Flexair® Fine Bubble EPDM Tube Diffusers from EDI®

Flexair® Fine Bubble EPDM Tube Diffusers from EDI®
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Extremely efficient fine-pore flexible membrane cylindrical diffusers allow high airflow from 0 - 40 CFM.

Available in 3 sizes: 20", 30" and 40".

EDI® Flexair® EPDM membrane diffuser has thousands of precision die cut perforations and is wrapped around a solid ABS and PVC constructed cylindrical tube to deliver the highest oxygen transfer with uniform air release across the diffuser all with extremely low operating pressures. Ideal for use with regenerative blowers as they allow high airflows with low head-loss.

Diffusers are available in three sizes, choose the diffuser that fits best with your blower or compressor system. The pptimal oxygen transfer efficiency with the cylindrical diffusers is achieved when operating in the middle to low end of the airflow range. The approximate operating pressure of each diffuser at the upper mid-range is 12-22 inches of H2O.

20' Diffuser
0 - 20 CFM Diffuser

20" long - Active Surface Area of Membrane is 1.24 Square Feet
6 lbs each

30" Diffuser
0 - 30 CFM Diffuser

30" long - Active Surface Area of Membrane is 1.96 Square Feet
7 lbs each

40" Diffuser
0 - 40 CFM Diffuser

40" long - Active Surface Area of Membrane is 2.64 Square Feet
8 lbs each

Designed for the demands of wastewater systems these diffusers are also perfect for composting tanks, holding tanks,ponds and basins. Their design resists clogging and fouling even in highly organic effluents resulting in low maintenance. The specialized non-bouyant design results in reduced uplift. The diffusers can be clamped into place, tied down or weighted according to your application, basin or tank.

Each fine pore cyclindrical diffuser has an internal three-way check valve. This internal triple check valve virtually minimizes the intrusion of any solids or water into the diffuser or air supply tubing.

Equipped with a 3/4" NPT (male) stainless steel threaded nipple.


1. Threaded 3/4" NPT (male) inlet
2. Diffuser Body
3. Flexible EPDM Membrane Media
4. Membrane Retainer Clamps
5. Triple Check Valve System
6. Air Inlet Orificie
7. Precision Die Cut perforations for fine bubble aeration and mixing

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