PondClear™ Dry Beneficial Pond Bacteria for Ponds & Lakes from Pond Logic®

PondClear™ Dry Beneficial Pond Bacteria for Ponds & Lakes from Pond Logic®
Brand: Crystal Clear®
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PondClear has changed names. The new name is ClearOut and it is the same familiar formula that you have used for years with a new brand name: CLEAROUT. The new format, by Crystal Clear, is available here:

Restore pond clarity, water quality and pond balance with Pond Logic® PondClear™. PondClear™ contains specialized strains of beneficial aerobic bacteria that digest organic debris that cause decreased water clarity, muck accumulation & pond imbalance.

Clean, Clear, Healthy & Balanced
Water clarity issues and water imbalances are commonly caused by an abundance of organic debris brought on my fish waste, leaves and other plant decay. The beneficial aerobic bacteria in Pond Logic® PondClear™ quickly go to work to consume organic debris that cause cloudy water, muck accumulation, foul pond odors and imbalanced pond water.

No-Mess Water Soluble Packets
Convenient water soluble packets (WSP) make treating your pond a breeze. There’s no need to cut, tear, scoop or pour Pond Logic® PondClear™, just throw the packets in your pond and let your water do the rest. Pond owners looking to try PondClear™ for the first time or customers on a budget can take advantage of our PondClear™ Liquid Gallon. Liquid PondClear™ contains the same powerful beneficial bacteria but offers a lower up-front purchase price.

Fish, Plant & Wildlife Friendly
Pond Logic® PondClear™ is a completely natural product. When used in accordance with label directions PondClear™ is completely safe for your fish, plants, pets and pond wildlife.


  • Up to 1/4 acre: 2 packets every two weeks
  • Up to 1/1 acre: 4 packets every two weeks
  • Up to 3/4 acre: 6 packets every two weeks
  • Up to 1 acre: 8 packets every two weeks

Available in pails of 12 packets, 24 packets or 96 packets. Packets are soluble.

  • 12 Packet Format will treat 1/4 acre for 3 months
  • 24 Packet Format will treat 1/2 acre for 3 months
  • 96 Packet Format will treat 1 acre for 6 months

How to apply
DO NOT OPEN PACKETS! The packets are soluble and will dissolve completely in your pond, releasing the bacterial blend.
Packets are to be applied directly to the water. Distribute packets from shore or boat. PondClear™ works best when evenly disbursed across the body of water. In large ponds toss the puches out into the central area of the pond or near the bubbles rising from your aeration system.

When to apply:
Apply every 2 to 4 weeks when water temperatures are above 10 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees Fahreheit. If any algaecides or herbacides are used wait three days after algaecide treatment before adding PondClear dry bacteria.

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