Pond Shark™ Net, Rake & Scraper

Pond Shark™ Net, Rake & Scraper
Pond Shark™ Net, Rake & Scraper Pond Shark™ Net, Rake & Scraper
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The Pond Shark is the ultimate 3-in-1 water gardening tool. It includes net, rake and scraper, and has a telescoping steel handle that adjusts to any user and any job.

The Pond Shark ™tears through unwanted pond scum, debris, and string algae and features a sturdy net as well as a tough and durable poly-fiber head.

The Pond Shark™  has a telescoping handle that adjusts to any user and any job. This net is strong, durable, has a poly fibre head and hydrodynamic netting (safe for catching fish).

Available in two sizes:

Pond Shark™
Dimensions: 13"W x 4.5"H x 41"L
Weight: 13.2 oz.
Handle Extends to 60" (5 feet)

Pond Shark™ PRO
Dimensions: 13"W x 4.5"H x 59"L
Weight: 48 oz.
Handle Extends to 90" (8 feet)

Read From The Manufacturers Website Blog (Courtesy of

Like all of the Radius Garden tools, the Pond Shark was designed to provide a better way to solve a real problem. I have a rubber-lined pond in my own back yard and struggled for years to keep it clean and free of string algae. I used a variety of tools to do the cleanup, but I invariably ended up draining two thirds of the water, climbing in, and cleaning by hand.

Along the way I used various tools to scrape away algae, used old rakes to try to scoop objects and rubbish from the pond, and wore out many fish nets chasing after my numerous Shubunkins. Because my pond is about 12 feet across and over 4 feet deep I often taped various tools onto the end of a long piece of bamboo to give me the reach I needed to get at remote corners of the pond.
One day, when I was drenched with pond water and covered with pond scum, it suddenly dawned on me that as a garden tools designer and manufacturer I could solve these problems for me and everyone else by making a tool that was just right for the task.

The design of a net, rake, and scraper all in one telescoping tool came to me very quickly. We made it safe for fish and rubber liners, but sturdy enough to lift big rocks from the pond bottom. We also realized we need two lengths: the Pond Shark a five foot extended version for the casual water gardener, and the Pond Shark Pro an eight foot fully extended version for the more serious or professional water gardener.
That’s our friend, Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl using the Pond Shark on the right. She tells me she uses it every day to harvest duckweed that she feeds to her chickens!
There are many attributes of the Pond Shark that make it the perfect tool for the water garden. After we finished tooling the production models we discovered that the beveled surface of the scraper blade, designed to be safe for artificial pond liners, made the net move through the water faster through an accidentally hydrodynamic design making it better than any fish net I’d ever used.

Removing string algae is easy as the rake tines will rip it into the net using a gentle raking motion. I find it is easy to groom water plants, especially water lilies, by popping off the dead leaves into the net. The sturdy, telescoping shaft allows me to clean up the deepest recesses of my pond.

You will fall in love with the Pond Shark after using it only once!


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