Weed Razor & Aquatic Weed Rake

Weed Razor & Aquatic Weed Rake
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Weed Razor

The Weed Razer cuts plants off at the roots. If you’ve ever tried to cut aquatic weeds, you know what a miserable job it is. This tool will do in two hours what it would take two days to do by hand methods.

Simply throw it out and pull it in – in a jerking motion, it cuts a 48” path up to 20’ deep. If you have lake or pond weeds the Weed Razer is the tool for you.

It is made of galvanized steel with stainless steel blades and comes complete with a blade sharpener, 62" handle and 20’ of rope.

This cutter will not get snagged on roots like many rakes but be aware to move any airline or ropes in the pond as it will certainly cut through these as well.

Weighs 8 lbs. Made in USA.

Caution: cutter blades are very sharp.


Aquatic Rake with 8" Teeth
Flexible, replaceable teeth. Get to the root of your weed problem with the longest, widest, deepest aquatic lake rake in the industry. The Weed Raker removes the roots of aquatic vegetation stopping their regrowth. This aquatic weed rake is a 3’ wide patented tool featuring 8" flexible teeth that will not get hung up in heavy roots.

The tip of each tooth has holes, allowing the addition of a filament (not included) to assist in pulling weeds from lake bottom, if desired. This rake is ideal for removing the organic matter at the bottom of your lake which fuels the regrowth of more weeds! The Weed Raker comes in a box that is 39" inches long, 5" wide and 2" inches deep.

The Weed Raker has a four section handle that snaps together giving the use up to 11" feet of reach. The Weed Raker comes with 43’ of rope.


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