12 Volt DC Air Compressor - 80 Watts

12 Volt DC Air Compressor - 80 Watts
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They are oilless with ball bearing construction and low amperage draw. Make sure your battery system amperage is compatible with the amperage draw of the air pump, see the chart below. Made in the USA these diaphragm pumps are long lasting and come with a 6 month warranty. Replaceable diaphragms and diaphragm repair kits make this low maintenance and allows you to keep the pump running for thousands of hours. Normally the brushes will need to be replaced after around 3,000 hours of usage. The compressor will run for about 6 hours off a regular car or truck battery. If you have a solar charger for a battery you can easily build your own solar aerator. The low-cost of the pumps makes it affordable to use several of the units in larger ponds to provide thorough airiation in all regions of the lake or pond.

DC 12 Volt 80 Watt DC Air Compressor
Flowrate vs Pressure

  • 1.6 CFM @ 0PSI
  • 1.5 CFM @ 4PSI
  • 1.3 CFM @ 6PSI
  • 1.1 CFM @ 8PSI

MAX 8 PSI ( +/- 16 feet )
80 Watts - Between 5 and 8 Amps.

These are ideal for mobile use, temporary battery-powered aeration in remote locations, emergency aeration during power failures or as the solar powered pump to ensure there are no fish losses.

These high-flow, high-pressure compressors come with 9" pigtail wiring for quick connection to your your battery or current controller. Each one includes 2 feet of 3/8" ID outlet hose and an air inlet filter. Six Month Warranty. Made in the USA. Please ensure you know what you're doing with these 12V direct current compressors. We are not responsible for faulty installations nor can we offer design assistance on solar power systems, sorry.

Understand the amperage draw requirements of the pump before purchasing to ensure functionality with your battery system. Starting amps can be twice the average running amps. Consult with your local solar parts supplier or technician to ensure everything will operate according to your requirements.

  • Replaceable brushes.
  • Oilless.
  • Long-life diaphragm.
  • Ball bearings.

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