BioSmart™ Pond Filter With Built-In 8 Watt UV Filter by Oase®

BioSmart™ Pond Filter With Built-In 8 Watt UV Filter by Oase®
Brand: Oase
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Product Code: BioSmart™ 1600 With UVC by Oase®
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The BioSmart 1600 UV is a multi-stage mechanical and biological filtration system in a compact package, designed for small ponds or for ponds with low biological load (small fish).

During biological filtration, the water is channeled through a series of filter foams that create a special environment by allowing the settling of beneficial bacteria. During this stage, harmful ammonia and nitrites are converted to nitrates, which support plant life in the pond. The Biosmart 1600 has an integrated UV Clarifier, which aids in the removal of harmful string algae.  The UV Clarifier will cause the string algae to flocculate (clump) an then it is removed from the pond by the filter.

BioSmart™ 1600 with built-in U.V. Clarifier
For ponds up to 1,600 gallons.
Manufactured by: OASE Model: 40353

  • Effective Pond SIze: up to 1600 gal. (without fish)
  • Effective Pond SIze: 800 gal (with small fish)
  • Effective Pond SIze: 400 gal (with koi)

  • Max. Rec. Flow Rate: 1200 GPH
  • Min. Rec. Flow Rate: 800 GPH
  • Tubing Connector (intake): 3/4 in., 1 in., 1 1/4 in., 1 1/2 in.
  • Outlet Connection: 2 3/4 in.
  • Sludge Drain Connection: n/a
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 11 x 14 x 16 in.
  • Limited Warranty: 1 Year
  • Includes 9 Watt UV Clarifier

BioSmart gravity filters are packed with features and filtration capacity. The high-surface area filter foams provide exceptional biological filtration capability with respect to size of the filter. The unique design of the water flow through the filter collects debris at the filter bottom and reduces clogging of the foams. Any clogged-up foams can easily be freed up via the built-in cleaning mechanism, so there is no need to remove (and possibly damage) the filter foam from their mounts. It also makes filter maintenance fast and neat. Added features like built-in cleaning indicators and water temperature gauges round out these filters as excellent choices for smaller ponds with low fish load.

The key is in the name: A flow-through filter is fed by the pump in the water. The filter is the highest point in this cleaning cycle; from this point the water then flows back into the pond. Foams in the interior perform the actual cleaning of the water; after a few days these foams also become the home for the hard working microorganisms. The advantage of flow-through filters: They are easy to reach, they are above ground, thus cleaning and maintenance are quickly accomplished.

Distinct Filter Zones
BioSmart filters feature distinct zones that promote the settlement of the beneficial bacteria responsible for different phases of the nitrogen cycle, increasing the conversion of harmful ammonia in the pond.

Built-in Cleaning Mechanism
No need to remove or manually unclog the filter foams of the BioSmart filters.
Simply shut off your pump, pull on the built-in cleaning handles and drain the sludge through the built-in drain. Quick to do and this retains the beneficial bacteria that keep the filter working. Is that smart? No, it's BioSmart!

Advanced Features
The cleaning indicator, along with the temperature gauge and sludge drain are just some of the features that make BioSmart the most user-friendly and easy to maintain entry-level pond filter.



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