Smart UV Sterilizer® Pond Clarifier UV System

Smart UV Sterilizer®  Pond Clarifier UV System
Smart UV Sterilizer®  Pond Clarifier UV System Smart UV Sterilizer®  Pond Clarifier UV System Smart UV Sterilizer®  Pond Clarifier UV System
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Smart UV Sterilizer® UV systems - Patented Ultra Violet technology gives compact pond uv clarifier design with contractor grade construction. The enhanced UV filtering and clarifying technology has adapted high-end industrial technology to meet the demands of ponds and water gardens and koi ponds. The Smart UVC Systems ensure crystal clear water clarity and a healthy environment for fish and plants.

The SMART UV Lite Sterilizer models are designed for low-flow and space conscious applications. Each SMART UV Lite is made of UV resistant plastic, comes with a Lifetime UV Housing Warranty*, and features our SMART BALLAST.

Three Sizes To Choose From

18 Watt UVC
Model: EU18-U (formerly 02218)

Lamp Size: 18 Watts UV
Max Pond Size: 1,100 Gallons

Min Flow: 219 Gallons Per Hour
Max Flow: 356 Gallons Per Hour
Length x Diameter: 22" x 2.5"
Cord Length: 26'
Inlet/Outlet: 1.5" Union

Dimensions: 22" x 2.5"
25 Watt UVC
Model: EU25-U (formerly 02225)

Lamp Size: 25 Watts UV
Max Pond Size: 1,700 Gallons

Min Flow: 332 Gallons Per Hour
Max Flow: 564 Gallons Per Hour
Length x Diameter: 30" x 2.5"
Cord Length: 26'
Inlet/Outlet: 1.5" Union

Dimensions: 30" x 2.5"
40 Watt UVC
Model: EU40-U (formerly  02240)

Lamp Size: 40 Watts UV
Max Pond Size: 2,900 Gallons

Min Flow: 589 Gallons Per Hour
Max Flow: 983 Gallons Per Hour
Length x Diameter: 44" x 2.5"
Cord Length: 26'
Inlet/Outlet: 1.5" Union

Dimensions: 44" x 2.5"

How It Works:

1. Water is pumped through our carefully calibrated UV chamber to ensure maximum exposure.
2. The UV light cleans the water of the algae producing bacteria that causes green water.
3. The results are a crystal clear and healthy pond you can enjoy all year round.

Smart UV Features:

1.UV Power Assembly – Each SMART UV features an easy-to-remove UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Power Assembly which allows for the lamp to be removed without disrupting the water flow. This design also allows for the entire power assembly to be removed for easy cleaning of the glass and exposure chamber interior.

2. Remote Power Supply – Positions the power supply away from the UV exposure chamber, increasing overall safety.

3. SMART Ballast – Available w/ SMART UV Sterilizers (18 watt through 130 watt models). Delivers the precise electrical requirements to the lamp, which maximizes UV-C output and lamp life. SMART Ballasts are potted/sealed against water intrusion, and feature a long power cord.

4. Watertight – All SMART UVs are watertight.

5. Heavy-wall UV Resistant Construction – SMART UVs feature a heavy-wall UV resistant plastic housing offering increased equipment operating life (UV Housing Lifetime Warranty*).

6. Clear Viewing Ports – Clear viewing ports are positioned on both ends of each SMART UV enabling safe internal inspection during use.


Small Ponds

Using a Dedicated Submersible Pump For small ponds, or for applications where the SMART UV is operated independently from other filters, this installation configuration is ideal. Matching the pump to the SMART UV's recommended flow rate is critical to the UV's performance.Installing an adequate mechanical pre-filter on the pump suction ensures that solids-free water will be sent to the SMART UV.

Small to Moderately Sized Ponds using Skimmer and Falls

This is a very popular filter system style. Placing the UV between the skimmer box and the bio-falls filter ensures that pre-filtered water reaches the UV, increasing its performance while reducing maintenance. Often the capacity of the pump exceeds the capacity of the UV, if this is the case, install a by-pass manifold. Be sure that the skimmer is equipped with mechanical (solid waste removal) filtering capacity.

Download The Smart UV Operating & Service Instructions - 3.1 MB - PDF FILE

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