Tidal Wave™ High Volume A-Series Pond Pumps

Tidal Wave™ High Volume A-Series Pond Pumps
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TidalWave™ A-Series are manufactured from cast-iron and stainless steel with precision motors and thermal overload protection. These professionalgrade pumps are engineered for high volume applications and perform where most cannot. All models feature double silicon carbide mechanical seals, dual drive bearings, Auto-cut thermal protection, 30’ power cord and a 2-year warranty.


• High-head / High-volume pumping
• Cast Iron Vortex impeller
• 30’ power cord
• 2-year warranty

2 Models to choose from:

Model: A-31
9,300 GPH

Max Head: 35' (see chart below for flow rates)

Motor: 1 HP
Volts: 110/115
Amps: 10.3
Watts: 1160
Outlet: 3” FIPT

Weight: 48 lbs.
Dimensions: 11”L x 7”W x 18”H
Model: A-32
12,000 GPH

Max Head: 68' (see chart below for flow rates)

Motor: 2 HP
Volts: 220/230
Amps: 9.4
Watts: 2055
Outlet: 3” FIPT

Weight: 95 lbs.
Dimensions: 15”L x 8½”W x 23”H

When sizing your high volume, high-head pond pump remember to consider that for every 10 feet of pond tubing you need to add 1 foot of total head to your calculation. For example: If you have 60 feet of tubing between the pond pump and the waterfall or water feature or filter you need to add 6 feet of total head to ensure your final flow rate is adequate. This is in addition to the actual height differntiation of your pump to the final tubing outlet.

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