Copper Scuppers

Copper Scuppers
Copper Scuppers Copper Scuppers
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Atlantic's NEW Copper Finish Scuppers bring a glorious new dimension to the formal spillway line. The copper plating  blends in to classic brick and stone facades and basins with a vintage elegance that only copper hues can deliver. Constructed of 304 stainless steel for maximum durability with a durable and natural copper finish. The load bearing body, non-clogging weir and threaded inlet make these sleek, elegant spillways as easy to install and maintain as they are attractive!

Unlike open-topped variations, the enclosed, load-bearing design of Atlantic’s Scuppers eliminates the need for a lintel to support the weight of a wall on top of the scupper. The scupper body replaces blocks in the top course of the wall, making them ideal for use with all 4” garden block walls. The scuppers are not designed for chlorinated or salt water, only the 316 Stainless Scuppers are for salt or chlorinated waters.

Copper Finish Scupper Features:

• 5” lip extension
• Fully welded enclosure
• Copper plated stainless steel body
• 1 year warranty

12" Copper Scupper
Model: CS12
12" Copper Finish Scupper
IFlow Rate: 1,200 gph
Projection: 9-10" at 18"H & 1,200 gph
Inlet: 1½" FIPT
Dimensions: 12"W x 8½"D x 4"H

24" Copper Scupper
Model: CS24
24" Copper Finish Scupper
Flow Rate: 2,400 gph
Projection: 9-10" at 18"H & 2,400 gph
Inlet: 1½" FIPT
Dimensions: 24"W x 8½"D x 4"H

36" Copper Scupper
Model: CS36
36" Copper Finish Scupper
IFlow Rate: 3,600 gph
Projection: 9-10" at 18"H & 3,600 gph
Inlet: 1½" FIPT
Dimensions: 36"W x 8½"D x 4"H


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