UV filters while using Nualgi Ponds™

Beneficial bacteria, zooplankton and fish grow in a healthy manner in ponds and lakes dosed with Nualgi Ponds™

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