Aeration Diffuser Disc - EPDM Membrane Pond & Lake Diffusers by Matala®

Aeration Diffuser Disc -  EPDM Membrane Pond & Lake Diffusers by Matala®
Aeration Diffuser Disc -  EPDM Membrane Pond & Lake Diffusers by Matala®
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These Matala® 9" and 12" disc diffusers are ideal for many pond and lake or tank aeration. Must be weighted to keep on pond bottom, attach to stone or brick.

12" currently not available, only 9" discs are available.

Practically invisible due to their dark color, these 9 inch membrane discs are engineered for extended performance. The actual disc diffuser bodies are made of high-strength polypropylene with 3/4" MNPT connections to attach to airlines, manifolds or headers. Each diffuser has an avergae of 6,600 engineered air release orifices, 20% more than some comparable models.


  • Heavy-duty membrane with resistant molded base
  • Precision perforated I-shaped slits open when airflow is present and close when airflow ceases
  • Standard 3/4" male pipe thread for convenient and variable connection configurations
  • Stainless clamping ring holds membrane firmly in place
  • Triple O-rings support the membrane when airflow is absent
  • AVailable in two sizes, 9 inch and 12 inches

The special design of the matt, flexible and supple EPDM membrane, with its proprietary thickness taper, results in full utilization of the membrane surface, even at low airflow operations.

This results in improved oxygen transfer efficiency, along with maximum operational flexibility. The disc diffuser has an integral "triple" check valve to prevent fluid backflow. Resistance is about 10" H2O when clean.

Model 9" Disc 12" Disc
Airflow 1.4 -4.2 CFM (40 - 120 LPM) 3.8 - 7.0 CFM (100 - 200 LPM)
Diameter 8.62" (224 mm) 12.2" (310 mm)
Weight 0.77 lbs (350 grams) 1.99 lbs (900 grams)
Disc Body ABS Nylon + Fiberglass
Membrane EPDM
Fixation of disc to body 304 Stainless Steel Clamping Ring
Connection 3/4" MPT


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