Eco Pack™ Complete Pond Care Kits by Crystal Clear®

Eco Pack™ Complete Pond Care Kits by Crystal Clear®
Brand: Crystal Clear®
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The CrystalClear® EcoPack™ brings together the best of the best from CrystalClear® into one package designed to keep your pond crystal clear all season long! This easy-to-use pond care program fights common pond problems such as algae, murky water, unwanted muck and debris on rocks, streams and waterfalls.

  • The EcoPack™ 1000 treats a 1,000 gallon pond for up to 4 months,
  • The EcoPack™ 2000 treats a 2,000 gallon pond for up to 4 months.

Your Season Long Pond Care Package

Along with our 5 essential pond maintenance products, the CrystalClear® EcoPack™ comes complete with easy-to-follow instructions and is packaged in into a re-sealable container to make sure your pond products stay together and within reach.

  • Convenient kit contains what you need for a complete pond care program
  • Kit with 5 products fights common pond problems with everything you need in one place
  • Easy to use for maintenance all season long

Each Eco Pack Contains

  • Biological Clarifier
  • D-Solv Oxy Cleaner
  • Clarity Max
  • D-Solv9 Cleaner
  • Muck off Pellets
EcoPack™ Contents
  EcoPack™1000 EcoPack™2000
D-Solv9™ 8 Ounces 16 Ounces
D-Solv™ Oxy Pond Cleaner 1 Pound 2.5 Pounds
ClarityMax™ 1 Pound 2.5 Pound
Biological Clarifier™ 12 Packets 24 Packets
MuckOff™ 24 Tablets 48 Tablets

D-Solv Oxy CLeaner®
utilizes the latest in oxygen technology, and works on contact to remove string algae quickly and efficiently.


D-Solv Oxy CLeanerApplication Rate
Surface Area Rate
26-50 sq ft 2 oz
51-100 sq ft 4 oz
101-150 sq ft 6 oz

D-Solv9™ is a 2X concentrated formula designed to rapidly clear pond water in as little as 24 hours.

D-Solv9Application Rate
Pond Size Rate
0-600 gal. 1 fl oz
601-1,200 gal. 2 fl oz
1,201-1,800 gal. 3 fl oz
1,801-2,400 gal. 4 fl oz

ClarityMax™ combines activated barley, natural bacteria, enzymes and a powerful secret ingredient that work in tandem to clean, polish and break down dead organic materials.

ClarityMaxApplication Rate
Pond Size Rate
0-500 gal. 1 oz
501-1,000 gal. 2 oz
1,001-1,500 gal. 3 oz
1,501-2,000 gal. 4 oz

Biological Clarifier naturally clears water, removes odors and breaks down dead debris and decaying leaves with billions of natural bacteria colonies and added enzymes.

Biological ClarifierApplication Rate
Pond Size Rate
0-1,000 gal. 1 pct
1,001-2,000 gal. 2 pcts
2,001-3,000 gal. 3 pcts
3,001-4,000 gal. 4 pcts

MuckOff™ natural bacteria tablets are designed to sink to the bottom of the pond to quickly reduce muck and sludge caused from dead algae, leaves and twigs.

MuckOffApplication Rate
Pond Size Rate
0-500 gal. 3 tabs
501-1,000 gal. 6 tabs
1,001-2,000 gal. 12 tabs
2,001-3,000 gal. 16 tabs

For ponds up to 1,000 gallons
Do you have algae?

Yes: Treat with AlgaeOff® to kill algae, then use D-Solv9™ to clear your pond water. Wait 72 hours before continuing with other product, then consult the chart below:

Product Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
ClarityMax Use 2 oz Use 2 oz Use 2 oz Use 2 oz
Biological Clarifier Use 1 packet Use 1 packet Use 1 packet Skip
MuckOff Use 6 tablets Skip Skip Skip

Repeat treatment guide every 4 weeks.

If you have algae:

Step 1:  DSolv9 water conditioner quickly clears discolored water and debris formed on rocks and liner. For faster results, apply DSolv9 prior to any of the other treatments. 2 ounces treats up to 1,200 gallons.

Step 2:  Algae-Off works on contact to control pond algae - even stubborn string algae or surface algae. Algae-Off also treats, controls, and prevents algae and helps break down unsightly organic buildup.

Wait 72 hours before doing the following. If you do not have algae, start with Step 3.

Step 3: Biological Clarifier naturally clears water, removes odors, and breaks down suspended organics and debris. Biological Clarifier naturally removes sludge and decaying leaves with billions of bacteria colonies and added enzymes.

Step 4: 1 ClarityMax + restores balance to your pond environment. Triple action formulation uses the power of barley, beneficial bacteria, and enzymes to establish healthier pond systems with cleaner, clearer water.

Step 5: MuckOff reduces smelly, unsightly muck (sludge) even in hard-to-vacuum crevices between rocks and gravel. MuckOff accelerates organic waste decomposition to curb potential pond-water quality issues due to excess nutrients.

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