Flexible Basins for Ponds & Decorative Block Wall Reservoirs

Flexible Basins for Ponds & Decorative Block Wall Reservoirs
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These Flexible Hardscape Basins are the perfect choice for custom block reservoirs up to 8 feet wide, especially in northern climates, where frostproofing masonry can be a concern. When using scupper or wall spouts they allow the water to flow into an open basin. Instead of trying to fit square sheets of EPDM or PVC liner into a rectangular space these flexible basins are a bit like fitted sheets for a bed: they have corners and watertight seams so they fit snuggly in the reservoir.

Available in tan and grey to match or complement block colors, these rip stop PVC reservoirs eliminate corner folds and wrinkles of makeshift EPDM constructs and come pre-punched for included bulkhead fittings, with 10”x10” backing plates for plumbing submersible or external pumps.

Currently available in grey only. Tan liner can be special ordered if desired.

For best results, fill Flexible Basin with water before finishing off the surrounding walls with caps. You’ll be able to pull the flexible sides upwards and work out any wrinkles for the most attractive appearance before permanently attaching the top layer of wall blocks.

Available in 3 Sizes

80 Gallons
Model: FF4216G

Color: Grey
Dimensions: 4' x 2' x 16"
Capacity: 80 Gallons
Includes: 2” Bulkhead w/ backing plate
120 Gallons
Model: FF6216G

Color: Grey
Dimensions: 6' x 2' x 16"
Capacity: 120 Gallons
Includes: 2” Bulkhead w/ backing plate
160 Gallons
Model: FF8216G

Color: Grey
Dimensions: 8' x 2' x 16"
Capacity: 160 Gallons
Includes: 2” Bulkhead w/ backing plate



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