Rockin' Foam® - Waterfall Foam - 24 oz cans

Rockin' Foam® - Waterfall Foam - 24 oz cans
Rockin' Foam® - Waterfall Foam - 24 oz cans
Brand: Tierra Innovations Inc
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Product Code: Rockin' Foam® - 20 oz. Waterfall Foam
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Large 20 ounce waterfall foam size beats standard 12 or 16 ounce cans. Finally an excellent foam product specifically designed for Water Gardening applications.  Tierra Innovation's ROCKIN' FOAM ® was designed by professionals in the industry.  Black color hides easily and foam is safe for all fish and plants. 

If you want water flowing over the rocks in your water fall you need this product! Without filling the gaps and cracks under and around the rocks in a water fall it is nearly impossible to get any of the water to flow over the rocks as it will simply flow under and around them. 

One 24 oz  can is typically required for a water fall 2 feet wide and 2 feet long. Actual requirements will vary depending on size and shapes of rocks used and how flat and level the cascade rocks are.You can find cheap yellow home insulation expanding foam at Canadian Tire or Walmart but Rockin Foam® beats them all for quality, efficiency and practicality.
Minimal Expanding Foam
 • Better density for secure rock placement and design.
 • Less propellant in the can and less trimming of wasted foam; minimal expansion foam is best
 • Better control during application.
 • Less waste – less foam to trim away.
Patented dispersing trigger
 • Dispenses in any position.
 • Reusable system (system allows multiple uses from same can...NO GUN APPLICATOR NEEDED!).
Black Color
 • We use carbon for the black color; not dye.
 • Reduces ultraviolet deterioration of foam.
 • Blends quickly with rocks and disappears behind flowing water.
 • Safe for Aquatic Plants and Animals
24 oz can
 • Right size for the job (no one uses just one 12 oz. can when creating a water feature.
 • Better value – larger can allows lower unit cost.
 • 2 Year shelf life from Date of Manufacture

Expandable black waterfall foam fills cracks, seals stone to liners and helps to stabilize stone set on slopes.
Rockin Foam is pH neutral and is safe for aquatic plants and animals.  This black formula dries quickly, becoming tack free in 30 minutes.

Includes trigger assembly and straw for easy application.

Shake can, with trigger assembly attached, for 30 seconds.  For best results use upside down (but foam can be dispensed at any angle). 
Fill gaps no more than 1/3 full to allow for expansion.

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