Replacement Parts, UV Bulbs & Foam Sets for UltraKlean™ Pond Filters by Aquascape®

Replacement Parts, UV Bulbs & Foam Sets for UltraKlean™ Pond Filters by Aquascape®
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Replacement parts for the Aquascape UltraKlean™ Filter and UV Clarifier Series by Aquascape®. These authentic Aquascape replacement parts should be used only in the appropriate filter system Please ensure your part numbers are correct with the product you need.

Aquascape Part Number Part Details
99078 9-Watt UV Bulb With Ballast.
99076 24-Watt UV Bulb With Ballast.
99077  24-Watt UV Bulb. (Bulb Only)
99083 O-Ring Kit for UltraKlean.
99892 Foam Set for UltraKlean 500 Gallon.
99882 Foam Set for UltraKlean 1000 Gallon.
99884 Foam Set for UltraKlean 1500 Gallon.
99908 Foam Set for UltraKlean 2500 Gallon.
98376 Foam Set for UltraKlean 3500 Gallon.
95030 UltraKlean Filter 2000 G2 - 14 W UV BULB ONLY
95031 UltraKlean Filter 3500 G2 - 28W UV BULB ONLY
95078 UltraKlean 2000 Pressure Filter Quartz Sleeve G2 for 14 watt bulb (bulb not included)
95079 UltraKlean 3500 Pressure Filter Quartz Sleeve G2 for 28 watt bulb (bulb not included)
99802 Quartz Sleeve for UltraKlean 1000  Generation 1
99081 Quartz Sleeve for UltraKlean 2500 / 3500 Generation 1

* Bulbs are not warrantied as contributing factors such as input voltage fluctuation, age of original UV device electronics or power surges can cause the lamps to fail.

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