Stacked Slate Sphere Fountain Kit

Stacked Slate Sphere Fountain Kit
Stacked Slate Sphere Fountain Kit Stacked Slate Sphere Fountain Kit Stacked Slate Sphere Fountain Kit
Brand: Aquascape®
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The Stacked Slate Sphere Fountain Kit 32″ Dia (81 cm) is a complete kit that makes it easy to add the relaxing sights and sounds of water to any location. The kit includes everything needed for quick and easy installation, including an AquaBasin® 45 fountain basin, plumbing, and Ultra 1500 Water Pump.

The lightweight, durable fiber-resin composite fountain construction is built to last and provides the look and beauty of real rock. Water is pumped up through the center of the fountain and gracefully cascades over the stacked slate texture, creating an impressive effect. The sphere shape is ideal for a wide variety of installations and locations..


  • Lightweight and Robust Construction: Made from durable fiber-resin composite, the sphere is not only lightweight for easy maneuverability but also strong enough to endure various weather conditions, guaranteeing longevity and continued appeal.
  • Effortless Installation Process: The sphere includes all necessary plumbing for a hassle-free setup, allowing you to enjoy the soothing ambiance of your water feature without complicated installation.
  • Eco-Friendly and Safe: Crafted with non-toxic materials, the sphere is environmentally friendly and safe for both plants and wildlife, making it a responsible choice for your garden or pond.
  • Charming Natural Slate Design: Emulating the look of real stacked slate, this small sphere brings an element of natural elegance to your outdoor setting. Its compact size is ideal for tighter spaces or as an accent in larger landscapes.
  • Versatile for Various Settings: Whether nestled among garden plants, placed by a small pond, or displayed on a patio table, this sphere adds a serene and artistic touch to any area.
1 - Sphere (included)

2 - Pump (included)

3 - AquaBasin® 45 (included)  provides a reservoir for water storage

4 - Rocks or decorative gravel or stones (not included) disguises the AquaBasin and naturalizes the water feature

5 - Hose included with sphere to direct water from the pump in the basin to the fountain

NOTE: This product is finished with an outdoor/exterior latex-based paint. Depending on product age and exposure to the outdoor elements, the paint may need to be touched-up over time. A color reference tile is included with these instructions to help match an exterior latex-based paint for touch ups (do not dispose of the tile).

WINTER CARE: While Aquascape fiber-resin fountains are designed to withstand freezing temperatures, steps such as covering the fountain can be taken to maximize the fountain life and finish.

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